1st FARNBOROUGH CUBS CAMP (3rd May - 5th May 1997)

THEME:- A Mystery

The cubs are given clues throughout the weekend concerning a mystery that they have to solve by deduction. Ours involved the group flag which went missing during unpacking. Who has stolen it?

10.30 Cubs arrive.
10.45 GRAND HOWL and Introduction to Leaders and Camp Theme.
11.00 Show round facilities and outside area.
11.15 Cubs allocated to tents - meet scouts.
Change into camp kit. Pitch tents and kit check.
camp gadget.
11.30 BREAK
12.15 Mystery theme story and issue handouts
12.45 Packed Lunch + Spud bashing + clues.
13.15 Quiet Time and tuck
13.30 Bases. Selected from outstanding badgework (4 total)
  1. Tracking
    Talk about tracking signs. Have them follow a track laid by the previous group. Have them lay their own trail.
  2. Country code
    Talk about country code. Get them to draw posters.
  3. Road safety
    Talk about road safety. Take them for a walk as a test.
  4. First aid
    As required for CSA or Adventure award. (Two time slots for each)
  5. Flags and Saints
    As required for badgework.
  6. Promise
    Discuss the promise as required for my promise section of each badge.
15.00 BREAK
15.15 Bases.
16.30 Mystery games
What games? It's a surprise
17.30 Prepare and wash for dinner.
18.00 DINNER + clues
18.45 Wash and tidy area.
19.15 Flag Down.
Wide game. [Post office]
Cubs compete as sixes. Have to get letters (squares of paper), get them stamped (mark from coloured pen), and post them. 1 leader gives out envelopes, 1 leader for each six as post office (to stamp letters) and 1 leader for each six as post box. Leaders should swap roles during game and extra leaders are decoys. Winning six is the one to post the most corectly stamped letters.
20.15 Wash and prepare for bed. Mystery part II
21.00 Drink and bed.
21.15 Lights out.
07.30 Reveille
08.00 P.T.
08.30 Breakfast.
08.45 Wash up. + clues
09.00 Tidy area.
09.15 Flag Break.
09.20 Clean area. Area Inspection.
09.30 Map
Map requirements for adventure award (+ prep for hike)
10.00 Compass
Compass requirements for adventure award (+ prep for hike)
10.30 Briefing for ramble + reminder of road safety
11.00 BREAK and Fatigues
11.30 RAMBLE
  1. Cooking base
    Cooking sausages on a gas stove.
  2. Observation questionaire
    Questions on items seen during the ramble. Include birds and trees.
15.30 BREAK + clues
15.45 Free period.
16.00 Debrief on ramble
17.30 CUBS OWN
18.30 DINNER. + clues
19.30 Wash and clear up. - Tuck
20.00 Flag down. Camp fire.
21.00 Drink.
Word bingo or word searches.
21.45 Wash and bed.
08.00 Reveille P.T.
08.30 Breakfast. + clues
09.30 Wash and tidy area.
09.50 Tent Inspection.
09.55 Flag break.
10.00 Tidy, clear personal kit.
11.00 BREAK
11.45 Fatigues: Each six to carry out one of the following:
  1. Kitchen
    Help leaders to clean kitchen and pack kit.
  2. Tentage
    Break camp and pack tents
  3. Equipment
    Pack equipment in transport
  4. Ablutions and Hall
    Clean the area ready for departure
12.45 Prepare for lunch.
13.00 LUNCH
13.45 Wash and tidy area.
14.00 Action Games
14.30 Drink.
14.45 Change into uniform.
15.00 Mystery result - Awards - Grand Howl.
Cobra took the flag to repair it, he put it in his first aid bag.
??.?? Depart.

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