The Great Meat Pie

The great meat pie was a tidy size, And it took a week to make it, A day to carry it to the shop, And just a week to bake it. And if you'd seen it, I'll be bound, Your wonder you'd scarce govern. They were forced to break the front wall down to get it in the oven. It too full thirty sacks of flour, It's a fact now that I utter, Three hundred pails of water, too, And a hundred tubs of butter. The crust was nearly seven feet thick, You couldn't easily bruise it, And the rolling pin was such a size It took ten men to use it. There were twenty-five spareribs of pork, I'm sure I'm not mistaken, With two and thirty hams for York, And twenty sides of bacon. The pie was made by fifty cooks, And all of them first raters, And then they filled up all the nooks with a ton of kidney 'taters.

from rec.scouting faq

Last updated: March 1, 2014