A Walk In The Woods

Requires two kids (that's about it) the two kids start walking from one side of the of the stage first kid: "wait, i have to go to the bathroom" stops at a bush or, if done inside, stops at a pretend bush, turning his back to the audience, after a few seconds he yells out, "ah!" second kid: "what is it?" first kid: "a snake bit me" second kid: "where did it bite you?" first kid: "uh, lets say....where the sun don't shine" second kid: "uh, ok, i'll call the hospital on my cell phone", pretends to dial "uh, yeah, my friend was bitten by a snake, what should i do? (waits a if listening to reply) just suck the blood form where it bit him? ok, i'll do that" hangs up the phone and walk toward the first kid first kid: "what'd they say!?!" second kid: "they said......your gonna die"

Last updated: March 1, 2014