Blizzards Journal

ENTRY ELEVEN: February 15th, 2010

How my life has changed in the course of a few weeks! This entry sees me sat at a desk in my rather impressive new apartment actually typing these words into a 21st Century computer! I would have never expected that in my wildest dreams! At long last I do not feel lost in the depths of 21st Century technology, and this is all thanks to the wonders of the Goblin Market. As soon as I heard that they traded in memories (among other things) it occurred to me that I might be able to trade my memories of redundant 19th Century technology for those of the current century. And lo, here I am! I am by no means an expert on any of the devices of this century, but I am at least competent. I may not be able to do everything that is possible with this computer in front of me, but I am at least aware of its potential rather than just being utterly bewildered by it. My phone is no longer a source of anxiety to me but is now a valuable communication tool that I can use with considerable ease. I cannot begin to describe how much of a relief this is to me! And my life in the Summer Court has changed drastically. I am now John St. Elmo's superior, and have claimed his apartment and perks in the Court after defeating him in a Hedge Duel. I was disappointed that he ignored my advice in our plan to blow up the Mortal Mages that led to the deaths of several innocent bystanders. I have this on my conscience as if I had been more forceful in my attempts to persuade him to listen to my advice. After all being persuasive is one of my strengths. But for me the biggest shock and disappointment was the he did not take responsibility for his mistake - as a good commander should - and instead lied to Grandfather Thunder and tried to blame the mismanagement of the operation on our motley. That was a step too far, and I had to do something about it, regardless of what the consequences might have been. I was even prepared to risk my banishment from the Summer Court. This was a matter of the highest principal. And in some ways losing the Hedge Duel was good for John St. Elmo. Hopefully he will never again countenance lying to Grandfather Thunder, and with the matter resolved according to the rules of the Court, he can continue to serve without the shame of his mistake hanging over him. We can all move on for the betterment of the Court and our kind. I do hope that he does not bear me a personal grudge - that will only become clear with time - and I shall be extremely disappointed if he does as the situation has been resolved by the rules of the Court he serves. Certainly I bear him no ill-will. He made a mistake and has been provided a salutary lesson that will hopefully teach him the error of his ways.

ENTRY TWELVE: February 17th, 2010

Now that we are on official Summer Court business investigating the four Mortal suicides I find Tweeny's new behaviour childishly unexpected. He refuses to even move unless I give him an order to do so. I had hoped that he might welcome my promotion in the Court as it would mean that he would have more slack; I would be more tolerant of his rather lax commitment to the Summer Court than John St. Elmo was. However, he seems to hold a childlike envy of my new position, and will now do nothing unless ordered directly. Clearly he is waiting for me to make a mistake so that he can lay the blame squarely on the orders he received. In some ways his childlike approach to the intricacies of the politics of the Courts is laughable. For as long as he plays his silly little game I shall continue to place all responsibility back on him. Sooner or later he is going to grow tired, or, more likely, let down our motley and incur the displeasure of Kyte and Scarecrow. It concerns me that none of the Courts know of the weapon cache we stumbled across in the warehouse. In some ways I hope it belongs to the Red Badge because at least they are determined to fight the Gentry. I fear, however, that we may again have encountered some rogue Changelings helping the Gentry with their nefarious deeds. It still staggers me to think that there can so many deranged Lost around who would make such evil pacts with the very creatures who are responsible for our plight! I only hope we find ourselves in a position to actually help them rather than having no choice but to kill them, as happened with the group we encountered in the Everglades.

ENTRY THIRTEEN: February 18th, 2010

I was immensely relieved to discover that the Lost we encountered who were stock piling weapons are not rogue Changelings working for the Gentry. It is alarming for the Summer Court that they are agents of Rose Thorn looking to expedite her return from exile, but that the threat is more manageable than insane Lost. It will take more than a warehouse of firepower to bring down the Summer Court! I hoped that by decision to release the two captives will hopefully influence some Rose's followers who have swallowed her propaganda about Grandfather Thunder without any question. Based on expectations set by Rose Thorn the captives clearly thought that they would be executed. The fact that I completely surprised them by releasing them might get them questioning her stories. I wish I knew more about the situation leading to her exile, but that all took place before we escaped through the Hedge. It was curious, if frightening, to a large amount of time in the Hedge. It is truly an unusual and hazardous place, but not without uses to us. The bizarre moving Library is a fine example. Accessing its tomes is problematic and not without risk, but has the potential to be extremely useful. I think that this is how I need to start thinking about the Hedge. Previously, I had only wanted to avoid it at all costs, based on my own vague memories and the all too present warnings of others. I need to try to come to terms with the fact that it can be useful to use Lost if used carefully and with prudence. The fact that we have stumbled across a Hollow they we can now use as a base for our trips into the Hedge is a source of great calm to me. However, while acknowledging that the Hedge can offer some use to us I have an instinctive feeling that we must never let our guard down while we are in its environs.

ENTRY FOURTEEN: February 19th, 2010

Just when I was feeling relieved that the Lost we encountered hoarding weapons were not insane and working for the Gentry, we then stumble across an insane Lost working for the Gentry! While I am not overly concerned about the creature burrowing tunnels through Hedge into the Mortal realm, neither am I particularly concerned about the loss of four Mortal lives, how the four Mortals acquired a Goblin Token that led to them attracting the creature, and thus their demise, was a concern to me. I was pleased to see that my priorities were echoed by Grandfather Thunder; yet more justification, if I needed it, that I have made the right choice by joining the Summer Court. It was our investigation of the Goblin Token that led us to the Antique shop where we discovered the insane Lost. Most worryingly of all, he appeared to have no qualms about revealing to us that he was selling Tokens to Mortals at the behest of a Gentry. This indicates the level of his madness: he wasn't even aware that he was doing something wrong! I think this what disturbed me the most. Once he had told us who his master was we had no choice but to execute him. It is a shame that his beguiled Mortal assistant was killed by Kyte, but our war against the Gentry will always incur some collateral damage. It was a genuine mistake by Kyte as the insane Lost's mein was masked to us so we had no way of knowing if his assistant was Mortal or Lost. Given that she was about to attack us, as far as I am concerned Kyte made the right call.

ENTRY FIFTEEN: February 20th, 2010

We have now embarked on a mission to assist Scarecrow with some Autumn Court business to do with a myth about a lady called Bloody Mary. After all the assistance he has provided the Summer Court, for better or worse, it only seems fair, lacking any directives from my Court, to take the time to assist him. Our investigations, though only preliminary at this point, are intriguing as we have yet to find any connection to the Gentry. The activities of whatever creature lies behind the Mortal myth so far have been confined to the death on one Mortal gang member. I have yet to fathom the Autumn Court's interested in this episode. Not only do the activities of Bloody Mary seem confined to Mortals, and thus of minimal interested to myself, or indeed to any other Lost, but the Autumn Court's typical attitude of burying their collective heads in the sand belies their interest. Either Scarecrow is not telling us something - all too possible given his many and varied delusions - or our investigations have not proceeded to a point where all is clear to us. What does fascinate me about this mission is the children we have encountered who can come very close to seeing through the Mask to our true miens. They also claim to be able to talk to dead people, a fact I find no reason to doubt given the open nature of the children and their perception of us. My experience with the Mages taught me that there is more to Mortals than I had originally thought since escaping through the Hedge. I do not understand the abilities of these children but they do bear closer inspection. While these children may not pose any threat to us I fear that adults with such powers could. Which begs the question: what steps would we take to protect ourselves from those who can see us as we really are?

ENTRY SIXTEEN: February 21st, 2010

It was interesting to discover from the Summer Court that the behaviour exhibited by these children was not an unknown phenomenon. It appears to have something to do with traumatic effects on young open minds. It was obvious to me that these children were not threat to the Lost: even if they could entirely see our true natures no adult would believe their "stories". I was glad that the Court felt that same way as it avoided any potentially difficult moral decisions. Would I kill a child if it were in the interest of my Court? I believe I would, but I must confess that I was relieved not to find my self having to face such a decision. Our efforts to deal with Bloody Mary were successful, if not necessarily permanent. As is frequently the case Kyte was more of a hindrance than a help, but Scarecrow and myself were able to make her see reason after Kyte had angered her. I only hope that our efforts were sufficient for Scarecrow to report to his Court that the mission was a success. I fear that our dealings with Mr. Fairweather, stemming as they do from our investigations into Bloody Mary's background, are not going to be quite as clear cut as our dealings with Bloody Mary herself. I am immediately wary that we know nothing of him and our Courts know nothing of him, yet he knows so much about us and our kind. That makes me uncomfortable. While he is giving all appearances of doing everything possible to help us, his claims that he wants the hotel where the trod is located purely for financial purposes do not ring true. There is much more to this man, if indeed he is a "man", that meets the eye, and there is much more at stake here than the mere closing of Hedge Gate. We are going to have to be very careful with Mr. Fairweather...

ENTRY SEVENTEEN: February 22nd, 2010

Confound these accursed Gentry and their trickery! Our confrontation with the avatar was thrown into some confusion when the Gentry's avatar claimed that Mr. Fairweather was his brother. The appearances of the two did appear to be extremely similar. I was loathe to trust Mr. Fairweather, but similarly I am loathe to trust the claims made by an avatar in an attempt to save its existence. Nevertheless, the physical similarity between the two warrants further investigation. Not that we were ever going to make a deal with the avatar to strike at Mr. Fairweather and spare the avatar. It just means that we will have to strike at Mr. Fairweather as well as the avatar. However, if the avatar's claims are true then Mr. Fairweather must have been aware that it would reveal this information to us. In which case why did he provide us with cold-forged daggers - the one weapon to which he himself is vulnerable? The avatar claims that Mr. Fairweather is blinded by the acquisition of wealth, which concurs with our observations. Perhaps he considers himself no threat to us thus has not even considered that we may end up using the weapons he provided us against him? The iterations are many, and I can only hope that we are able to close this unpleasant escapade with some intimation of the truth.

ENTRY EIGHTEEN: February 25th, 2010

Kyte and Scarecrow continue to be source of frustration for our motley. The dream that Scarecrow had was clearly a trap. Any fool could see that. Yet the fools that they are they still insisted on blundering into the trap, their foolishness further compounded by the fact that Kyte was still badly injured after our confrontation with the avatar. This episode made me appreciate just how fragile the trust is between our kind. The trickery of the Gentry is so devious and far-reaching that it only takes the tiniest of cracks to crumble the trust that we Lost try to build up. When Kyte and Scarecrow returned after a few days it was for the good of our kind we had to assume the worst: that they may be fetches; that they may have struck a deal with the Gentry; that they may have betrayed our kind. That is all it took to collapse the trust in our motley: an obvious trap and a few days absence. I hope that we can rebuild our trust, but I fear that if this is not possible then it will as a result of failings in me. We have established that they are not fetches, but we can only take their word that they were released without explanation. Kyte cares for nothing but his own desires, and Scarecrow is cowardly enough to be unable to sacrifice himself for the good of his kind. So in my mind either of them have the potential to betray us. They need to be watched careful; but I do find myself wondering whether I will be able to ever fully trust them again.

ENTRY NINTEEN: February 26th, 2010

Our confrontation with Mr. Fairweather proved less violent than I expected. I still do not trust him at all, and his insistence on us accepting gifts from him (which I obviously declined) only made me more wary. His reluctance to deal with the Courts and preference for dealing with our motley suggests to me that he considers us either corruptible, or expendable, or both. He is not interested in working with the Courts as the interests of the Lost do not correspond to his interests. I have the impression he seeks to try and use us because of our positions with the Lost Courts. I shall resist at all costs. Perhaps the one comfort in all of our dealings with Mr. Fairweather is that he genuinely does appear only interested in acquiring wealth. It seems almost like a sickness within him. If this is the case then at least it makes him less of a threat to our kind. The creature we tried to fight at the University, is a different kind of threat, and a more immediate one. Where Mr. Fairweather is subtle and devious, this creature is blunt and coarse. Never before have I sensed such anger in a being; it was almost like it was formed from emotions of pure wrath. Our biggest concern is that it appears indestructible. With bullets and cold-forged weapons proving ineffective we suddenly found our options limited. It is the first time that we have been forced to flee a fight, and considerable confusion and destruction was wrought on the Mortal realm as a result. The creature's rampage through the University will attract much Mortal attention, whatever mundane explanation they devise to explain events, and this will make our investigations harder. I can only hope that we are able to discover its vulnerability, if indeed it has any.

ENTRY TWENTY: February 27th, 2010

Our most recent investigation into this powerful creature which rampaged through the University have revealed yet another strange facet of Mortal existing. First we encountered the Mortals who referred to themselves as "Mages" and had powers that normal Mortals can only dream about. I was initially confused by this was they were neither Lost nor Gentry yet had abilities that I would associate with our kind or the Fey. Fortunately there is plenty of experience and knowledge within Summer Court to help me understand the forces that some Mortals are able to draw from. Our most recent investigation revealed a Mortal who referred to himself as a "Sorcerer" and who was able to use occult powers to summon forth a demon. I must confess that do still struggle with this concept as I have recollections within me of associating demons with theological concepts rather than tangible beings capable of great destruction. Nevertheless, this is what we encountered. Fortunately dismissing the demon was a simple task of killing its summoner, Mr. Graves, although it is regrettable that a Mortal security guard died in the process. It is still unclear to us why the creature Mr. Graves summoned was targeting Lost: whether that was a result of an edict from Mr Graves or whether he lost control of the creature and it was drawn to our kind because of our Glamour. Hopefully the computer we retrieved from Mr. Graves' office will reveal more. However, what this episode has taught me is that our kind face more threats than just the formidable threats posed by the Gentry. There are other forces at work in the world that are drawn, consciously or not, to prey on our kind. We must never let our vigilance slip.

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