Quarter Master's Store

Verse: There are roaches, roaches As big as football coaches In the store . . . in the store There are roaches, roaches As big as football coaches In the Quarter Master's Store - Behind the Door! Chorus: My eyes are dim I cannot see I have not brought my specs with me! I have Not Brought my specs with me! Include as many verses as you wish, examples are: Akela snogging with a sailor Baloo sitting on the loo Haithi, wearing a seethrough nightie ANTS, Big as ELEPHANTS AX, That can barely cut through WAX BEANS, Big as SUBMARINES BIRDS, Eating all the CURDS BOX, Filled with lots of ROCKS BUGS, Running through the RUGS BUNCH, Of things that you can MUNCH BUNS, There are sev'ral TONS BUTTER, Scraped up from the GUTTER CAKE, That caused our TUMMY ACHE CAKES, That no one knows who BAKES CLERK, He does all the WORK COD, Though its taste is very ODD COONS, Licking all the SPOONS DUCKS, Each one wears a TUX GRAVY, Enough to float a NAVY GULLS, Pecking on your SKULL GUM, Maybe you'll get SOME MICE, Running through the RICE NUTS, No IF's or AND's or BUT's PACKS, Hanging from the RACKS QUAIL, Too big for the SCALE RATS, Big as ALLEY CATS RICE, big as any MICE ROACHES, Big as FOOTBALL COACHES RUST, Under all the DUST SKUNKS, Running through the TRUNKS SNAKES, Big as GARDEN RAKES STUFF, We hope that there's ENOUGH TRUCKS, Stuck in all the MUCK WORMS, Big as PACHYDERMS YAMS, That weigh 10 KILOGRAMS

Last updated: March 1, 2014