Candy Store

What you do, is you have some one be the candy store owner. and all these different scouts come, look at the store and say that they need to add something. my troop usually adds windows, a revolving door, a adjustable shelf, a talking sign and etc. you can make it all up as you go. and each thing should do something special. like for the window. the arms are down when it's shut, up when open, and by gently slapping there face to the other direction, it lock. then the sign, if you touch it's nose, its say " *the candy store owne's name* Handy Dandy Candy Store" and on the revolving door, you could hook on a bell, and when you turn the door, the person that's a bell and to go ring-a-ling. it's great in a large group of people, and then have the unsuspected be chosen. it's great. o, and the last scout say "If this is a candy store, where's all the candy?" and then the owner says, "what are ya talking about? i have *how ever many people are up there* suckers right here!"

Last updated: March 1, 2014