1st FARNBOROUGH CUBS CAMP (6th May - 8th May 1995)

THEME:- Victory in Europe DAY



10.30 Cubs arrive.
Introduction to Leaders and Camp Theme.
11.00 Cubs allocated to tents
meet scouts.
Issue ID cards and ID tags and ration books.
Change into camp kit, make up beds and KIT CHECK.
11.45 Show round facilities and outside area.
Scouts to show their sixes round the facilities, leaders will be at each area to explain the DOES and DONT'S.
12.00 Battle stories.
Introduction to "Home Posters" (as seen on VE day)
13.00 Packed Lunch
Spud bashing.
13.30 Bases.
  1. Design and make flags and poles.
    Using fabric paints, poles to be supported by 3 guy ropes
  2. Codes
    Write each letter of the alphabet evenly spaced on two paper strips. Make the strips into two paper tubes, one wrapped tightly round the other so that both sets of letters can be read. Codes are created by replacing each letter in the message with its adjacent letter on the other tube.
  3. Camouflague
    using face paints and camo colours.
  4. Formation signals Hand signals for silent moving of cubs, e.g to line up, to gather round.
14.45 Action games.
15.15 Bases.
16.30 Complete flags and flagpoles and raise flags.
17.30 Prepare and wash for dinner.
18.00 DINNER
18.45 Wash and tidy area.
19.15 Flag Down.
Wide game.
20.15 Wash and prepare for bed.
21.00 Drink and bed.
21.15 Lights out.
07.30 Reveille
08.00 P.T.
08.30 Breakfast.
08.45 Wash up.
09.00 Tidy area.
09.15 Flag Break.
09.20 Clean area. Area Inspection.
09.30 "Home Front Posters"
10.00 Battle Plans
Instructions for ramble, location of 'intellegence centres', time of departure, route.
10.30 Camouflague ready for action.
11.00 NAAFI BREAK and Fatigues
11.30 Locate and capture enemy Command Centre [Long trousers]
  1. Issue Field rations
    Pack lunches
  2. Locate local intelligent centres
    Location where next base position is given.
  3. Negotiate danger areas
    Two bases, searching for 'buried mines' with metal detectors and capturing enemy flag without tripping tripwires. The flag was on a bungee so it shot out of reach if a tripwire was set off.
  4. Remember 'silence is life'.
    Keep the noise down while in the countryside.
15.45 Free period.
16.00 Debrief on battle
Discuss the bases and how well each six performed on ramble.
17.30 CUBS OWN
18.30 DINNER.
19.30 Wash and clear up.
20.00 Flag down.
Camp fire.
21.00 Drink.
Map Symbol Bingo.
21.45 Wash and bed.
08.00 Reveille
08.30 Breakfast.
09.30 Wash and tidy area.
09.50 Tent Inspection.
09.55 Flag break.
10.00 Tidy, clear personal kit. Strike and pack tents.
11.45 Fatigues:
Each six to carry out one of the following:
  1. Kitchen
    Help leaders to clean kitchen and pack kit.
  2. Tentage
    Break camp and pack tents
  3. Equipment
    Pack equipment in transport
  4. Ablutions and Hall
    Clean the area ready for departure
12.45 Prepare for lunch.
Lunch based on typical food of the day, held outside hall
13.45 Wash and tidy area.
14.00 Camp fatigues
Final tidy of site
14.30 Drink.
14.45 Change into uniform.
15.00 Medal Ceromony - Awards - Grand Howl.
??.?? Depart.

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