Ode to Scoutleaders

(To the tune "Home on the Range") Aren't Scoutleaders grand For the programs they plan And the hours they put in each night? If they're ever home You know they're on the phone For the boys who they want to teach right. chorus: We're at home in the woods. On weekends with our troops we stay. Thought we never get rest, The boys are doing their best, And that's what we're getting for pay! They hike to their site Though it takes half the night Through the wind and the rain and the snow! These leaders so brave They could live in a cave Except that their wives just say No! (chorus) Camp food tastes just great, Like an old paper plate, And the bug juice is not fit to drink. So why every year, For a week we come here It's not for vacation, we think! (chorus) They read magazines With great camping scenes, Frustration does things to their brains. Champagne is taboo, Tooyees Lite too, So for forty eight hours they abstain. (chorus) They feel like old men, On a camp out, they've been To be clean, to be warm, to be dry! But to tell you the truth, they're re-living their youth So in answer they merely reply! (chorus)

Last updated: March 1, 2014