Camp pranks

Many camp pranks involve sending a novice to collect somthing from the quartermaster. This is a list of the more common ideas. A Long Weight (Wait) a long stand (similar to your long weight) A Left-Handed Fish Slice A left handed mallet A glass hammer A bubble for a compass / spirit level A Rope lengthener A self emptying billy can A blunt point Second Aid Kit (bit like a First Aid Kit but used afer the bandage has been put on) sparks for the camp fire - requiring a damp paper bag to carry them in left-handed smoke shifter bacon stretcher 200 ft.of shore line. Dehydrated water Tins of frozen carrots Tarten Paint (to identify the tent poles). If this list is not enough insparation, try some of these ideas.... We have done a similar thing on what we call 'incident hikes' to the local town. Things that I remember getting Scouts to do are: Buy a tin of tartan paint. Find out the exchange rate for the Isle of Mann. (One year, the bank actually put a notice up with the answer to this, they got fed up of answering the question!) Try sending one back for a 'real' item then when they get about two hundred yards away then call them back. When they get back to you ask them how far they would have got if they hadn't come back. If you use that calor gas stuff, you can ask your novice to go and get a bucket of gas: Novice Scout: Bucket of Gas? But it's not a liquid it's errr, a gas You: Yes, but it's stored as a liquid, see? . Scout: Oh right, ok . Or if, like we did, the long-suffering scouters wife gets dragged along and does the stores, or you have any females on camp at all. Tell your novice scout to go and get a Fallopean Tube. Of course you send novice scout to a male leader first who can say with confidence: No, sorry, I haven't got any Untold mirth. The first time someone tried it Mrs Stores said (honestly) I've got a couple but I'm using them both at the moment : ) Even better if you get novice scout to ask novice girly venture. Can I have a bag of 10 mm holes please? I only have 12 mm - go and ask if they will do. Can I have a pair of sky hooks please? Sorry, I only have two right handed, ask Xxxx if he has any spare left handed ones to go with them. Our sky hooks are S shaped metal tent pegs, which go over ridge poles to hang tilly lamps on. no prank mileage here... until we send them back to find out whether the PL needs one for metal poles or wooden poles, left handed or right handed hooks, silver coloured or bronze coloured, high hooks, or low hooks... Another variation we've used is 'The boiler's taking ages - go and get a bucket of steam to speed it up'. Sometimes you can really throw them by setting something up that sounds totally bogus, but is really true. On one big international camp, some of the leaders had been food shopping, couldn't carry everything from the car and, rather than leave things in a red hot car, left them in the camp quartermasters tent (they knew the QM staff). The older scouts were convinced that it was a wind up and refused to go to the QM for six flan cases (or something like that). Imagine their reaction when one of the youngest scouts was dispatched and actually came back with them. The SL was on call for first aid, and so had a radio. These were checked for reception during the day. Hence, it was obvious to send one of the scouts the camp bank for a 'radio check'. On the same camp there was one prank that we were very tempted to do, but didn't have the opportunity (or did we bottle out?). The activities were controlled by ticket, at some points during the day activities staff came round with extra event tickets. We were going to send two older scouts down to the venture camp for the 'muff diving' activity, but never actually did. The best wind ups are often the ones that occur on the spur of the moment, and are particularly appropriate to the individual scouts involved. E.g. swapping a brand new, pristine Sigg bottle for one the same size/colour but battered to hell. What about a jug of Grass Greener to repair the ground where the tents have been? Many is the time the we have had a Cub or Scout massaging Grass Greener into the ground. Of course as every good leader knows, Grass Greener can be made from any left over liquid at camp such as Tea, Coffee, Gravy etc. etc. etc..... This can make for some interesting photo's especially because as you will all be aware, Grass Greener needs to be rubbed into the ground for it to work! What about stiring the water so it doesn't stick to the pan/bille?? If you tell them that it's them that's cleaning the bille if it sticks it usualy works. A pricker for the jet on the gas stove (jet cleaner, bit of wire attached to a handle, but can't remeber it's real name) - they will usualy just ask: have you got a pricker?? One of our favourites is a billy full of steam which can be seen to be filled but the scout always seems to lose it on the way to the recipient. others include sky hooks, gas microwaves, and some extra tension (often needed for saggy tents) One year the older scouts all had balaclavas for the wide game and convinced the younger scouts that this was compulsory and that if they didn't have one they would have to use their underwear, the outcome was that we had half a dozen boys running around with their pants on their heads!! Ideas taken from a thread in uk.rec.scouting

Last updated: March 1, 2014