Back to London

Scarecrow did some research into a group called the order of the worms then announced he wanted to visit them in London. We travelled with him through the hedge to London. He contacted the Autumn court and arranged to meet with the worms. They offered him the opportunity to join them if he met their prerequisites. They also offered to help Blizzard heal Lattice's mental wounds. The worms suggested the best way to help Lattice was to go into his dreams to find what is causing his madness. They arranged for us to enter his dreams in the evening. When we entered his dream we found ourselves in Blimps Victorian town house. We appeared in our changeling form, but were able to change our appearance to our human form with a little concentration. We started investigating the house and found a room full of goblins. They appeared to be mining, and where they had dug into the walls and floor was nothing. There was a hole in the ceiling with a ladder that looked like it went into the hedge. They were looking for dream gems and got upset when Blizzard just changed the reality of the dream and filled in all the holes. Blizzard asked where the owner of the dream was and the goblin said we had to go to the train station. They were collecting dream gems for their master who was an Incubus. They argued against leaving until they found out Kyte was the king of the Vishi court. Then they left back into the hedge. We continued searching the house and came across Julian Fitzpatrick. He said he was Scarecrows lost memories. He said they had a secret but could not tell until Scarecrow wanted to. I went to look for my lost memories and found myself outside digging up graves. I told myself I wanted my memories back. My memories did not want to return so I grappled him. Finally he surrendered and merged back with me. I felt an in rush of memories and finally remembered everything of my previous life. Blizzard found his memories in a bath. They merged together but Blizzard seemed badly affected by the experience. We then changed the dream reality so we were at the train station. We got tickets to the terminal. Kyte told Blizzard and myself he had heard a voice saying Scarecrow was leading us into a trap. Scarecrow then said he had heard a voice congratulating him. We got on a steam train that was about to leave. On board was Kytes lost memories busy shooting brothers of the skin. Blizzard created a steel wall to block them away. He was disappointed that the fight had stopped. He said he could not go to see himself so we left him to wait for the brotherhood to batter down the wall and continue the fight. We heard a voice which said we could have Jennings back if we gave it Scarecrow. The voice then said we could ride on the train for a while. Blizzard made the train arrive at the terminal, and we jumped off. The voice said we could take Jennings and go, and Jennings appeared. Kyte said it was not really Jennings and the figure disappeared again. Kyte tried to make it appear. In Incubus appeared briefly then vanished again. There were some further discussions then a silence. Suddenly the Incubus said "Sorry, I did not know, I apologise", then its presence vanished. Jennings appeared and we all woke up. The worms discussed our experiences. They said it must have been a Morphian, a fey trapped in dreams. They were fascinated as they had not heard of a Morphian driving away an Incubus before. They said it might be possible to trap it in a dream prison. Scarecrow insisted we should fight this Morphian. Kyte was also keen to fight. I was reluctant but agreed when it was clear they were going to go regardless. Three of the worms also agreed to help. Blizzard refused to participate. We fell asleep and found ourselves next to the hedge and a gate. The fay approached us and addressed Scarecrow as 'my servant' and asked if he was reneging on their agreement. Scarecrows response seemed evasive and he then just attacked the fay without any further discussion. I jumped in and stabbed him. He fired back at me. Kyte animated the nearby plants in some ineffective way. Scarecrow summoned some sort of hammer made of shadow and hit the fay. I pressed my attack and the fay hit be with fire again, blasting me right out of the dream, and I awoke in some confusion. One of the worms woke suddenly having been blasted from the dream, then Kyte woke and started shouting "wake them all up". As he started waking the others Scarecrow suddenly awakened with blood oozing from his ears. Jennings was still in denial about his new reality as a changeling so we left him to rest with the worms and travelled back to Miami. Thunder requested we report to him. I gave my report, as did Blizzard and Kyte. Scarecrow was then brought before Thunder. Thunder decided he still did not really trust Scarecrow and would keep him under close observation. Thunder asked Blizzard and myself to search his apartment but we found nothing incriminating. We rested for a month before returning to London to collect Jennings. Thunder asked Blizzard and myself to investigate a disturbance in the hedge near Hialeah. Apparently navigating the hedge in that area was unusually difficult. We drove to Hialeah and opened an entrance to the hedge. It opened easily but the hedge beyond looked a little sinister. We tried opening other gateways and each time the hedge looked sinister. Kyte told us he had several flashes of what looked like a church. Scarecrow looked for local churches on the Internet from his sellfon, and Kyte pointed out the local cathedral that looked like his vision. We parked up near the cathedral. As we got out we could hear raised voices near the cathedral. As we got near the cathedral we could see protestors outside a university opposite the cathedral waving banners with religious quotes such as Deuteronomy 32:1, Psalms 106:37 and Job 10:11, and they were shouting "what are our children learning". There was a poster advertising a lecture about satanic ritual abuse hoax of the 1980s. The priest from the cathedral was standing outside. We spoke to him. He said some of his flock were upset about the planned lecture about Satanism. We went into the cathedral to have a chat. The cathedral was built in the 1800s. While we were there we started having trouble holding our masks and there were strange shadows. We left quickly when the priest went to make coffee. Once we got outside the cathedral our masks returned. Kyte had opened a gate to the hedge inside the cathedral. He said when he opened it he heard a voice saying "use the power". Outside we saw some strange architectural feature with lots of water run offs. Kyte used a contract to make it rain. He said that while he was doing so he heard the voice again saying "Do you want me to help you", to which he replied yes. Casting the contract stirred up leaves, some of which turned black and shrivelled up. As it was now raining we decided to go and listen to the lecture. The lecture was being given by Eric Roseletti. The lecture was boring and I paid no attention. The lecturer acted tired, though he had no physical characteristics of being tired. It is possible something was draining his energy. He smelt of honeysuckle. Honeysuckle is used to help people sleep. During the second half of his lecture he started reading a demon summoning ritual. As he did so his voice changed. He then collapsed. I went to examine him. He seemed to have had some sort of seizure. Blizzard tried entering his dreams, and found he was dreaming if being trapped in a room, and there was something else in his dream controlling it. Kyte found a note amongst his notes which said he was trapped in his apartment. We went to the address on the note. The door was not locked. The apartment looked much like the room Blizzard saw in his dream. I looked round and found a book on local history on the coffee table. I started feeling tired but Blizzard woke me up. Scarecrow did fall asleep. He woke up again when I carried him out of the room. Scarecrow found a journal which ended saying "I did it, he died because he was too lazy and stupid to stop drinking, now I will get my reward". I found a laptop which had a file named ia'tahe.jpg which was a scan of a metal seal. Finally we found a map of the city with the apartment and cathedral marked in red and the city limits marked in black. The word Fuck was written outside the city limits. After further investigations and a trip to the hedge we discovered the area used to contain a hollow for the Autumn court. Some 100 years ago the man with the ergot smile managed to persuade the Autumn court to summon a desire demon. The Autumn court managed to trap it in the cathedral. To escape it needed to form a pact with someone and grant their desire. The priests minding the cathedral were zealous enough to resist its temptations. Unfortunately Rosaletti was not such strong willed. He had already summoned a sloth demon to help him improve his position at the university, then had been unable to banish it again. He had found out about the desire demon and intended to form a pact with it to get rid of the sloth demon, and in the process free it. We persuaded the priests to dismiss the sloth demon, but Blizzard decided Rosaletti could not be trusted not to do something stupid again, so executed him. I had to do some work for Thunder for a few days. While I was busy Kyte got his kidneys stolen, and had to chase around to recover them from someone who had plans to use them for some occult purpose. We were then asked to investigate the disappearance of some changelings. We traced them to an occult spirit called the mocking bird which used voice imitation to lull its victims into a false sense of security. We tracked down a group of forsaken (werewolves) who knew a lot about the creature and were well versed in dealing with spirits, and persuaded them to summon the mocking bird to find out what it was up to. The werewolves performed their ritual and a transparent figure appeared. It called the changelings it had taken 'trinkets'. Kyte asked to see them, but it said its master would not allow it. It sounded like the spirit made pacts with someone else. The spirit then said it had nothing more to say and faded away. The werewolf explained the spirit could only enter the physical world using something called the gauntlet and it must have gained access somehow through a break to abduct people. The werewolves said they could track the verge which was a permanent tear into the gauntlet. We would need to go into the gauntlet to rescue the missing people. The werewolves had a boat and took us into the everglades. The werewolves tracked the verge to a village. As we approached we were attacked by several alligator creatures. We killed them and entered the village. We took cover as we heard others. One shouted 'shoot to kill' prompting Kyte to shoot. I studied the two figures I could see. They were changelings. One was avian and the other wormlike. I also sensed a connection to the spring court, though it felt tainted. Kyte started disarming them by shooting their weapons, and a werewolf attacked the changelings who panicked and started fleeing. The bell in the town hall started ringing so I ran to cover nearby. Someone shot at me so I fired back. Kyte flew through the window of the town hall and attacked the figure I shot. Several more changelings came from other huts. I exchanged fire, killing two of them. The others turned and ran into the swamp. We found the tear by a pool behind the village and entered the gauntlet. We found ourselves in a shadow version of downtown Miami. Kyte found a party and had to do some fast talking after creating some spirits which wanted to possess him. They said the mockingbird was in the tallest skyscraper. When Kyte flew out of the building the mockingbird appeared from nowhere and grabbed him. Kyte shot at it and was dropped. Kyte fell and was knocked unconscious. It continued attacking. We fought back before driving it off and killing it. We went to the tower where we found the changelings and several mortals the spirit had imprisoned. We we returned to the mortal realm where the werewolf destroyed the verge. We returned to Miami. The next few days were uneventful until one night I had a strange dream that I shared with Blizzard. We were on a steam train which was running on a track which was circling in a spiral. I changed the dream so the train would run to its destination in a straight line. The train conductor approached and asked for tickets. When I gave him my ticket his eyes opened revealing them to be empty sockets, then the dream ended. Blizzard went to collect Lattice who had decided he wanted to join our motley. When he returned he was summoned to the museum where he works and told they were making changes, changing the focus to more modern history. While looking at some of the old material that was being removed he found a reference to distinguished investors in Miami in 1895 who were Myself, Blizzard, Scarecrow and Kyte. Obviously our fetches after we were abducted. Scarecrow also had a strange dream in which his Journal had been torn up. Blizzard went into Scarecrows dream to read his journal, and found it finished 'The end, Miami circle' and the rest of the pages were torn out. Scarecrow researched the Miami circle and found it was a 2000 year old Indian site which had been discovered 11 years ago when a new hotel was being built. Coincidentally it was a Sheridan hotel, who were now sponsoring the museum where blizzard works. We went to the circle to look round. Lattice found some sort of supernatural markings on the ground in the circle. I recognised them as being some sort of gate or portal. There were flyers littered about advertising 'The Miami circle solstice celebration on June 20th 2010' which was in 5 days. Part of the celebrations were an all night solstice vigil led by Geeta sacred song. I went with Blizzard and Scarecrow to the library in the hedge so Scarecrow could do some research. He found out that the portal simply provided a way of passing through solid material into a cave or room. We returned, found Kyte and lattice then went to the circle. Scarecrow opened the portal and descended the spiral staircase below. There was a tunnel at the bottom which we followed. We came to a room. In the centre was 4 human figures who looked like tramps. They looked dead but were still standing. There were candles which were lit but not burning down. We approached them and saw they had no eyes. They were cool to the touch. Kyte pushed one over and it collapsed to the floor. It then stood up on its own and returned to standing in its original position. Clearly there was sorcery involved. There was a chalk marking on the wall. Whenever someone approached it the figures started moving towards them. As they did not move other than when someone approached the symbol I spent some time cutting the arms and legs off three of them. Kyte set fire to the fourth. Scarecrow examined the mark which represented Limbo. He then did some mumbo jumbo and eventually opened a portal in the wall. Beyond was a thick grey mist. We went through. On the far side we could see glowing geometric designs hanging in the air. As we looked round we heard a roar and then a large creature appeared from the mist. Kyte shouted something about following the blue line and ran off. I followed him, as did the others. Blizzard suddenly veered off towards one of the geometric symbols and disappeared. Lattice followed him. We continued until Kyte stopped at another symbol then stepped through it. We followed. We found ourselves in a damp cobbled alleyway. We walked down the alleyway and saw a sign to Charring cross. There were horse drawn carriages and we appeared to be back in Victorian London. A newspaper had the date June 18th 1895. Scarecrow approached an individual and asked to borrow a penny for a newspaper. He was invited to meet some friends behind a nearby cafe. Kyte and myself followed expecting trouble. When they pulled knives Kyte pulled his pistol. They ran and I grabbed one. He cowered so I relieved him of his money, a total of 17 shillings. When we went back out of the alley we found Blizzard and Lattice who had some tale about being a foreign land and travelling back in time before retracing their steps. As we were still dressed in clothes from modern Miami, I focused on my mask and changed it to Victorian style clothes. The others then copied me. I went to the nearby bank with Blizzard to see if we could withdraw money. Scarecrow took Kyte to a nearby bookshop. Blizzard and myself were successful. The bank manager said we had been transferring money to Miami for the last 2 years. We met back up with the others. Scarecrow had asked about books written by Julian Fitzpatrik. The shopkeeper had not heard of him, so it seemed less likely we were in a dream this time. We headed to Blizzards house and saw someone following. We confronted him outside Blizzards house and I grappled him when he tried running away. He said he worked for Smythe who ran the seven dials. Blizzards fetch was in his house. Blizzard and myself let ourselves in the servants entrance of Blizzards house, while Kyte and Scarecrow waited at the front. We found Blizzards fetch and killed it with cold forged iron daggers. It burst into green flame and turned to ash. We then took a Hanson cab to my house to find my fetch, but I could not sense his presence. We tried Kyte and Scarecrows houses but they sensed nothing either. Blizzard then went to the travellers club but they were not there either. The doorman thought they were in America. We went back to Blizzards house where we found Smythe waiting. He said he knew what we were and that we had come through his Limbo gate. He had made deals with the fay Helen to free an entity called the Dolcanum from under the Miami circle. When he finished boasting he left. We opened a gate to the hedge and set out to Miami. It took 6 hours to walk there. Victorian Miami was no more than a dozen buildings, a vast difference to the Miami we had left the day before. We could sense our fetches and followed the feeling to Miami circle. Scarecrow opened the portal and we descended We found the fetches in the chamber. Blizzard threw a grenade at them. I charged my fetch and struck him a mortal blow. The others followed me, and we dispatched the fetches in short order. Kyte and Scarecrow wanted to return too modern Miami. Blizzard and myself had more common sense and decided to return to Victorian London. I returned through the hedge with Blizzard and Lattice. We left Kyte and Scarecrow to return to modern Miami through the limbo gate. After another 6 hour hike we arrived back in London. We never saw Kyte or Scarecrow again. Perhaps they made it back to Miami and defeated Smythe. I do not think I will be placing any bets though.

Last updated: February 27, 2014