Scarecrows journal

These are just the mutterings inside the mind of a complete Madling.

My 1st Journal

Myself and my bodyguards escaped the land of Fae and that is a good thing. Only problem with escaping is we got out way later than I intended. A hundred plus years have passed and things have changed, well, at least in North America they have. Itís really quite fascinating and much like I had predicted in old notes of mine. They have fast moving carriages that they have abbreviated to call cars. These move at incredible speeds in close order along rail less tracks. The carriages can separate at points along the track under their own steam. I have also witnessed lower class citizens of North America at home watching fast moving colour photos, with sound, that provide their eveningís entertainment. Itís like their own mini theatre in their own home. There is a chance that I my wealth might not get me much in these times, I may in fact be considered poor. this may not matter as the lower class appear to live in the style befitting the higher class of my times where they have full running hot and cold water for bathing and the removal of bodily wastes. And each room with these facilities has its own soap and clean towels. An amazing place, but at a price, the police of this time appear to be quite corrupt and ruthless.

My 2nd Journal

The first ever real human interaction went well, he was very good to us. He supplied us with access to information to internal netting which allows us to fish for information on where we can find others like ourselves. Itís amazing that each common mortalís house has an individual library of information available to them. Once information was caught in the net the human took us to the contacts location via a talking horseless carriage and even gave away some of his wealth to us. We met with a number of our own who helped us understand the best ways to survive in our new home. We meet with 2 of the 4 courts and both where very keen to acquire my services, I suspect that I would prefer the Winter Court over Summer at this time. I have sent 2 of my bodyguards to protect one of the low ranking officers of the Summer Court after his own bodyguards failed to take care of a couple of reptiles that attacked them. My men have been instructed to infiltrate the court of Summer if possible. Myself and my remaining body guard Kite have decided to reflect on our current situation in a high class hotel called the 'Dade County Homefull Hotel.

My 3rd Journal

During our stay at the hotel myself and my side kick Kite bumped into another like us who offered to introduce us to the 'Spring Court'. That night, I was allowed to use a 21st century marvel called the 'Zipped Up Sleep In Bag', which magically empowers dreams. Basically, two sides of material are wrapped around you and the 'Zip' fastens two rows of teeth together. The must be very sharp as I had been warned to keep my dedicates away. The 'Zipped Up Sleep In Bag' brought on a life like dream where a magnificent book was chained to me for its protection. After many demons failed to remove the book from me, they just couldn't catch up, the book and I sailed into the sunset together. How romantic. The next day Tween and Blizz had arranged transportation for us all to my meeting with the 'Spring Court'. By far the best court I have visited so far. Sister Abigail, a senior member, had a whole nest of pet humans at her disposal and she begged me to join them. She seemed very impressed with my instant grasp of new languages. She promised to introduce Kite to their party going leader, Maria Thorn. But that's hardly important. Then it was off to the 'Summer Court' and during the journey I was showered with many gifts in attempt to get me to join them. Myself and kite then had to watch Tween and Blizz sell their souls to the 'Summer Court'. Yawn. Luckily the boredom was broken when I was introduced to the most beautiful dark haired woman I have ever seen, the one and only, 'Queen of The Autumn Court'. A vision or pure perfection, unforgettable. Now what was her name again?

My 4th Journal

Another night in the paradise of the 'Dade County Homefull Hotel'. Nothing less than a new home for me, reminds me of something from my past, some dens I think I frequented. This evening the other guests entrusted me with some of their inner most fears, which was nice of them. If I ever need a little boost I'm sure to remind them of the drug gang 'The Eastsiders'. A strange craving then overwhelms me for something called Opium. Another life like vision unfolds while at rest in my 'Zipped Up Bag of Dreams'. This time the Antiquarian need help and in steps their hero Scarecrow, ready to assist them to retrieve 'The Book of Names' from a great evil. The plan was simple, work my way to the book through countless demons, out running all that stood in my way. Once I have the book I can release one of its great powers to aid my escape and then.... I woke up. The next day I learnt two things about my 'Pay as I go Phone'. 1. Hands free. Don't be fooled by the term, I think the person holding the patent on 'Hands Free' has a lot of work to do before the phone meets that expectation. 2. The 'Pay as I go Phone' can very easily be put back together again if it accidentally comes apart during a fall. Well, it must be easy if side kick Kite can do it. The 'Summer Court' provided my escort and transportation to my meeting with the 'Autumn Court'. I was met immediately at the university campus by Mariat and he took me to my meeting with Narma, 'The Queen of Autumn Court'. Straight away I know this was the court for me and signed my contract with them. After the festivities in my honour, I left the campus to rejoin my gang, Tween, Blizz and side kick Kite. I must think of a name for my gang. Maybe something like 'The League of Expatriate Gentle Folk', that has a ring to it. To celebrate my joining of the court my gang had bought me a 'Hoodie' jacket and a shoulder belt of pistol holding, which was nice of them. And off we went to investigate some strange reports from a newspaper that involved a hospital that generated a great energy of fear, a Fae possessed kid, the kids missing dog, a newly found puppy that wasn't and a house with a hedge that opened into a dark place. But that's all a bit dull as its not just about me, so who would care?

My 5th Journal

Maybe before I continue I should back track a little. Last time, at the hospital, I met a Fae possessed kid who told me all about his lost dog and a newly found puppy. I decided that we should investigate the kids puppy further, so I went to his house and found some non puppy tracks in the garden leading to a opening in the hedge and a path in the land of Fae. The others followed. And now, I tasked side kick Kite to track the kids non puppy and ordered him to take point. My motley crew followed the tracks to a large pond in and open field, passing a friendly shop keeper and a shinny thing on the way. The shop keeper. Nice chap. He had seen the creature we where tracking in it's non puppy form and confirmed my suspicions that it was a bunuip. A bunuip is a viscous colonial spirit of the water that feeds from the life force of human children. I vowed to slay this creature and the shop keeper gave me a magical fishing rod and a magnet of finding to help track it. At this point Tween decided to get himself stuck in the tree shop, luckily the shop keeper was there to get him out, but not before much time was wasted by him. The shinny thing. There are things off the paths throughout Fae that show themselves only to lead the unwise into danger. Once dawn off the paths by just a little you will never be seen again. I believe that our darkest imaginations would not come close to describing the fate that befalls these fools that are drawn into these obvious traps. But this was just a book with a beautifully ornate silver binding that someone had carelessly dropped just off the path. If Tween hadn't wasted our time at the tree shop I would have surly collected it, but for now the bunuip puppy beast has to be stopped. The pool was dark and could easy be a deadly trap if entered without caution. Thankfully, the shop keeper had provided the equipment required and within only 20 minutes the rod and magnet cleared the pool of darkness to show a entrance back to the mortal world. Not long after this the bunuip was cornered in an upstairs bathroom of an old ladies house and myself, Tween and Kite disposed of that vile creature. To celebrate its passing the old lady brought us all cakes in he front room full of strange looking cats. My suspicion's where roused again which lead to a confrontation in the old ladies kitchen. She admitted to me that she was more than just an old lady who liked cats, she confessed to been an evil old hag as well. We had a bit of a fight where she begged to be spared and offered a contract to leave Miami for good if I didn't send her the way of the bunuip. I agreed as the evil old hag made exceedingly good cakes.

Last updated: February 27, 2014