Princess Pat

Chorus: "A Ric-a-dam-doo, pray what is that? It was made at home by the Princess Pat, It's red and gold, and purple-blue That's what we call The Ric-a-dam-doo, dam-doo, dam-doo" The Song: The Princess Pat (Egyptian hand movement & hips) Lived in a tree (Arms up over heads, making a tree bow) She sailed across (wave hands over water) The seven seas (Seven fingers, wave hands over water) She sailed across (Repeat hand wave over water) the Channel too (thumb and finger channel, two fingers) and took with her (sling bag over shoulder) a rickabamboo (hands wave down move hips) (chorus) A rickabamboo (hands wave down) Now what is that Its something made For the Princess Pat (repeat Egyptian move) Its red and gold (hand on right hip) and purple too (hand on left hip) That's why its called a rickabamboo (repeat motion) (chorus) Now Captain Dan (stand at Alert) and loyal crew (salute) They sailed across the channel too (as above) but their ship sank (hold noses and move body down) and your's will too (point out and finger two) if you don't take (sling bag over shoulder) a rickabamboo (hands wave down)

The song and the music is the song of the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry. Princess Patricia of Cannaught was the daughter of a Governor General of Canada 1911-1914 and a grand-daughter of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. The rigabamboo is correctly the Regimental Camp Colour, affectionately known by the Princess Pat's as "The Ric-a-dam-doo".

Last updated: March 1, 2014