Into the Everglades

Blizzard and myself were given an apartment. The summer court gave me an identity of Sean Murphy and arranged for work as a cage fighter. Blizzard was given work at the museum. Scarecrow got a dormitory at the university where the Autumn court got him work. Kyte remained in the homeless shelter. We settled into our new lives for a few days before receiving a sellfon call from Kyte who wanted us to meet him. He wanted to go to a nightclub called Jupiter Joes. There was a changeling on the door who let us in. Kyte met with Maria, Queen of the winter court. She seemed more interested in dancing than anything else. After half an hour Blizzard got bored and went home. The rest of us went to a private room with Maria and several girls where we had a good time. Kyte got sworn in as a member of the spring court. The following afternoon John called us to arrange a meeting with him in the evening. We all met at Freedom tower. Scarecrow was late. He seemed to think we were going to pick him up. I am not sure how as none of us have one of those car carriages. John wanted us to go to the Everglades to investigate reports of missing people. He thought the spring court might be involved. John told us that we should by 'walkie talkies' as our sellfons might not work in the Everglades. Apparently even though Blizzard is standing next to me, his sellfon talks to something in outer space which then talks to my sellfon, rather than just talking directly to my sellfon, and this thing in outer space cannot see in the Everglades. Ember would drive us there. We went to the mall to buy camping equipment and walkie talkies. While we were walking round I noticed Scarecrow and Kyte had the letter T bruised into their foreheads. Scarecrow and Kyte claimed someone with a red umbrella was watching them, but there was no one there. They went walking off towards this imaginary person. Scarecrow claimed he spoke to this person and they were a fay, but he did not speak to anyone, and I was watching him the whole time. Ember thought they had been daydreaming and might have been caused by them taking psychedelic drugs. We drove to a motel in the Everglades where we stayed the night. Scarecrow and Kyte went hunting for goblin fruits in the hedge. In the morning we went to the nearby diner for breakfast. There were several men with rifles having breakfast. They were going to hunt giant snakes. They said their heads were worth 100 dollars each. As the disappearances were somewhere called West Boward County, and there were rumours of a head being found there, we headed West towards where we were told it was. Scarecrow and Kyte claimed to have had a strange dream during the night where they had the letter T stamped on their foreheads. On the way Kyte suddenly grabbed the steering wheel and screamed watch out. He was claiming there was someone in the road, but no one else saw anyone. When we got to West Boward County Kyte went to the pub with Ember and the rest of us went to find the sheriff. The sheriff knew about the disappearances and marked on our map where we should avoid. We then found Kyte and Ember in the pub. We got Ember to drive us to one of the areas marked on our map. I saw a snake and shot it. Blizzard detected some supernatural occurrence had occurred near the bank of a river. Kyte and myself found footprints and deer tracks. It looked like the deer tracks had turned into the footprints. We followed the tracks across a ford and down a dirt track to a rundown farmhouse. I went to the front door with Kyte, the others went round the back. As Kyte opened the door he was hit by a shotgun blast. We also heard a second blast coming from the rear of the house. I looked round the door and saw Kyte had tripped a trap and there was no one in the room. One room turned out to be an entrance to the hedge. Another had the remains of human bodies hanging from hooks. There was also a shrine with images drawn in crayon deifying the true Fay. There was some noise from upstairs then Blizzard got shot by some changeling coming down the stairs. After some exchanges of gunfire we killed them all. Upstairs we found another gateway into the hedge. Scarecrow continued searching the house while the rest of us went through to investigate a hut we could see. When Scarecrow finished his search he followed us. Sounds from the hut suggested people were inside. We also heard the sound of a horse approaching but it still sounded a few minutes away. I smashed down the door. Inside was some bound figures huddled in a corner, and a changeling. The changeling fired a shotgun at Scarecrow, seriously wounding him. I charged and stabbed him with my knife. Blizzard then hit him with a burst from his M16, killing him. Scarecrow was unconscious. I patched his wounds before carrying him back to the gateway out of the hedge. Blizzard freed the captives and took them back. Behind us was a fay on horseback with three hounds. We fled back to the mortal realm. The horseman did not follow. We got back to the car and Ember drove us back to the freedom tower where I tended every ones wounds for the next two days until they were fully healed.

Last updated: February 27, 2014