The big bang

Scarecrow went back to the library to do some research. He found out that the T symbol he was seeing in his dreams was a Tau cross which was the cross of St Anthony. He also read something that made him think his dreams were caused by a fungal infection. He went to buy some pills which he thought would cure him. A few days later Kyte called us on our sellfons and asked us to meet him at Sister Abigails. He seemed to think she could help him with his dreams. Kyte told Abigail about one of his dreams where he had met someone called Joaquin who asked for help. She looked him up on her internet and found reference to a Joaquin who was a defence lawyer and who was currently in hospital for a stress related illness. He was currently involved in a murder trial. Kyte wanted to see him, so Abigail took him to his office. The rest of us went to a coffee shop. Joaquin was in a hospital, so Kyte went there to speak to him. Joaquin was mad and all Kyte found out was that he had some interest in some musicians calling themselves "Sin is grace". At least he was repeating their name. Kyte had heard them in one of the clubs he frequents. While in the coffee shop my promoter Larry called me and suggested I meet him at the fight club in the evening to discuss some business. In the evening I went to the fight club while the others went to Kims. Larry said an anonymous client was willing to pay 500 dollars for a private fight to which I agreed. Larry drove me there but insisted I was blindfolded so I did not know the location of the fight. It was a good fight. I broke his jaw and wrist, but he got a lucky hit in my eye which momentarily blinded me giving him the chance to win. I got Larry to drop me off at Kims on the way back. The others had been listening to "Sin is grace". Scarecrow had found out they had some connection with something called dream poison. I arrived just at the end of some fight which the others were involved in. It looked like one of the bouncers was attacking people. Blizzard said it was a diversion so Scarecrow could steal a diary belonging to one of the musicians. From reading the diary Scarecrow found the musicians belonged to a cabal which the called "The musicians" and specialised in mind magic. They had been spreading "dream poison" and believed the man with the ergot smile" would be able to return to Arcadia if 1000 sleepers became infected and would take them with him. The following morning I got a phone call from Larry. He had arranged another fight for me in the evening. I am to meet him at 8pm. Scarecrow and Kyte had had another dream. Kyte had agreed with some fay in his dream that he would trick some changeling into going to the hedge where they could be captured. Scarecrow had agreed a more open 'would research how he could help the fay'. The fay had been banished from Arcadia until 1000 madmen dreamed the same dream. Blizzard got a phone call from Stans wife who said Stan had gone missing while walking the dog last night. She asked if we could help. Blizzard arranged for charming to give us a lift there. Charming did not seem keen. He wanted to go shopping. We spoke to Stans wife. She told us the route he walked the dog. We followed the route to the local park. Kyte announced he had found Stans trail then started following a butterfly. He led us to a fence. Kyte then opened an entrance to the hedge. We stepped through. Kyte found some tracks which turned into hoof marks and disappeared off the park. As we looked round we heard a voice above us. It came from some sort of sprite who said she had seen a black horse take a man into the thorns. The horse had a mans head and ate the dog. We decided there was no point trying to follow and went back through the gateway. There were some kids playing in the park. They asked us to play football with them, but it seemed the rules were more like a strange version of rugby. We played for a while but the rules were incomprehensible. Kyte met up with Charming to go shopping. The rest of us took a bus back to central Miami. Scarecrow went off to the hospital to see someone he knew. I went back to the freedom tower with Blizzard. We told Elmo about the musicians. He decided they should be killed and told us we would be given something called plastic which we should use to destroy their van after their gig this evening. I called Larry to ask if he could arrange for the fight to be earlier in the evening. Larry agreed. In the evening he picked me up and took me to the fight. I was blindfolded for the trip as usual. My opponent had a strange fighting style which I had never seen before and had no defence against. After the fight Larry dropped me off where I was meeting the others. The plan was for Kyte and Blizzard to plant the explosives then I would trigger the explosives when the musicians left. We parked outside the night club where the musicians were playing. Kyte climbed up a fire escape to the top of a nearby building then glided down onto the clubs roof before jumping down behind the van. Blizzard went inside to distract the security guard while Kyte planted the C4 under the van. We waited for a couple of hours for the musicians to finish and pack up, then we followed them as they left. Kyte was driving but he was not very good and they spotted us. As they accelerated away Scarecrow grabbed the detonator and set off the C4. Several civilians were caught in the blast. Kyte and Scarecrow got out of the car. Scarecrow ran away and Kyte went to see if there were any survivors. I persuaded StElmo that we should leave than and get away from the area. Kyte was questioned by the police but gave them the slip after convincing them he needed to go to the hospital. The following day Blizzard had an argument with StElmo then went to Grandfather Thunder to tell him it was StElmos decision to let the imbecile Kyte drive and therefore his fault we were spotted following the musicians. Thunder said the argument should be resolved by a hedge duel. The duel was scheduled for a couple of days later. They agreed to fight with truncheons until unconsciousness. Neither were particularly good fighters and many blows struck were minor but finally Blizzard managed to strike a blow which knocked StElmo unconscious. Thunder announced Blizzard would gain StElmos rank and privileges and StElmo would have to report to him. I doubt he will keep those privileges long.

Last updated: February 27, 2014