The Ugliest Man/Leader/Scout in the World

It requires 5 people ( one with a towel over head, 2 customers, one announcer, and a leader) ANNOUNCER: "come one come all see the ugliest man in the world!" CUSTOMER 1: (walks by) ANNOUNCER: "you sir would you like to see the ugliest man in the world it only costs one dollar!" CUSTOMER 1: "sure" ( hands announcer a dollar, lifts up the towel, screams, and runs away) CUSTOMER 2: does the same thing CUSTOMER 3: ( a scoutmaster or something) does basically the same thing but instead the ugly man screams and runs away This can also be run using the theme Smelliest, worst breath, etc. Submitted by: Tim B. Troop 19 in Tulsa

Last updated: March 1, 2014