World of Darkness - Victorian

The journal of Tweeny Sodd with annotations by Colonel Blimp

Julian Fitzpatrick Warren A writer of science fiction books and opium addict Colonel Augustus Blimp (ret) Paul A retired colonel. Best known for getting his troops killed in India and South Africa Wilfred Hyde-White Dave MP for Marlebone Patrick O'Brian Dave An Irish catholic priest The great Mafonzo Dave A stage magician, known throughout Europe Frederick Selous Dave A big game hunter, on the look out for any scheme to make money. Arthur 'Tweeny' Sodd Derek Served with Blimp as an army surgeon. Arthur joined the army after problems with his previous career as a graverobber ment he needed to leave London in a hurry. George Sampson Steve Gordon Bennett Stuart Nigel Golightly - Stuart Old money.

Last updated: February 27, 2014