St. Peter

Announcer : Here we see St. Peter at the Pearly Gates. Ian : (Walks up to St. Peter) Hello, St. Peter. I see I've come to Heaven. St. Peter : Well, you're not in yet ! First you've got to tell me how you suffered on Earth. Ian : Well, I spent a week eating camp food. St. Peter : I'm sorry, you haven't suffered enough. (Ian exits dejectedly.) Doug : (Enters) Hi, I'm here to get into Heaven. St. Peter : Fine, fine. And how have you suffered ? Doug : I went on a long hike and got blisters all over my feet. St. Peter : Sorry. That's not enough suffering to get into Heaven. (Doug exits) Brad : (Enters) Can I get into Heaven ? St. Peter : How did you suffer ? Brad : I'm in (Pick someone's name who can take a joke) (troop/pack/six/class, etc.) St. Peter : Well, come on in !! from rec.scouting faq

Last updated: March 2, 2014