Blizzards Journal

ENTRY SIX: January 10th, 2010

Having now met or received information about the other Courts in Miami, I can say with absolutely confidence that I have joined the right Court. Kyte's vacuous debaucheries with Maria Root, leader of the Spring Court, clearly demonstrate the vapid nature of that Court. They seek nothing but empty pleasures, and do nothing for the betterment of the Lost. Indeed, as we discovered afterwards, Maria's actions in administering drugs to the rest of my motley was actually detrimental to our kind as drugs make us more visible to the Gentry. Quite way any Lost would willingly allow another Lost to take such drugs is beyond my understanding. Grandfather Thunder is right to keep a firm grip on the Spring Court. It still staggers me to think that Kyte has willingly joined this Court, and has accepted the criminal work that Maria offered. I'm glad I don't know the details of this work, and I hope to never find out. The Autumn Court seems to be happy to wallow in self-pity, to the point that it is paralysed by inactivity. They are delusional if they believe that the threat posed to us and Mortals by the Gentry is going to go away just because they try to ignore it. Unfortunately such weak-willed individuals are drawn together, and Scarecrow is as weak-willed as they come. Having heard him recount the story of our run in with the shopkeeper in the Hedge he makes no mention of himself being the first to succumb to the shopkeeper's obvious trap, and instead tells the story as if Tweeny was the only one tricked. The gall! And I have found myself in conversation with other members of the Autumn Court who believe we are Scarecrow's bodyguards, as this is what he has informed them, and not equal members of a motley. The barefaced cheek! Where the Summer Court would have been able to shake him from his delusions I suspect the Autumn Court will merely reinforce them. I am now regretting my decision not to join John St.Elmo's motley, and I am hoping that he will reconsider and allow me to join. If this were to happen I would try to persuade him to take Tweeny as well. As far as I can tell Kyte and Scarecrow are already doomed. I suppose I should just be glad that neither of them joined the Winter Court. From comments made by Maria and John St.Elmo it seems clear that the Winter Court are little more than drug runners, using their power as Lost to prey on Mortals. They are no better than the Gentry in my opinion.

ENTRY SEVEN: January 11th, 2010

Just when I think I am starting to get to grips with this strange world of the 21st century I seem to uncover some new technological marvel that leaves me reeling. I was proud of my interaction with Jed and his fellow hunters at the cafe; I was able to understand most of what they said and to participate in their conversation without appearing too alien. Or at least these were my impressions, and they seemed to react favourably towards us. But just as that happens we meet the Sheriff who, with nonchalant ease, demonstrates that our telephonic devices are not only capable of capturing photographs in actual colour without the assistance of any magnesium flash, but that they are able to capture and display moving images. A permanent record of the world as it occurs is available on our telephonic devices - this is absolutely outstanding! And this technology is available to every single Mortal! It is staggering to comprehend that such marvels are readily available. The applications of this technology for our investigations are legion. But as much as this revelation left me reeling, again I find comfort in the fact that the technological marvels of this world must be mastered in order to be fully deployed in our fight against the Gentry. And again, I find myself hoping that I am up to the task of mastering such technology. The ongoing antics of my motley only further my desire to join the motely of John St. Elmo, or any other motely for that matter. In just one day I had to endure Kyte grabbing the steering device of Flickering Ember's horseless carriage because of a hallucination, no doubt induced by the drugs provided to him by his foolish Court, and risking all of our lives as the carriages in this world travel at incredible speeds; Tweeny alerting all and sundry to our presence with his avarice driven instance on blasting snakes with his hand cannon, an act I attribute as being directly responsible for the shotgun traps Kyte and I endured at the deserted farmhouse; Scarecrow living up to his name and reputation during our tussle with the rogue Changelings. I am finding it hard enough to adapt to this world without the added hindrance of the ineptitude and various (and varied) character defects on my colleagues. After Tweeny's tomfoolery I am even abandoning my plans to try and get him accepted in John St.Elmo's motley. For my own safety I need to surround myself with Lost better suited to help me in this new world.

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