1st FARNBOROUGH CUBS CAMP (4th May - 6th May 1996)


10.30 Cubs arrive.
10.45 GRAND HOWL and Introduction to Leaders and Camp Theme.
All leaders to be present during Grand Howl and Akela to explain camp theme.
11.00 Cubs allocated to tents - meet scouts.
Change into camp kit.
11.20 Camp Log
Each six to keep a log of activities during the camp
11.30 BREAK
11.45 Pitch Tents and kit check
12.30 Show round facilities and outside area.
12.45 Packed Lunch + Spud bashing.
13.15 Quiet Time
13.30 Bases.
  1. Fire lighting [large for dinner]
    Talk about fire building and types of wood. Cubs to build fire using a range of supplied wood. Leader to light fire to judge their sucess. Keep one fire for cooking dinner.
  2. Pennents
    Make pennents using fabric paints
  3. Camp hygeine
    Talk about hygine and why it is important
  4. Camp gadgets
    Make bowl or towel holders using cane and string
15.00 BREAK
15.15 Bases.
16.30 Finish pennents and cooking preperation.
17.30 Prepare and wash for dinner.
18.00 DINNER [Backwoods cooking]
Meal to include potatoes wrapped in foil and cooked on the open fire.
18.45 Wash and tidy area.
19.15 Flag Down.
Wide game. [deep wading]
Cubs have to run a relay race wearing wellies filled with wallpaper paste
(Have plenty of water or a hose to clean the cubs afterwards.)
20.15 Wash and prepare for bed.
21.00 Drink and bed.
21.15 Lights out.
07.30 Reveille
08.00 P.T.
08.30 Breakfast.
08.45 Wash up.
09.00 Tidy area.
09.15 Flag Break.
09.20 Clean area. Area Inspection.
09.30 Tracking
Split pack into two groups who lay a trail for the other group to follow.
10.00 Map and compass
Revision of grid references, setting a map with a compass and basic map symbols.
10.30 Briefing for ramble
11.00 BREAK and Fatigues
11.30 RAMBLE
  1. Cooking base
    Cooking sausages on a gas stove.
  2. Observation questionaire
    Questions on items seen during the ramble. Include birds and trees.
  3. Bark rubbing
    Useing paper ang wax crayons
  4. Camp log
    Time to work on camp log. (Used to stagger the leaving times of the groups)
15.30 BREAK
15.45 Free period.
16.00 Debrief on ramble
17.30 CUBS OWN
18.30 DINNER.
19.30 Wash and clear up.
20.00 Flag down. Camp fire.
21.00 Drink.
Word bingo or word searches.
21.45 Wash and bed.
08.00 Reveille P.T.
08.30 Breakfast.
09.30 Wash and tidy area.
09.50 Tent Inspection.
09.55 Flag break.
10.00 Tidy, clear personal kit. Strike and pack tents.
11.00 BREAK
11.45 Fatigues: Each six to carry out one of the following:
  1. Kitchen
    Help leaders to clean kitchen and pack kit.
  2. Tentage
    Break camp and pack tents
  3. Equipment
    Pack equipment in transport
  4. Ablutions and Hall
    Clean the area ready for departure
12.45 Prepare for lunch.
13.00 LUNCH
13.45 Wash and tidy area.
14.00 Action Games
14.30 Drink.
14.45 Change into uniform.
15.00 Medal Ceromony - Awards - Grand Howl.
??.?? Depart.

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