Foil Meals

Foil meals are meals where all the ingredients are wrapped in alluminium baking foil and cooked in the embers of a fire. Tips 1. Potatoes and onions go well with almost anything, they're safe. 2. Smear the inside of the foil with butter before putting on any foods, it will stop it from sticking. 3. Always use heavy duty foil. 4. You don't need to add any water to your foods, there is enough naturally. 5. Double seal the foil. Flatten out the edges, fold over about 3/4 inches, press flat, fold the first fold again. 6. You can write your name with your fingernail in the foil. This helps when 50 people are all cooking at the same time. 7. Have extra long oven mitts available for turning and removing from the coals. Pancake turners and such things have a tendency to tear the foil. 8. For large crowds, lay out your charcoal in a long trough. We've actually had a fire trough close to 75 feet long. Make a trough above ground by placing two rows of metal tent stakes every few feet with their tops about 5" above the ground. String metal wire between them, then form a trough with heavy duty foil, folding it over both wires. Spread your hot coals evenly along the length. Each meal needs about 7-8 inches. 9. Depending on what you're cooking, it will be about 15-20 minutes on each side. 10. Use a bed of onion slices as your first layer. The bottom layer is likely to get somewhat burned, even under the best of circumstances, and most foods simply don't taste good burned; moreover, the burned taste will tend to permeate the entire meal. No matter how much you burn onions, however, they still have a good, toasted onion taste. Lemon Chicken Take a whole chicken. Brush with melted butter. Take a whole lemon, slice, squeeze juice over chicken. Sprinkle generously with Lemon & Herb spice. Put leftover lemon peel & pulp inside chicken with slices of onion. Wrap in foil. Cook until done. 40-60 minutes. We also cook potatoes & onions in other foil packs. Upside Down Ham Ham pieces or steak, Pinapple slices (or tidbits) dash of teriyaki sauce (or marinade) and mixed vegetables to taste. Ham & Potatoes Au Gratin Cubed Ham, chopped Potato, Onions, Grated cheese of your choice. Foil Fajitas Marinated Fajita Meat (Beef or Chicken), Onions, Green Peppers. Serve on tortillas with cheese, salsa, etc.... Stuffed Potatoes Core small to medium potato, insert a small pre-cooked sausage or weiner. Wrap in foil, set in hot ashes to bake. Takes 45-90 minutes to cook. Remove and slice top and add cheese, chili or fixins of your choice. Hobo Popcorn In center of '18 x '18 square of heavy or doubled foil, place one teaspoon of oil and one tablespoon of popcorn. Bring foil corners together to make a pouch. Seal the edges by folding, but allow room for the popcorn to pop. Tie each pouch to a long stick with a string and hold the pouch over the hot coals. Shake constantly until all the corn has popped. Season with salt and margerine. Or soy sauce, or melted chocolate, or melted peanut butter, or melted caramels or use as a base for chili. Chicken and Shrimp Chicken breasts, shrimp, snow peas, celery, and bean sprouts. Similar to a stir-fry. The meat was place on the bottom (btw the chicken had been slightly cooked prior to going), with the vegi's on top. I had a couple of dashes of Teryaki sauce, some spices (tarragon and others from a pre-mix spice jar). Burger Meal Hamburger, potatoes, carrots, onion, salt, pepper, and butter. Also, consider replacing the hambuger with stewmeat, cubed steak, or chicken or turkey breasts cut into stewmeat sized cubes. As to spices, consider adding a part of a clove of fresh garlic. Smash it first. You might also consider adding soy sauce, teriyaki, or plain old steak sauce. Try adding small dough balls of biscuit mix for dumplings. Cornish Hen At home, parboil (3 mins) a cornish hen. oil it up, salt and pepper and wrap in foil. cook as you would a foil pack (15 min/side). Do another pack of just thin sliced potatoes and onion, salt/pepper with a bit of olive oil. makes and OUTSTANDING meal. BTW, differentiate your foil pack by wrapping a length of foil in with the folded seam; never an arguement over who's pack it is Pizza Pocket Made with those packages of 'flat' dough (those tubes from The dough boy). You take the flat dough, and fill the center with pizza sauce, peperoni, cheese, with optional mushroom, olives etc. Fold it over to enclose the 'goodies' and wrap in 2 layers of foil. 'BAKE' 10 minutes on each side, and you might have a pizza pockett. Shrimp For variety, try peeled shrimp or scallops, snow peas, strips of red pepper, sliced mushrooms, thin slice of ginger root. This cooks rather quickly, usually in less than 10 minutes depending on size of shrimp or scallops. Kids seldom like it ... it's too different. Chicken and Dumplings How about chicken and dumplings. Envelope of chicken & vegetable soup, about half the regular water, a small (6 oz) can of chicken. Bring to a boil. Drop spoonfuls of biscuit dough on top (use drop biscuit recipe). Cover tightly and cook over low heat for about 10 minutes or until dumplings are done. Hamburger Patty A cut up hotdog, instant rice, corn and peas wrapped in several layers of foil (alternate the shiny side), cooked it for about 3/4 of an hour. Hamburger Patty Ground beef in the middle and surround with any of the following: potato pieces (can also be the frozen mostly cooked kind), carrot pieces, onion pieces, rice, corn, peas, a bit of salt and pepper, onion salt, oil, garlic, green peppers. Soup Add a couple of spoons of Cream of Chicken Soup to the dinner. This provides some extra moisture to simmer the dinner which seems to make it cook faster, of course it also enhances the flavor. You could also substitute Cream of Mushroom if you prefer. This, along with your cubed potato, onion, meat and whatever else you like makes a fairly complete meal. Silver Turtle Take a (largeish) piece of foil. Put a few slabs of corned beef in the centre. Put some sliced spuds on top of the corned beef. Put carrotts, onions, green beans, peas, anything you can think of(!!!) on top of the spuds and corned beef. Curl the foil up around the sides of the food (leaving the top exposed). Add a crumpled OXO cube to the top of the food. Add a tablespoon or two of water to the food. Seal the foil around the food. Cook for about 40 minutes in embers. Egg & Potato Cut the top off a potato (about 1/2 an inch). Hollow out the larger part of the spud. Crack an egg into the hollowed out part. Put the top of the spud back on, holding it in place with a few green sticks pierced through both the top part and larger part of the spud. Wrap in tin foil. Cook for about 45mins - 1hr in embers.

Last updated: March 1, 2014