Reggie and the Colonel

Characters: Reggie, big, dumb, Bermudas, high socks, safari hat, glasses, down on nose, moustache, carries gun in front of him. Colonel: short, limp, monocle, no gun, just small knapsack, has cane. Scene: Walking in place through darkest Africa, speaking pronounced English accent. Colonel: (excited, jumping and pointing with cane) Reggie, look... Did you see it, Reggie ?????? Reggie: See what??! No, no, where, where ?? Colonel: Oh, Reggie, It was a beautiful condor, 8 foot wing span, beautiful colors. Reggie: No. I didn't see it. Colonel: Wish You'd pay closer attention. (They continue walking). Colonel: Did you see it, Reggie? Reggie: No, what? Colonel: A spotted Zebra...Wish you'd pay closer attention. Colonel: (later) Did you see it, Reggie?? Did you see it? Reggie: No I missed it ... what was it? Colonel: An ooh-aah bird. Reggie: Ooh-aah bird. What's a ooh aah bird?? Colonel: An ooh-aah bird is a 2 pound bird that lays a 3 pound egg, like this: Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh-aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (face lights up). (continue walking). Reggie: Whispers to audience: Next time I'll say yes - pretend like I saw it. I'll fool him. Colonel: Reggie, Reggie did you see it! (excited) Reggie: I saw it, I saw it! Colonel: Then why in heaven's name did you step in it? !!! from rec.scouting faq

Last updated: March 1, 2014