Earthdawn – Leifs Journal

1st Borrum 1510

Well it has been an interesting few days. Since I was accused of being a member of the underground in my home city of Vivane I was held as a slave then shipped to Servalen where I was rescued by a group of namegivers calling themselves the Sentinels of Ardanyan. Two of them were killed in the attempt so now I find myself travelling with them. I have started keeping their journal as their previous journal keeper, Flit, was one of those killed. We were approached by someone called Lilt who said he worked for Rican Dak who had heard of the Sentinels of Ardanyan and wanted to meet with us. We went to see him. He was a collector and one of his prize possessions, a two handed sward called Black Razor had been stolen and he wanted us to recover it. The thief had left a cryptic note. While we were there two other humans arrived. They were Tarkis and Voaal and had also had items stolen and the same cryptic note had been left. Tarkis had lost a trident called Wave and Voaal had lost a hammer called Whelm.

White plume mountain poem

The notes had the symbol of Kareptis and had cryptic clues about where their items had been taken. Rican thought the reference to feathered mound was actually the white plume mountain which is in the Thunder mountains near a village called Yellow Reach. They offered us 4000sp for each item we were able to return. Sudrabar insisted on tattooing myself and Arowdom with the groups logo. Mine came out very well, though Arowdoms was average at best.

3rd Borrum 1510

We took a ship down the coast to Linandrel, then a boat up the river to Yellow Reach. The journey was quite rough and the others were all sick. Sudrabar turned a very strange shade of green and did not recover until we were back on land in Yellow Reach. Jeddergail was even worse and only stopped vomiting when there was nothing left to vomit. The village elder was called Burth. She insisted we perform crafts to prove we were not horror tainted. Arowdom made a mess of his carving and had to spend the night sleeping outside the village. Sudrabar spent the night in the hut of two human women he managed to charm, and the rest of us slept in Burths hut.

4th Borrum 1510

In the morning we were given directions to a cave called wizards mouth on the southern slope of the mountain by Burth. We collected Arowdom and rode up to the cave. Jeddergail was still ill so we left her in Yellow Reach to recover. There was a loud whistling noise as air alternately rushed in and out of the cave mouth. The air coming out felt warm. I found a trap door hidden under leaves and detritus over the cave floor and Sudrabar forced it open. There was a shaft which dropped 5ft. Thorbar jumped down and found a spiral staircase at the bottom of which was a tunnel with a foot of water we had to wade through. The tunnel turned a corner and split into three branches. Before a split was a glowing ward on the ceiling. I dispelled the ward. At the split we saw a mound of bones on which was a strange creature with a shaggy coat and two heads, one looking like a goat and the other a serpent. We attacked and killed it fairly quickly. On the body we found a parchment with riddles and a red band. We took the middle of the three tunnels. There was another ward in the ceiling which I dispelled. There was an alcove to the right which had a deep hole filled with water. The tunnel led to a large room. To the left the water was only about a foot deep, but to the right and in the centre of the room it was much deeper. There was a disturbance in the water then a bubble rose followed by tentacles which attacked us. Sudrabar was quickly knocked unconscious and Thorbar was skewered and killed by a tentacle. Arowdom and I grabbed them and dragged them from the room. I cast a spell which used the power of Thorbars karma to bring him back from the brink of death. We decided to explore the left branch. I dispelled a ward on the ceiling and we advanced until Sudrabar fell down a submerged pit. He managed to swim back up but looked a bit panicky. I am not sure if it was the shock of a near drowning, or the unexpected bath. I think it was probably the former as the water was not particularly clean. He had a belt pouch which he had found on a body in rusted armour at the bottom of the pit. I swam across the pit but Thorbar protested that he could not swim and would just sink if he tried to get across in his armour. As no one had any rope I cast an inventory spell to find out if the body at the bottom of the pit had any. There was, but retrieving it proved difficult. I swam down several times with Sudrabar trying to find it. Finally Sudrabar located it beneath the body but it took another swim down for him to roll the body, weighed down with armour, out of the way. After dragging Thorbar across the pit we continued down the tunnel. He was right about not being able to swim and he managed to swallow quite a lot of the disgusting water. Further down we found a series of 6ft square copper coloured plates on the walls. Some experimentation revealed they induced heat in any metal between them. Sudrabar threw an axe down the corridor which quickly melted. I removed all the metal I was carrying and ran down the corridor. It got hotter the further I went until the tunnel finally ended in a room. From one exit there was steps leading up out of the water. There was also a door which opened and a crowd of creatures, possibly some form of undead, came out had headed towards me. I took the prudent approach of retreating back down the tunnel. The creatures did not follow. As Sudrabar and Thorbar refused to take their armour off or leave their weapons behind we returned to the first alcove we found as Thorbar wanted to investigate it further. He swam down and could not find anything. I cast another inventory spell which said there was nothing in the alcove. We then explored the right tunnel. I had to dispel another ward. A section of the tunnel was covered in moss. Sudrabar and Thorbar ran through and a large patch of the moss fell on them. The moss was secreting acid and started burning them. I ran through then used a clean spell to remove it from Sudrabar and myself. Thorbar burned the moss off himself. Arowdom ran through and dodged the remaining moss. We passed a tunnel on our left, continuing round a corner. The tunnel ended in a door. Thorbar forced it open. Beyond was a 30ft square room. There were nine 2ft diameter opaque silvery glass globes hanging 7ft from the floor. Arowdom shot one down and Thorbar caught it. Meanwhile I cast an inventory spell which just said ‘unknown’. We smashed the sphere and inside was a small brass key and a potion. The inventory spell was still running and wrote key and potion of healing. Clearly the spheres were in some way shielding their contents. I took the key and waited outside the room while the others went to get the next sphere. When they went inside the door slammed shut and appeared to turn to metal. I tried several spells to open the door but nothing worked. Eventually they managed to open the door from inside. They had smashed six more of the spheres. They all contained a key but only the sixth opened the door. That sphere also had a golden ring which seemed to be able to put thoughts into peoples minds. The ring had claimed the ring was the wrong one and wanted to be put on. It also claimed to be able to make the wearer invisible and grant them a wish. Luckily, being a suspicious group, they ignored what it said. The spheres contained: An amulet, a strand of coloured beads, a key. It also contained an elemental which they easily destroyed. A potion and a key. 11 gems and a key. A heavy sphere which they did not smash. A carved wood rod with a handle on one end and a crystal on the other, and a key. The gold ring and key. We smashed the next sphere and found a collection of gems including 2 turquoise, a ruby and a pearl, plus a key. The last sphere had many coins which scattered everywhere, and two shadow creatures. They said ‘prepare to be possessed’, then possessed Arowdom. They also tried to possess me but my will was stronger and I resisted their effects. We were unable to harm the creatures, and Arowdom hit me with one of his arrows. Sudrabar dragged Arowdom out. Both creatures then concentrated on me. I was temporarily under their control and hit Arowdom with a spell before overcoming their control and also fleeing the room. Thorbar also got out and we slammed the door behind us. We returned to Yellow Reach to rest overnight.

5th Borrum 1510

In the morning Thorbar was starting to feel quite sick from drinking the water so we left him in Yellow Reach to recover. Luckily the nights rest had been good for Jeddergail and she was up to returning with us. She purchased some rope and other supplies after hearing of Sudrabars attempts to find the rope in the pit. We returned to the right tunnel and explored the passage we had passed on our left. It ended in a door which was swollen shut. Sudrabar forced it open. Beyond was a room in which had five undead figures standing in it. They each had a number marked on them. The numbers were 5, 7, 9, 11, 13. One of the figures spoke ‘One of us is an interloper, choose correctly and you may pass, choose incorrectly and you will die.’ A said the answer was 9 as it was the only one which was not a prime number. When I did so they all stood aside allowing us to pass. At the far side of the room was another door which Sudrabar had to force open. There were some stairs which went up out of the water. We followed the tunnel and found a rusty portcullis blocking our way. Jeddergail cast a spell to detect whether there were any life forces beyond the portcullis. To our surprise the only life force it detected came from the portcullis itself. I asked it to let us pass and surprisingly it answered, saying ‘What is my masters name?’ Arowdom immediately answered ‘Queen Alachia’, his queen in blood wood. Obviously that answer was wrong but I answered ‘Kareptis’, the wizard who is supposed to have lived here, and the portcullis raised. We continued down the tunnel until we came to another door beyond which was a ledge and a last boiling mud pit below. There was a series of wooden platforms hanging by chains from the ceiling. As we entered two plumes of the boiling mud erupted, covering some of the platforms. We timed the eruption of the plumes, the nearer erupted every 15 seconds and the further every 25 seconds. Jeddergail changed into a Kryll worm and flew across the mud pit, winding rope round the chains. The rope was not long enough to reach the last platform. While Jeddergail was doing this she flew into one of the mud eruptions and got quite badly burned. I cast the spell Wall walker on everyone before they crossed the platforms to reduce the chance of them slipping off into the mud. When I crossed I cast clean on the last platform to make it safer for me to jump across. No one ended up falling into the mud. There was another door from the ledge we found ourselves on. Beyond was a shadowy chamber. I cast my inventory spell and got the list Plate mail, master level threaded item, undergarments. Sudrabar and Arowdom went in. Immediately the room filled with magical darkness and we heard a voice ‘Whelm is mine’. They ran back out. Jeddergail cast a spell called life circle in the doorway which she said stops horrors and undead from entering the area it effects. I cast dispel magic on the darkness and a pale looking dwarf wearing plate mail and wielding a warhammer was revealed. He could not get past Jeddergails barrier and we killed him easily with ranged attacks. The warhammer whelm was surprisingly light when we recovered it and its handle was made of a golden wood, but shortly after the colour faded and the hammer felt much heavier. A assume this was as a result of the threads that had been woven into it fading. It had the name Dagnal Mightyhammer written round its edge in dwarven runes. The plate armour had the name Ctenmiir inscribed on it. I recognised the name as a pre scourge dwarven fighter who belonged to a company of heros. Legends say he fell to a powerful undead and the hammer belonged to him. The legend says the hammer was taken by his companions and Ctenmiir was raised by the undead creature that had killed him. It also says Kareptis killed the undead creature and freed Ctenmiir. Arowdom spotted rows of tiny holes in the floor. We counted ten rows of five holes. Sudrabar smashed through the floor and we found a chamber below with a wooden casket with more tiny holes in its side. Inside was earth and a dwarf shaped depression. It looked like the dwarf slept in the box and was somehow able to pass through the tiny holes. Having recovered Whelm we decided to return to Yellow River to rest overnight and buy more rope. The villagers reported having seen a small fast airship circling over the mountains. By the time we got there Sudrabar started to experience the same sickness that had taken Thorbar. One of the villagers said they had quaking fever and would take about a week to recover.

12th Borrum 1510

I spent the week performing item history on the wooden rod we found in one of the spheres. I learned it was a spellmasters wand. To unlock its 1st level the name of the wand was needed but no additional information was needed to unlock its second level. As I already possess one Jeddergail took it. In the morning I returned to the mountain to research some of the wards as I had got bored waiting for the others. While I was away an airship landed near the village and 12 namegivers lead by a human were headed towards the village. The group were all humans and elves. Arowdom recognised one from the slave pens and shot him. Jeddergail recounted what happened…. The battle against the Therans proved to be one of our toughest fights yet, and there was a brief moment where Shudrabar and myself were resolved to fight to the death on the assumption that we were really going to die.  Obviously we didn't, but at the time we were sure the Sentinels had met their end. Ooh, I should probably start by saying: Hello. My name is Jeddergayle. One of the reasons that our battle with the Theran army was so tough, and the reason that I am writing this entry for Leif's journal, was a very unfortunate piece of timing: a few hours before the Therans arrived Leif decided that he needed to return to White Plume Mountain in order to try and find out more about the wards he had dispelled. He thought this might help us with our further exploration of the mountain. We all agreed it was an excellent idea, little realising that being one of our number down would soon place us in great peril. As the Therans attacked the village ten brave villagers armed with bows and hand axes stepped up to help. There were twelve Therans, although one was occupied guarding the village elder. Four of the Therans charged the village, along with the leader, a female Elf. Four more started firing bows at us, and the last three were Wizards who were our biggest concern - our defences against magic were quite weak. The Theran archers and spell casters initially had their attention focused on the villagers armed with bows. They were doing terrible damage to the villagers before they realised that the villagers were barely able to hit them or penetrate their defences. At that point they understood that the Sentinels were their biggest threat, and that is where things starting going wrong for us. I cast Bone Shatter on the five Therans charging the group which badly injured them and Thorbar and Shudrabar were able to dispatch all of them. However, they were both badly damaged in the process. Arowdom and myself were trying to deal with the archers and the wizards but the sheer number of their attacks was starting to overwhelm us. We had managed to drop two of the archers and two of the wizards when a blast from the wizard dispatched Thorbar to his netherworld. This forced me to abandon my offensive spells and quickly reattune the Last Chance spell in order to try and revive Thorbar. If he were left in his netherworld for too long my Last Chance spell would not be able to recall him. Right at that moment Arowdom was felled, although fortunately not killed. By abandoning my offensive spells to reattune I gave the remaining wizard the space to dispel my Circle of Astral Protection which was preventing his spells from harming me. Just as I was about to revive Thorbar he hit me with a massive blast that took me to the very edge of my netherworld, but fortunately did not quite complete my transition. When I regained consciousness I saw that Shudrabar had dragged me into cover and poured a healing potion down my throat. He was being chased by the remaining soldier who had released the village elder and charged Shudrabar. Both of them were badly damaged from their exchange of blows. On my feet again I was concerned that the time in which to revive Thorbar with Last Chance was rapidly running out. However we realised that we had to deal with the remaining Therans before it would be safe to try and revive Thorbar. This meant dropping the remaining soldier, wizard and two archers. The villagers had been received a few reinforcements but the surviving six were barely able to do any damage to the wizard who they were targeting. Both Shudrabar and myself were extremely badly injured and it was at this point that we were really sure we were going to die. I exchanged a glance with Shudrabar, the briefest of glances that required no words, to see whether probable death or surrender was his choice. My glance told him that either way I would follow him. The mere thought of being captured and bound into slavery was enough to invoke his Gahad, and I had my answer. I shouted at Shudrabar to deal with the wizard as my Shield Mist protection would probably save me from the remaining soldier who I was hoping I could drop, and fortunately my shouts penetrated Shudrabar's rage and he charged off at the wizard. Our biggest threat now was the two archers and whether Shudrabar could drop the wizard before he cast a spell. Well, my friends, the Passions were truly with the Sentinels that terrible day. Shudrabar was able to kill the wizard with one ferocious blow, and my Astral Spear spell killed the soldier before even had chance to raise his sword against me. Seeing this the remaining two archers fled for the safety of their airship. We'd won! Somehow, by some miracle, we had survived. Not only had we survived but there was still just enough time for me to cast Last Chance on Thorbar and recall him from his netherworld. The Sentinels had thwarted the Therans again, albeit only barely emerging with victory, and we all lived to tell the tale. Our concern now was whether they would abandon their thoughts of revenge as not being worth their effort, or whether they would strike again with an even stronger force....

16th Borrum 1510

I was not impressed when I returned from my investigations to find that instead of resting they had been fighting. Instead of being ready to return to the mountain I was going to have to wait a few more days for them to recover again. There was some wizard grimoures on the bodies of the dead wizards so at least I could spend the time copying some new spells into my own grimoure.

17th Borrum 1510

We returned to the mountain and at the first junction decided to explore down the centre tunnel again. We attacked the tentacled water creature which had previously skewered Thorbar. It was a short fight this time. Jeddergail temporarily held the creature then Thorbar tried to jump on it. As the creature was only made of water Thorbar actually fell straight through it and sank in the water, but in doing so managed to kill the creature. There was a shallow ledge to the left but the centre of the room was deep water. Luckily Thorbar had tied rope to himself before he jumped so we were able to drag him back out of the water. I cast inventory on the room. It said there was chainmail, money and an expensive ring. Jeddergail summoned a water elemental and commanded it to go into the water and retrieve the items. The chainmail was made from an opalescent metal which Thorbar identified as Orcorilium and the ring had a coral stone. As we walked round the ledge we found a gap. Sudrabar fell into it and sank. I cast one of the new spells I learned, Levitation, which created a platform which I could control. I just placed it in the gap so we could step across. Eventually Sudrabar resurfaced spluttering. It looked like he swallowed a lot more of the water so I suppose we will be waiting round while he gets sick again. On the far side of the room were stairs leading up to a door. Sudrabar and Thorbar forced it open. Beyond was a corridor with a door on the right side and another at the end. We opened the door to our right. There was another tunnel further down which we could see a section which was made of metal and revolving slowly. Jeddergail cast her life sight spell and determined there were two life signs beyond the revolving section. Sudrabar got memorized by the revolving and started down the corridor and Thorbar had to restrain him. There was a small slit in the wall beyond the revolving section. Arowdom decided to try to fire an arrow through it. He made a good shot and we heard a cry of pain. Sudrabar ran down the corridor and found the revolving section was also covered in oil. He slid through but managed to stay on his feet. Thorbar followed him. Whoever was behind the slit fired a burning arrow at Sudrabar, but missed. We fired more arrows and spells back until we heard a body dropping to the floor. I used my clean spell to remove the oil off the spinning section, then I cleaned the orc and dwarf. There was a door to the side which Sudrabar and Thorbar forced. As well as the individual we had killed, there was a woman who Sudrabar knocked unconscious, then Jeddergail tied her up. On her we found a wizards grimoure with spells up to circle 6. There was a door into a second room which was far better decorated than the first. I cast some inventory spells. In the first room was a shield, chainmail, a reforged broadsword, a threaded mace, a healing potion and a light quartz, all on the body. In the second room it listed a collection of unguents and ointments, seven small gemstones and a silver necklace. There was a chest in the second room. When I tried opening it I set off a ward spell, triggering a fireball, so I cast dispel magic on it before finding the items inside. Jeddergail also found a book which talked of the legendary trident wave which was used in a battle against the passion sea queen. The woman came round and we questioned her. Her name was Snarlis. She was working on Kareptis’s tomes of knowledge. Wave had been forged by giants on an island called Thunderforge. They worshipped a passion called the sea queen. She had a daughter called Drevenda who rebelled against her mother and used wave in the rebellion. Kareptis later helped the giants and in return they exhumed wave from Drevenda’s tomb for him. We left her tied up and backtracked to the junction, then examined the door at the end of the other corridor. The door had no handle or visible hinges. Thorbar spent quite a while trying to force it open before they realised it actually slid upwards. We jammed a shield under it to hold it open, but the weight of the door slowly crushed it. Thorbar took one of the nearby doors off its hinges and used that to jam it up. Beyond the sliding door was a short corridor ending in another door which we jammed up with the chest. Beyond that there was a third sliding door. Thorbar took another door off its hinges to jam it up. He and Sudrabar then tried lifting the sliding door but had exhausted themselves and could not manage to do so. While they rested Thorbar heated and warped the runners of the two sliding doors to prevent them dropping. After they had rested they finally lifted the third door. A blast of heat hit us from beyond. The corridor lead into a huge cavern. It looked to be full of water, but some sort of magical barrier held the water back, so the tunnel ended in a large bubble of air within the water. We heard sounds of movement, then saw a large dragon like creature with many heads charging towards us. The creature looked fearsome, but we battered it to death fairly quickly. I cast inventory which listed a legendary threaded item, a threaded wand, two large emeralds and a perfect emerald. There was a chest in the centre of the bubble. Knowing what happened with the last chest we found, I cast dispel magic on it before it was opened. We found all the items in the chest. When Sudrabar picked up the trident it started speaking, ordering him to put it down immediately as he was not worthy.

The multi headed creature

We went back to the first junction and took the left corridor again. I used my levitate spell to allow us to walk over the pit. We took off all our metal items before running through the ‘hot’ section, though Thorbar took his shield and hammer with him. We were attacked by the creatures in the room beyond. They were some form of undead. Sudrabar was fighting with his fists. Thorbar was burned by his hammer and shield which had heated up considerably, and had to hold them under water to cool before he could fight effectively. I had to heal Arowdom and Jeddergail who both were pummelled badly, and Thorbar was unconscious at the end of the fight. The creatures were not very powerful but neither were our fighters without all their weapons and armour. Jeddergail recovered everyones equipment by transforming herself into a Krill worm while holding the items to carry them safely through the area of heating. I used my inventory spell to discover there was about 250 silver coins and a healing potion in the room, a levitate spell to lift them above the water on the floor and a clean spell to remove the slime. There was stairs leading up to a dry landing in the far wall of the room which had a door. I cast dispel magic on the door and Jeddergail cast lifesight to discover there was 12 lifesigns (9 moderate and 3 powerful) behind and to the left of us. We went through the door and along a shrt passage to another door. Sudrabar went through the second door and found himself in another corridor. As he walked down that corridor the floor suddenly gave way and he jumped, ending up clinging to the far edge of a pit. As he jumped out we heard a voice saying ‘jump into the pit’. IT was obviously some form of magical command and only Thorbar and myself had a strong enough will to resist it. The other three all jumped into the pit and were impaled on spikes in the bottom. Beyond the pit was a polished area of floor which was almost frictionless. A coin thrown down the corridor did not slow at all until it hit the end and had slid all the way back. I cast some levitate platforms to allow us to walk over in safety. I had to heal Arowdom who had been badly hurt by the spikes. We went through the door at the end of the corridor and along the next corridor to another door. Beyond that door was a very strange room. There was a stream flowing through the room in the air. It entered and exited through holes in the walls about 6ft across. Along one wall were some rafts. Sudrabar put his hand in the stream and found it flowing strongly. Jeddergail cast a spell to allow her to speak with spirits. She found the stream was actually a water spirit. It spoke and asked to be freed by killing Kareptis. It warned that there were five guardians in the room beyond waiting with nets and said it could slow the flow of water as we approached the room on the rafts. We tied the rafts together before riding them along the strange stream through a tunnel into a room beyond. There was an iron falseman and four stone falsemen waiting with nets to catch anyone who came through but we were able to avoid them as the water spirit slowed the flow as we emerged. The steel falseman challenged Sudrabar to a fight. Thorbar argued that he should take the challenge because he had the shield Strikeback which he took from a falseman in Parlainth, believing his ability to spot armour flaws would give him an advantage. His challenge was accepted and he quickly discovered that a man made entirely of steel had no flaws in its ‘armour’. He was beaten unconscious without even hurting the ironman. During the fight Jeddergail found a hidden door out of the room, and I found a lever which activated it. Following Thorbars failure, Sudrabar offered to take up the ironmans original challenge. He had a difficult fight but got a few good hits and managed to break the ironman. The stonemen ignored us so we went through the secret door. The tunnel turned left after a short distance then stopped at a dead end. Jeddergail cast her life sense spell and detected twelve sources in front of us, probably the same ones she detected earlier. I suggested Arowdom look for some tracks which might lead to a secret door. He tried but failed to do so I used my astral sight ability. That allowed me to see an outline of a door at the end of the corridor. I cast dispel magic to remove the spell hiding it form our sight. Sudrabar tried to open the door which was jammed, but struggled and pulled a muscle in his arm. Thorbar and Arowdom combined their effort and pulled it open easily. The corridor turned right then ended at a stone archway with a stone door covered in writing.

The archway

Thorbar thought we needed to spell the word ‘CURE’ and pressed the ‘C’ of ‘CURSE’. He got electrocuted for his efforts. He then pressed the blank square under the ‘R’ and got electrocuted again. Sudrabar pressed the ‘A’ under ‘CURSE’ and also got electrocuted. I examined all the letters. One looked to have more wear so I pressed it. Unfortunately the wear did not make it the correct letter and I got electrocuted. Jeddergail cast a spell which gave her an answer to a question she put to a spirit. She asked how to open the door and was told Thorbar was close to the answer. I realised that Thorbars first guess was close but to change ‘CURSE’ to ‘CURE’ the ‘S’ should be removed. When I pressed it the door rose. Beyond was a strange room. It had five levels, each 10ft lower than the previous like an inverted pyramid. Two had water contained in some form of transparent barrier which felt like metal to the touch. Each level was also covered in the transparent material.

The inverse pyramid

There were three creatures in the first water filled level and two in the second water filled level. In the centre were three creatures which looked like lions but with wings and a spiked tail. The middle level looked to have sand covering the floor. There was a chute down from each level to the next with a lever to open and close it. Sudrabar spotted that there was metal grates in the water levels. We climbed down to the clear cover over the lowest level. Jeddergail cast a spell at the creatures below us only to have it reflect back in her face. Sudrabar hit the cover and managed to crack it slightly. While he carried on pounding at the cover I tried casting dispel magic on it, but that spell reflected back as well. After a while Sudrabar got bored hitting the cover and went back to get the stonemen. Eventually he came back with one of them and directed it to start hitting the cover, then went back to get the rest. We waited a while until he came back with another stoneman. He seemed to be having problems getting it to obey his commands, but eventually got it to go into the second level through the water to the chute down to the third level and pull the lever there. When it did the water drained out and the three creatures swimming on that level were left stranded out of water and died. We went into the second level. I was suspicious that there would be something dangerous in the sand and cast some levitation platforms so I did not have to walk on it. Jeddergail cast her life sense spell again and confirmed there were three creatures under the sand. Sudrabar sent the stoneman into the fourth level to pull the lever down to the fifth. I do not think his commands were clear enough however as rather than pulling the lever, it ripped the lever out completely. It was obvious we were going to have to fight the two creatures in the water. They looked like crocodiles with horns. Sudrabar splashed the surface of the water to attract them. One of them created a sphere of water which hit Sudraber, filling his mouth so he could not breathe. Thorbar jumped into the water and the other creature created some effect which caused the water to start crushing him. Not being able to breathe anyway, Sudrabar jumped in as well. After a short fight we killed the creatures, saving Sudrabar and Thorbar from drowning. We still had the problem of fixing the broken lever under water. Jeddergail summoned an air spirit and asked it to form air found Thorbar so he could breathe while he fixed the lever. It wanted knowledge of Barsave in exchange, but was not impressed with any of the tales we told. Instead we traded one of the spare grimoures we had for its assistance. It possessed Thorbar and walked his body through the water to the broken lever before allowing him to regain control so he could fix the lever. When he had done so he pulled the lever which caused all the water to drain from the fourth level.

18th Borrum 1510

We decided to rest overnight before descending to the lowest level to fight the creatures there. Sudrabar jumped down the chute and was immediately hit in the face and knocked unconscious. Thorbar jumped down and killed one with a single blow before blocking the attack of another with his shield. I killed one and Jeddergail killed the last. There were no obvious exits from the room. Jeddergail looked in astral space but saw nothing unusual. I also had a look and saw an obvious area of unusual magical threads on one wall. I have no idea how she managed to miss it. I cast dispel magic on the area and a wooden door was revealed. Beyond was an unlit tunnel ending in a stone door. There were three sets of a shield and swords on each side of the tunnel and another set on each side of the door. Thorbar inspected the sets starting to his left. He found each set was about fifty years older than the previous set. Jeddergail tried speaking to the door and found it contained a stone spirit which told her it had been placed there by Kareptis to protect Quiznef and the shields were memories of earlier times. Astral sight revealed to me a complex pattern of threads on the door which I dispelled. Sudrabar and Thorbar lifted the door and wedged it up. Beyond was an illuminated chamber with a vaulted ceiling. Rugs covered the floor. There was also a tall stand with a glass bottle on top, a couch, a table with weapon smith tools, a mobile foundry and a very old dwarf. Thorbar showed the dwarf his shield strikeback which the dwarf claimed to have made. He said his name was Quiznef. Blackrazor was hanging above the door. Quiznef said it was alive and contained an entity called Atrapol. Quiznef fell asleep while Thorbar was talking to him. Jeddergail picked up Blackrazor and left. We all followed except for Thorbar who stayed to look round. He found some books on weapon smithing which he took. We went back for the woman we had left tied up then left the mountain.

2nd Gahmil 1510

We spent a week travelling back to Bartertown then stayed another week in Bartertown. The T’Skrang on Coil river were a different colour. We were told the Therans had backed house K’tnshen who had taken over. We went to the library in Throal and spoke to a librarian called Merok who we sold our groups journals. We were asked to speak to Chancellor Therok as he would be interested on the changes to the T’Skrang on the Coil river. When we told him we planned on going to Triumph to look for Jeddergails master he said we should talk to Omasu, an obsidiman who could help us get into Triumph. Sudrabar went to the wizard Hiermon to find out more about Blackrazor. He was told it was alive and contained something called Atrapol which was similar to, but not quite, a horror. It had its own agenda to suck life force. It was an astral space magnet with legendary powers. Hiermon told him he would be better getting rid of it. We also sold the treasure items we had found in White Plume Mountain. We spoke to Omasu, who runs the overland trading company. He told us Triumph was a huge air ship which the Therans had landed on top of Ayodiba and an obsidiman life rock. They captured the life rock and Omasu wants to know more about what has happened to it and his brothers that were in it. He said he was the founder of an organisation called the life rock rebellion. He taught me a spell called the song of emergence, which would bring the trapped obsidimen to the surface of the rock for a while so we could talk to them. Jeddergail tried to learn it as well but it was too difficult for her. Omasu has spies in Triumph. One, a slave, got out through the sewer system from the slave pens emerging near a dock half a mile away. He drew us a map. The sewer outflow was near a T shaped jetty. The Therans have other airships and griffon riders patrolling. The life rock is on the lowest level, below the dungeons. A Theran called Zenshir runs the prison. Omasu said he would try to find out about the horror outside Kaer Ardanyan while we were away.

7th Gahmil 1510

We travelled to Triumph, arriving in the evening. We could see patrols in the distance. There were two barges moored to the T shaped jetty and figures could be seen unloading them. There were warehouses and other buildings nearby. I have a spell allowing me to fly, and Jeddergail has one which allows her to transform into an owl, but the others had no easy way to get to the sewer outlet. We came up with a plan for them to float down the river on a raft. Thorbar would create a hook which I could use to hook onto the jetty with a rope tied to the raft. If we could estimate the rope length correctly it would end up floating in front of the sewer outlet. Arowdom was using Strikeback as a paddle to try to control the raft. However things did not go entirely to plan. Thorbar fell in the river, and I had to drop the rope to him so he could pull himself back to the raft. Finally we got past the jetty, and I hooked the raft to it with the rope. I then shattered the lock on the grate covering the outlet and created a levitation platform allowing them to step from the raft into the sewer. Before following them I recovered the rope and hook, letting the raft float away so its presence would not alert anyone. The sewer stank. Thorbar thought it was very well made. I continued to fly in preference to walking through what was flowing out of the sewer. We saw two dead slaves float past. Further down the sewer we came across a strange yellow cloud. Thorbar said he saw heat sources within. Using astral sight I could see the cloud was magical and there was two complex patterns within. I dispelled the cloud and saw two mounds with tentacles. Thorbar was hit a few times then farted on before being grappled and knocked into the excrement flowing along the sewer. He escaped its grip after Jeddergail cast a spell on the creature to constrict its heart. After a short fight I killed one of the creatures and Arowdom killed the other.

Tentacle Creature

We continued down the sewer following the map we were given until we came to a grate above us. I cast shatter lock to open it, then levitate to get everyone through it. Finally I cast clean to get the excrement off everyone. The room we were in was also covered, so I cleaned that as well, revealing a door which had been hidden beneath the grime. Shatter lock and dispel magic took care of the door. Jeddergail cast life sight which told her there were twenty weak, eight moderate and eight strong life forces nearby. The door opened onto a corridor with several other doors. There were also two brass plates on the wall. Thorbar inspected them and found them to contain some orcarillium. Using astral sight I saw a complex pattern with a hand shape and light streaking into the distance. It looked to me like the plates were designed to raise an alarm if someone placed their hand on one. There was paintings on the door at the end of the corridor which Arowdom reacted strangely to. He claimed they made him feel depressed and needed to be covered. He then proceeded to smear a pot of excrement he had collected in the sewer over the painting. The door with the paintings was difficult to open. I had to cast shatter lock several times before it gave. Just as it did a door opened at the other end of the corridor and four humanoids carrying whips appeared and charged at us. I hit one with a crushing will and Sudrabar charged at them, cutting one in half with Black razor. I cast crushing will again and Jeddergail cast shatter bone. Thorbar anso charged and killed another two. Arowdom did nothing but stand and demand that I cast clean on his hands. I do not know why he thought I could spare half a minute to put the clean spell into one of my matrices then construct all the threads before casting the spell rather than fight the creatures which had appeared. Actually I have no idea why he used his hands to smear the excrement over the painting, or why he even collected a pot full in the first place. I am embarrassed sometimes that he even calls himself an elf. If the Therans ever invade Barsave I doubt the blood wood would stand for long if the other blood elves there carry on like he does. Three more of the humanoids with whips, and a huge ape like creature covered in fur came through the door I had unlocked a few moments ago. Two attacked me, and each attacked Jeddergail and Arowdom. Thorbar killed the last humanoid in the first group while Sudrabar through blood razor on the floor. Arowdom finally got out his water bottle and washed his hands before starting to fight back. I think he did not want to get his bow dirty, though having covered his hands in the content of the sewer I don’t understand why the state of his bow would be so important. Four elves came through the door and also started attacking us. Sudrabar picked black razor up then dipped it in a pool of blood on the floor. Arowdom killed the humanoid attacking him. I had to heal myself as I was being battered by three attackers but their attacks were so ferocious I was knocked unconscious. I regained conscious when Jeddergail healed me, by which time all the attackers were dead. While I rested for a short while to recover the others decided to investigate the next room. Jeddergail wrote a few words about the fight they got into. Hello. My name is Jeddergayle. After our tough battle against some of the Theran slavers in the hallway Leif was badly injured, and even though his and mine healing spells restored a lot of his health, he was still badly shaken and very wobbly on his feet. We thought that a wobbly footed Wizard could be a liability in a fight so we decided to leave him in a safe spot for ten minutes to rest while we investigated the room that lay beyond the double doors at the end of the corridor. So this is why I am writing this particular entry in the ongoing chronicles of the Sentinels of Ardanyan. For me the most memorable experience of this episode was being returned to my netherworld. It is hard to say how long I was there because I was overwhelmed with images and sensations, most of which I cannot properly recall, and when I try to focus on any particular one it feels as if I'm trying to concentrate on an entire lifetime of memory. This leaves me with a sensation of having spent a vast amount of time in my netherworld but the boys told me that I only stopped living for a few minutes. The only thing I can remember clearly was a feeling of sadness. I remember thinking that I was a Nethermancer so it would be silly for me to feel sad about being restored to my netherworld. So I wondered why I felt sad and at the moment I was assailed by images: Shudrabar and myself leaving the Kaer for the first time with Flit and T'Qssim; Shudrabar risking himself to save me from the Horror that had bewitched me in the illusionary village on the road to Parlainth; me risking my Matrices and life to restore Shudrabar's decaying Pattern. I felt sad because I wouldn't see Shudrabar anymore; that was the only thing that bothered me about being my netherworld. And even that felt slightly silly because in many ways he was responsible for me being returned to my netherworld. Perhaps I should explain why. We could see through the open doorway a female Elven warrior and two of those nasty twisted creatures that had the Pain whips stood next to her. All three were glaring at us but none of them were making any aggressive moves. At this point I thought that we could try and negotiate: after all they had attacked us because we broke the lock to their door (which seems like an extreme reaction to me) without trying to find out what we wanted. We were only interested in our Masters and I would have been happy to pay for their release. We couldn't possibly expect to free all of the slaves. Of course if the Namegivers in the room released that we were responsible for the attack on Servalan then I very much doubt they would be prepared to negotiate, but it seemed like it was worth a risk in order to try and avoid more blood letting. Unfortunately travelling with Namegivers who have an almost religious hatred of slavers meant that I did not even have time to open my mouth before Shudrabar charged into the room and began smashing into one of the twisted creatures. The fight was on and he'd initiated the process by which I would eventually find myself back in my netherworld. The next thing the rest of us were aware of was Shudrabar yelling with a noticeable element of concern in his voice that there is a spellcaster in the room. We couldn't see all of the room from the corridor because the doors opened inward. Knowing how vulnerable Shudrabar is to magic I rushed in the room and saw an extremely well dressed man who was very clearly in charge, and who I assumed was Zenshir. He just completed Weaving some Threads into a powerful looking Matrix. I tried blasting his Matrix with my Astral Spear but I was unable to destroy it. Fortunately for Shudrabar he decided to cast his spell at me instead of Shudrabar. Fortunately for me his spell did not harm me. Unfortunately for me he was guarded by three Elven fighters and an ape creature like the ones we'd killed in the corridor, except this ape creature was about twice as large and had even longer and sharper looking claws. While I was trying to destroy the Matrix the female Elf had engaged Arowdom and one of the twisted creatures had engaged Thorbar, both of whom were in the doorway. The fearsome ape creature lumbered towards Shudrabar, which was of great relief to me, but Zenshir ordered his three guards to kill me. I decided it was time to retreat to the doorway where all three would be unable to attack me. Before I retreated I made sure to give Zenshir's heart a nasty squeeze with my Constrict Heart spell, which came as a very unpleasant surprise to him. As two of the guards could only get to me in the doorway the third attacked Shudrabar. I was confident he could handle three opponents. Besides, he was the one who started this fight! As the fight progressed I thought things were going well for us. Shudrabar quickly killed the twisted creature he was attacking, and the ape and the guard didn't really seem to be doing much damage to him. Thorbar was handling the twisted creature he was fighting - he did not appear be damaging it very heavily, but the important thing was that the twisted creature was not able to break through Thorbar's impressive defences. Arowdom received a couple of nasty blows from the female Elf but he was gradually peppering her with arrows. Things were definitely going well when Shudrabar felled the ape creature, Thorbar killed his opponent, Arowdom put an arrow through the Elf's eye and dropped her. Best of all was that Zenshir foolishly stepped into my line of sight, failed to Weave a Thread into his Matrix, and fell dead with his heart now a pulpy mess thanks to my spell. Then six more guards appeared out of nowhere behind us! They all appeared where those strange plates were located further down the corridor so it must have been a powerful magic effect that summoned them from elsewhere in the complex. I just had time to warn the boys when I felt a flash of pain unlike anything I've ever felt before. The next thing I was aware of was that I was standing in my netherworld. How did I know? Well, as a Nethermancer I have some experience of netherworlds - my Spirit Guide has taken me to few. I was standing on a small hill overlooking a dense and lush forest on a beautiful summer's day. A small stool was beside me on which was the largest Troll Scone I've ever seen, topped with fresh Stajian cream, and sprinkled with roasted Snotwort root. Seeing my favourite of all Troll delicacies made me realise that this had to be my netherworld. After that it was all unfocused images and sensations, and a feeling of warmth and home. I'm left with an impression that it really was quite nice. When Leif's Karmic Connection spell restored me to my body the boys told me that one of the archers had made a phenomenal shot and the arrow had gone straight through my neck, killing me instantly. Yuck! Shudrabar dragged my body out of harm's way (perhaps some Nethermantic inkling of this act filtered through to my netherworld and prompted the feelings of sadness I talked about earlier that so surprised me) and then the three of them preceded to dispatch the remaining guards. I gather that with the tougher protagonists dead - Zenshir, the ape, and the female Elf - the guards on their own were no match for the Sentinels of Ardanyan! The boys then hurried to retrieve Leif from his resting place so that he could cast Karmic Connection on me. The room had been furnished as a mock throne room. After healing Jeddergail we searched the bodies. Zenshir had a gold ring, a cape, chainmail and a high quality longsword that had been reforged. The female elf had a short sword, dagger, chainmail and some rings. We continued through a barracks, and came to thirteen cells. I shattered the locks. Most of the occupants were already dead but we found three still alive. I shattered the locks on their manacles to set them free. We found a living chamber and bed chamber which we presumed to belong to Zenshir. There we found a set of keys for all the cell doors, a six inch diameter bronze ball etched with faces and a set of records written in Theran. In the bed chamber I found a sketch book with pictures of the female elf, and Zenshir’s grimoure, in a chest. There was also a map of the jail on the wall. I read through the records at Jeddergails request and found the entries for the missing masters. They were listed as special prisoners against the cell number where they were held. Next door was a room with a circle of bones on the floor. Jeddergail recognised it as for a spell to control spirits. She tried to talk to it but it said it needed a password. We went to find the cells with the missing masters down a corridor with piles of bones Jeddergail thought had been placed to allow someone to animate skeletons in an emergency. Beyond the corridor was two torture rooms in which we found books about torture and sacrifice to the passion Dis. From there we came to the cell block with the masters. Jeddergails master was in a poor state and had been blinded. He begged to be killed, and after arguing with him for a while she agreed to do so, then thrust a sword into his heart. Flits masters wings had been pulled out, and Qssims masters tail had been cut off. Flits master was in a poor condition but looked like he would recover, but Qssims master had gone quite mad. We investigated the rest of the jail. One room had a shrine to Dis which Thorbar dismantled. Another had wax men sculptured to look like they had been tortured. We destroyed those. There was another barracks, more cells with a few surviving slaves and a spiral staircase leading up. There was no obvious way to descend to where we were told the life rock would be so I looked through the journals for anything that could be a password and found ‘Dis ascending’ and ‘Dis descending’. We moved all the surviving prisoners to the room with the grate down onto the sewer before going back to the room with the bone circle. Jeddergail spoke to the spirit requesting to go to the lowest level and gave the password ‘Dis descending’. The spirit said that was the mine level and then point the whole room we were in started to descend. We arrived at the edge of a cast cavern with many slaves mining. Sudrabar attacked and killed all the slavers. The life rock was glowing in the centre of the cavern. I sang the song and it stopped glowing. There was no sign of any of the obsidimen who were supposed to be inside. Jeddergail cast her spirit guide spell to ask it about the life rock but was told it could not help. Most of the slaves seemed disinterested in being rescued but a few came with us. Sudrabar decided he wanted to stay and read the rest of the slaves to safety. Thorbar chose to stay with him. A foolish decision in my opinion as neither had any way to speak to the spirit to control the room which went up and down. We agreed to meet them back in Bartertown. We lead the slaves out through the sewer. Once we were out I cast a call spell to inform Sudrabar we were out. The message was received so they had not got themselves killed anyway.

3rd Doddul 1510

We hired a boat at lake Ban to us back up the river, dropping the slaves off at the village of Lang. While we were embarking I saw Thorbar walking past. He said he had escaped with Sudrabar, though all the slaves had died in the attempt to free them. Sudrabar had gone somewhere drinking and whoring, and would meet us at Bartertown later. Having dropped off the slaves we continued back to Bartertown. There we went to meet Omasu. He told us that the horror outside Kaer Ardanyan was called Druaga and was able to create constructs. He also said anything the horror touched burned. We told him what happened with the life stone. He was not very happy about what the Therans were doing. While in Bartertown we stayed in the Juggling shadowmant. I spent time copying spells from some of the Grimoures we found recently. Thorbar made some new armour as he had misplaced his during the escape from Triumph. Arodwom wrote a letter to his queen and gave me a copy for the journal Your majesty Queen Lana'thel I’ve found a mine used by the Theran that has a wealth of precious metal that they are using to create large armies to enslave the nations of Barsaive. Which could eventually include the blood elves if we leave this mine producing at the rate it currently running. I include maps of the mine with location and entrances found to assist your decision. I would suggest one of two actions. 1. A Blood Elf army to take over the mine for our own purposes. A slave work force is already in place for use to mine the precious stones and mental. 2. A Blood Elf army to take over and gain as much wealth as possible before destroying the mine as it’s far from Blood Wood and maybe considered difficult to hold. Yours faithfully Arowdom When we finally met back up with Sudrabar he gave me an account if his and Thorbars adventures. Shudrabar's Journal entry.   After being unable to persuade Jedergail to remain and help freeing the slaves we went our separate ways. At lease she was taking out the master we had been looking for and some of the slaves. I could still see the upset in her eyes at the loss of her master. The guilt of not getting to him soon enought will be a large burden to shoulder and I pray the Passions will bring her some solace.  My spirits were lifted when I gazed over the mass of slaves that I, Shudrabar, and my companion Thorbar would be freeing from the Therans. There would surely be songs sung about this! I now know how Harak Gron would have felt. We gathered the slaves by the only exit now available to us and we set of scouting ahead.  The passage soon got intolerable hot and it was clear that the slaves would not find this bearable in their weekend state so we took a side passage to explore any other options. In the 1st room we encountered 4 guards and despatched 2 of them quickly but not fast enough and the other 2 fled. I separated from Throbar in the chase and at some point one of the guards must have reached an alarm as a siren started to sound. This made our only option the heated passage and my heart felt heavy for I knew few of the slaves, or even us, would make such a trip and we still had no idea where it went. I recited a speech Harak Gron gave in her early years to the slaves and an inspired 300 or so of them chose to live or die free people with us. I will celebrate their deaths every year for none had the strength to make it past the furnace. Even Thorbar, without his armour, was unable to stay conscious and I had to carry him the last 100 yards. At the end was a pathetic Elementalist who would nether help nor hinder us so I dispatched him to the nether world.  Fortune smiled upon us at this point as we discovered a store room with a last chance salve and a couple of healing potions and with this I revived Tharbar. Still in bad shape we took the chance to rest here sleeping in crates with handles on the inside, fashioned by Tharbar. It was the best nights sleep I have ever had knowing that the next day would bring a glorious death or a dramatic escape. Filled with bravado we even had the cheek to feast on breakfast in the morning and this set our fate on a path to escape that I still find it hard to believe. It seemed that to the Theran’s that a Dwarf and an Ork are mercenaries and by playing dumb, something we both excelled in, we were able to get a rough idea of the layout of the place. When we were challenged by an officer I thought our days were numbered but a couple of heavy taps on his head on the way down a stairs took the life out of him and Thorbars quick reactions prevented his spear from clattering down the stairs and setting of the alarm. We helped the poor fellow back to his room to die and a helpful servant brought us a healing potion to help him recover before he realised our subterfuge. The Passions smiled on us for in his documents, that the servant obligingly translated, this officer was due to meet with a Throlic Dwarf informer within the hour. We seized our chance and although unable to gain access to the meeting room by our wits, I had to resort to cutting a guards head off with Black razor before the other one wet his pants. Even accusing me of being a horror… I still smile when I think of the look on his face as Black Razor drank the blood of his comrade. With the dwarf and the information in our possession a brilliant bit of acting from Tharbar enabled us to board the airship with the informer and make good our escape. Now we set our sights on getting to Barter town to see if the Passions favoured the rest of the Sentinels of Ardain and seek the refreshing mead and warm flesh of the women of the town! While in the Juggling Shadowmant we were approached by two orcs called Klesh and Andresh. They were from Oshane, an inner city in the Throal mountains. Klesh introduced himself as chief bookkeeper for the J’Kistir moneylenders combine and speaker for the chav’ao’ros assembly of the fifth neighbourhood of the fifth Dectant Of Oshane, and Andresh as brewmaster at the Selrushing Hurlg Works and recorder for the same assembly. There was a problem in the fifth dectant of Oshane (the orcish quarter). There had been six fires in the last two weeks. Three family homes, two shops and a grain warehouse had been affected, leaving a haze of smoke in the air because the ventilation chimneys had long been blocked to keep out horrors. They offered us 1000sp to investigate the cause of the fires. The dwarf guards had found nothing. It was felt by the orcs that the dwarves were corrupt and were not particularly interested in investigating a problem that was only affecting the orcs. On the 15th in Urjquits apothecary a cabinet was burned. On the 18th in the Telixa home the kitchen was half burned. On the 22nd in the Wotobu home a storage room was damaged and a crib destroyed. This house was in the sixth dectant. On the 24th at Gortsers pottery a shed holding greenware (unfired) pottery was destroyed. On the 27th a grain warehouse was destroyed. This was the source of most of the smoke. On the 29th in the Tivze home the family room and family shrine was destroyed.


7th Doddul 1510

It was a four day walk to Oshane. We were unable to ride as some of the passages on the way were too narrow. I used a call spell to let Sudrabar know where we were going. When we arrived there was a strong smell of smoke and the crowds looked ready to riot at any spark. We were told there had been another fire a few hours ago and Vesna, the child of Stanyas had died. We went to the house and I cast Icy protection to allow me to enter the still hot ruins and look round. Jeddergail looked round the outside while Arowdom and Thorbar decided to go and look at the childs body in the mortuary. Jeddergail spotted a broken blue flask through a window which I recovered. It was blackened and half melted. It was at the base of the stairs which appeared to also be the point the fire started. When Arowdom and Thorbar returned Jeddergail cast a hunter spirit spell on the flask. She ordered the spirit to track the owner of the flask. It followed a trail to the outskirts of Oshane then stopped and declared something was blocking it ability to track further. Astral sight revealed nothing unusual and recasting the spell had the same result. Thorbar spotted some orcs nearby acting furtively. Unfortunately we were unable to question them as at that point we were called to attend a council meeting. Thorbar gave a speech about how we were going to help which was well received. During his speech Sudrabar showed up. From there we went to book rooms into a tavern for the night and to have a meal. Sudrabar got drunk. We also saw an elf passing a brown package to a windling who sniffed it. Arowdom went to talk to them. They were evasive about that they were up to, but he said the package was herbal in nature. After the meal I went to my room to scribe the last spell I needed from the grimoures we had found.

8th Doddul 1510

In the morning we went to the bazaar to look for blue flasks like the one we found broken at the scene of the fire. Arowdom found someone who recognised the flask and said they were made by Gortsers pottery and were used for storing a liquid. Everyone seemed to want to bite Thorbar gently. It seemed to be some form of strange orc equivalent to kissing him as a reaction to his speech. We then went to the pottery. It consisted of a shop, workshop, warehouse, kilns and a shed. The pottery was run by Horzo and Thorbar spoke to his wife in the shop. She took us to the workshop to talk to him. The flask was sold to the local blacksmith Gierchet Ironbender about a month ago. The fire started at night. He showed us the shed where the fire occurred. The shed was full of wooden shelving and some large urns. There were boxes of badly fired pots along one wall. An apprentice told us they were because someone opened the kiln during the firing. He thought the fire was started with hot coals from the kiln. He said he thought someone had crawled in through the ash chute and scratched some strange sigils into the metal of the chute. The greenware in the shed had all been smashed with a piece of granite which had come from the southern edge of Oshane. There had been a new series of figurines of children which were destroyed. I used astral sight to look for anything unusual. It revealed that the apprentices, journeymen and masters did not get on with each other but there is nothing unusual about that. However there looked to be unusual activity in the shed and kiln. I crawled down the ash chute and found VISHQUA scratched in Throalic. I am not certain what it meant, but it reminded me of something I had read about in horror lore. The chute was a tight fit and anyone more stocky, like a dwarf or orc would not fit. Astral sight in the kiln room revealed something unpleasant like worms or tendrils coming out of a grate. There was nothing in the grate when I looked without astral sight but clearly something strange was going on and it was not a simple case of arson. We then went to pay a visit to Gierchet. We showed him the flask and he said they were used to store coal oil. They used coal oil to light their forges because it burned very hot. When we told him it had been used to start one of the fires he asked his journeywoman Ritzna to find out how that was possible. She came back and reported that four flasks were missing. One of the apprentices, Mamral, had found them missing and adjusted the records to save hassle. We questioned him and he seemed genuine. I used astral sight but anything odd was faint and old. Arowdom spotted a grill near the ceiling was loose, though it was so small only a child would fit through. Outside he found a lump of granite which had been used to smash the grill, similar to the one at the pottery. There was evidence of a crate having been moved, probably to allow someone to climb up. He climbed up to have a look round but found nothing else of interest. There were some small footprints but Arowdom said he could not track them, and seemed to be behaving a bit odd. Jeddergail looked at him with astral sight and said he had seen something drop out of his ear then she was kicked out of astral space. I looked but saw nothing. Jeddergail cast shadow hunter and told it to follow the tracks. It headed south towards the edge of Oshane. I am not sure what happened next. I used astral sight and saw that Thorbar had been horror corrupted and attacked him before he could turn on us. Some form of swirling dust creatures appeared and attacked as well. Jeddergail cast some spell which left me doubled up in pain and unable to cleanse the world of Thorbar. Without my help the others did not fare well and had to run away. Strangely when they ran away I found I no longer believed Thorbar was horror corrupted. Obviously there must be some powerful horror nearby to be able to affect me like that. As we fled we thought we saw a small orc girl hiding. Arowdom spoke to some beggars who said the girl could be Lynn, daughter of a sweeper called Edrich who is often found in the yellow eye tavern. He had abandoned her as orcs believed an only child was bad luck. We went to the tavern. The glasses were dirty and the drinks were disgusting. Arowdom tried to intimidate the barkeeper but failed miserably. Jeddergail cast a fear spell on the barkeeper to try to intimidate him but managed to terrify him so much that he ran from the tavern screaming. Thorbar found Edrich unconscious on the floor. We dragged him outside and threw water on him to wake him up. We convinced him to come with us to the place where we saw the girl. Mostly by promising to buy him more drink. We spotted the girl and Arowdom decided to chase her away. We found a hole under some rocks which seemed to be where she was living. Jeddergail changed into an owl to go in and investigate. She found a rag doll, more of the flasks, other rags and some crusts of bread. She also reported writing on the wall though although all she could remember of it was ‘MAMEY DADEYS FARY’. I tried to get in but it was too small for me. Thorbar crawled in then knocked a rock which caused a collapse which trapped his leg. I cast giant size on Sudrabar to give him the strength to pull Thorbar out. He said the writing was ‘Why? Alone, mummy, He’s in the wall, Vishquagorch, HELP ME, They’ll all pay, Won’t be alone again, die all bad daddies, FIRE’. I recognised Vishquagorch as being a named horror which had been active during the scourge but had since disappeared. I pointed out to the sweeper what I thought of someone who would abandon their child ‘for honour’. Not even a blood elf would do that. Sudrabar butted in and proclaimed he would rather live in the slums than spend time with b’stard Theran slavers. I am not sure why living in a slum is a good excuse for abandoning a child and I pointed out that at least slavers fed their slaves, which was more than the sweeper did for his own child. Sudrabar started raving about what sounded to be insults to Gok Grom, though his speech had become difficult to understand at this point. Then suddenly he just hit me without provocation before storming off. I went to the market with Thorbar to buy a dress and doll for Lynn in the hope we could use them to bribe her. We then camped near her hole to see if she came back. Thorbar woke us. He had woken to find Jeddergail who was on guard duty had wandered off. She eventually came back and said she had followed Lynn to a crack in the wall. While we waited for Sudrabar to put his armour on Thorbar told us about a dream he had been having. Thorbars 1st dream Today is a glorious day, not only are you being promoted to full Lieutenant, but given command of the famous Theran 12th Infantry, honours indeed. You grab your sword from its rack and ensure that Strikeback's straps are securely fastened around your arm before heading out to meet the Over Governor and his entourage. A fanfare greets you as dozens of other soldiers emerge from the barracks to begin the long walk towards the imperial palace amidst adoring cheering crowds. Yes today is a glorious day! Eventually Sudrabar got into his armour and we went to the crack. Jedder cast a spell and pronounced there was a horror nearby. Sudrabar looked at his dagger and realised it was glowing a bright blue.Edrich went to run and Sudrabar stopped him by hitting him and knocking him unconscious. We called into the crack for Lynn and said we had her father. She called back that she wanted to punish him so Thorbar and Sudrabar carried him into the crack. The rest of us followed because we did not trust them not to get into trouble. Lynn had a flask of oil which she appeared to be planning to throw on her father. We tried to persuade her to stop but she was not interested. Arowdom shot at the flash but missed. She threw the flask but hit Thorbar, covering him in oil. Jeddergail cast a pain spell on her, leaving her incapacitated, then Thorbar knocked her out. Something tried to take control of my mind and make me burn Thorbar but I was able to resist it. Sudrabar stabbed and killed Lynn. Thorbar tried to stop him but was not quick enough, though he did run out with her body. We followed. Arowdom fired a burning arrow and saw a horror trapped under a boulder at the end of the crack before he left. Sudrabar started piling boulders in front of the crack, I cast clean on Thorbar and Jeddergail cast last chance on Lynn, bringing her back from death. When she regained conscious she appeared to be a normal girl without the desire to kill people that we saw previously.

Horror in Oshane

11th Doddul 1510

We rested and recovered for two days. Thorbar had more dreams which he described. Thorbars 2nd dream It is odd how emotions can be mixed together, both pride and sadness at the news of your assignment. You are to take the 12th to the new provincial capital of Parlainth far to the East, even the name swells your breast with pride, to think an Ork, and a female one at that, could achieve such status! However, you must leave your family behind in Vivane so the moment is bitter sweet. You kiss the foreheads of your son and daughter then turn to your husband and embrace. You will never see them again. Thorbars 3rd dream The city is beyond your wildest imaginations, its limestone buildings easily half again as tall as anything in Vivane. You march through its monumental gates and enter the city proper. Statues of heroes and past governors are everywhere, minaret towers reach up into the sky whilst the buildings spread out forever, truly this is a testament to Theran might and superiority. You gaze in wonder at the marvels before turning to see similar amazement in the eyes of your men. Jeddergail used astral sight to check Thorbars pattern. She saw a bright light from Thorbar to his shield Strikeback. There was also a general feel of encroaching darkness in the area. We then went back to take on the horror. Arowdom threw in one of the flasks then fired a burning arrow. The blast of fire came out of the crack along with a tendril of green energy which hit Arowdom, burning him badly. Sudrabar ran in, threw blackrazor on the floor then hit the horror with his mace. Thorbar ran in and hit it as well. All the damage was reflected back on themselves. I cast lightning cloud but it seemed unaffected. Jeddergail was too large to fit all the way down the crack and had to cast her blood servitor spell and send it so she could see through its eyes to cast spells on the horror. I started casting crushing will at the horror. It appeared that mystic damage did not get reflected back. Jeddergail continued to use her servitor to cast spells until the horror killed it. Suddenly Sudrabar picked up bloodrazor and started attacking the horror with it. As he did so I felt him leave the group pattern. Thorbar was knocked unconscious and I started dragging him out. Thorbar regained consciousness and I healed him. We heard Sudrabar continuing to fight for a few seconds then silence. Jeddergail sent another servitor in which she was using to allow her to see and therefore cast spells at the horror. Sudrabar was standing in front of the horror with a stance like he was guarding it. He had a gaping hole in his chest and his eyes were a glowing dark green colour. It looked like he had succumbed to the horror and was now under its control. The horror killed Jeddergails new servitor and shortly after Sudrabar charged out and attacked Thorbar. We took him down, blowing another hole in his chest, but his body just twitched for a few seconds then got back up and attacked us again. We beat him down again, and Thorbar just kept hitting the body until there was no chance of it getting back up. The horror tried to command Arowdom. He resisted but the strain was so great that blood seeped from the corners of his eyes. I healed him and Jeddergail summoned jet another servitor. We then attacked and blasted the horror until it died. I cast karmic connection on Sudrabars body but it was too far gone and he remained very dead. I cast inventory and learned there was a talisman of moderate power and a magic disk of unknown power. We searched and found them. The talisman was a grey stone streaked with red on a leather chord. When Thorbar held the disk it rotated to show the word Ersh. Astral sight showed the area was free of horror taint. We built a cairn over Sudrabars body and blackrazor, then we found Klesh and arranged for a council meeting in the morning.

The amulet found with the horror in Oshane
The disk found with the horror in Oshane

12th Doddul 1510

We told the residents what had occurred. After showing them the horrors body we burned it with some of the oil from the blacksmiths then blocked the crack with stones. We then returned to Bartertown, taking Lynn with us as Thorbar decided to adopt her.

18th Doddul 1510

We returned to Bartertown, then set off to Parlainth to investigate Thorbars strange dreams. The weather was bad. It was cold and windy, and the rain was incessant. Jeddergail tried to speak to the local spirits. One told her its brothers and sisters were gathering to form a storm. They were being called and were heading north. It was not clear whether the call was a natural result of winter or from someone or something. We arrived at the river in the evening. Thorbar had more dreams during the journey. Thorbars 4th dream Whilst being a great honour your tour so far has been uneventful. You miss the chaos and clamour of the battlefield and sense the same boredom in your men. You met with the new Overlord today, an Ork by the name of Ersh Wearg, a confidante of the First Governor Olan Erdro by all accounts. You took an instant dislike to the man who showed an arrogance and conceit towards the military. Thorbars 5th dream So the day is finally here, Parlianth is to be removed from reality and even its memory will be erased from all namegivers minds. You were told by Ersh that this is the only way Parlianth can survive the upcoming scourge, ironic then that he chose to flee the city mere hours before the spells completion, what a coward! We are well rid of the man. Thorbars 6th dream You no idea of the date, only that the dream of Parlainth has fallen into ashes. Civil war has erupted on the streets and you must do all you can to restore order. Your men remain loyal and you pray the madness affecting the civilians doesn't spill over into the military. Your patrol has taken you into the Merchant Quarter in the city's southern quadrant, a confusing pattern of streets which wind around and twist back on themselves. You come to a small dwelling outside which civilians, covered in blood are attacking defenceless women and children. You order your men to put them to the sword and search the building. Moments later screams ring out from inside and grasping your sword and Strikeback tight you run in through the open doorway to see a hideous floating obscenity tearing your men apart, somehow the Horrors made it into Parlainth! Screaming a battle cry you charge... I recognised the obscenity as a horror called a bloat form which had the ability to effect dreams and memories.

22nd Doddul 1510

We took a boat to lake Ban then up the Onman river to a little village which was as far as the boat went before continuing on horseback towards Haven before camping for the night. Thorbar was feeling unwell from the journey so he stayed in the village with Lynn and would meet us in Haven.

23rd Doddul 1510

Overnight we had a guest who shared our fire. He showed up during Arowdoms watch and apparently talked his way past Arowdoms suspicious nature. His name was Guan Yu can came from Cathanian. He had been employed by a Mao Chan to look for her brother Bio Chan. He had been on a caravan heading to Haven but had not returned. He must have been quite brave as he was wandering about on his own without any weapons or armour. In the morning Guan was doing some balancing exercises. Jeddergail tried to join in but was only able to sprain her leg. Guan travelled with us towards Haven. After a couple of hours we came across two buildings surrounded by a fence. It was a tavern called the Estranged Esparga. Guan asked about Bio’s caravan. He was told a caravan had passed a month ago with a Cathanian and had been heading to another tavern called the hungry beggar which was about a days travel north. We decided to head there as it was on our way and it would be nice to spend the night in a tavern. After traveling all day we came to the tavern. It consisted of the inn, a barn and stables surrounded by a fence. There was no noise or sound of activity. I used astral sight and could see nothing wrong though I got a feeling of foreboding. As we moved towards the tavern we suddenly found ourselves outside the tavern. It was strange as we had no feeling of having travelled the last few hundred yards. The sign outside was the hooded man, not the hungry beggar but it was getting dark so we chose not to continue. There was a sign saying ‘Dear guests, out gathering fodder, first drink is on the house.’ It was written in several languages. There was no one inside but a fire was burning. Arowdom thought it had only been left unattended for about 40 minutes. Jeddergail cast life sight but detected no one nearby. There was stew cooking in the kitchen. I looked upstairs but the rooms were all empty. I found a book about horrors which I took to read. It had more information about the bloat form which appeared as a floating slug or jellyfish. One was called foul Trallis, eater of music and insinuated itself into communities where it fed on peoples anxiety. During the evening we heard whispered voices and footsteps outside, though no one was there. Jeddergail went upstairs to sleep. The rest of us opted to sleep downstairs in the bar. At one point Arowdom woke us claiming he had seen someone walk through the wall, though we found no one. Everyone had bad dreams. Jeddergail dreamt she drowned. I dreamt I was burning then was in a cave without air. Arowdom dreamt he was eaten alive then froze to death. In the morning it remained dark outside. Guan went to leave and the door turned to metal as he touched it. He tried the kitchen door which opened. Then something pulled him through the door which slammed closed and a blue glow appeared round the edge. I cast shatter lock to open the door. Guan was being pummelled by a hooded figure. We attacked the figure without much effect. Guan was beaten unconscious then the figure turned translucent and faded into the ground.

25th Doddul 1510

We fled the inn and after another two days travel, finally arrived in Haven. I started looking into what was required to make a spell matrix item. The others went to look around. They said they would come and find me if anything came up. Jeddergail made some notes on what they got up to. Hello. My name is Jeddergayle. I’m writing this particular chapter in the ongoing adventures of The Sentinels as we left Leif behind in Haven while we ventured into Parlainth. Leif was very keen to create a new Spell Matrix which requires uninterrupted work. Of course our last entry closed with The Hooded Man having just felled Guan Yu and the rest of us extremely concerned for our safety, and not us in Haven. So I’ll backtrack a bit. We hoped that when the figure melted into the ground that it might have finished with us as it had now fed on the Karma of all of us. But we couldn’t be sure. We recovered Guan Yu’s unconscious body and I was just about to try and heal him when we noticed that the inn was fading away and everything was getting darker and darker. So it looked as if The Hooded Man had finished with us but was going to leave us trapped somewhere horrible. I cast Blessed Light so that we could at least see as our light quartzes couldn’t penetrate the magical darkness. Arowdom spotted a point of light away in the darkness. I was unsure whether we should approach it but Arowdom was so convinced that it was a sign from his Passion that we decided to move towards the light. As we got closer we saw a tunnel of bright light with a tall figure at the end beckoning us. Having come this far we decided to enter the tunnel. Imagine my joy and surprise when I saw that the figure was my Master! He had obviously noticed my peril and come to save me, which made me convinced that we were being trapped somewhere in Astral Space – obviously a powerful Nethermancer like my Master could easily manipulate Astral Space from his netherworld. Arowdom still swears that it was his Passion that saved us and I wonder if we both saw what we wanted to see. That would suggest that some kind of other benevolent force saved us. While this is extremely kind of it I still like to think that it was my Master that saved us. As we neared the figure at the end of the tunnel it pointed towards another exit from the tunnel were we could see daylight and what looked to be the mortal realm. We passed through this exit and we did indeed find ourselves back in the mortal realm, and very soon we encountered Thorbar and Lynn who had been travelling a bit more slowly up the road. Thank you, my Master, for saving The Sentinels from your netherworld! The next day we reached Haven and deposited Guan Yu with a healer and Leif in a quiet room to work on his Matrix creation. Ooh, I forgot: Thorbar had another dream before we arrived in Haven. This one was really specific, a direct instruction from Laura: find Sekra. So the rest of us took to the streets of Haven to try and find out about Sekra. We’d hardly gone a few paces when we heard a scream and found a small boy unconscious by a wall with a strange drawing on it. A slightly older girl was standing over the boy and crying and screaming. I managed to calm her down to find out that boy had touched the drawing, which with a cursory glance appeared to us a map of somewhere in The Twists and was painted with a strange red liquid that looked to be somewhere between paint and blood, and the boy had collapsed. I got her to take me to their home where I deposited the boy with his mother. Thorbar and Arowdom stayed with the picture to investigate and prevent anyone else from touching it. Thorbar bravely touched the painting as we needed to understand what it did. While he did not collapse, he went very pale and felt nauseous. A tiny drip of paint was on his finger and Arowdom and unsuccessfully trying to clean it off Thorbar’s finger when I returned. All our efforts to remove the paint failed as it proved resistant to everything. I was confident that Scooby, my Shadow Hunter, would be able to track down the Namegiver who made the painting but we couldn’t leave the picture unattended. We decided that Torgak would probably provide a couple of bodies to guard the wall, so I ran over to see him. It was very nice to see him again: he is a noble Troll and he seemed genuinely pleased to see me as well. He reconfirmed his offer of marriage, and I thought that once the Kaer was free that....well, affairs of the heart don’t really have any place in the chronicles of the Sentinels of Ardayan, so let’s jump forward to the part of the story where I returned to the painting with two of his Namegivers to stand guard and we summoned Scooby to track down the artist! Actually, no let’s not do that. Instead, let’s detour slightly to Thorbar’s Smithy. He obviously wanted to check up on his apprentice and retrieve some of the shop’s profit. Things didn’t bode well as we approached and noticed that all signs with “Thorbar’s Blacksmithing” had been replaced with “Glak’s Blacksmithing”. Glak, the apprentice, was uncomfortably surprised to see his Master return unannounced and babbled out some drivel about late payments from customers preventing him from having any money for Thorbar. Arowdom and myself were happy to play up for Thobar to get the truth from Glak – Blood Elves are very intimidating just by being a room, and I can play on people’s silly superstitions about Nethermancy magic to make myself appear a bit scary. Glak had been gambling the profits away with Pagmor. He broke down with this confession and Thorbar made him promise to stop gambling and work hard in the Smithy. It was extremely kind of Thorbar to give Glak a second chance, and hopefully the fear of invoking the wrath of The Sentinels will keep Glak in order! So...back to the chase! Scooby didn’t take long to lead us to a house in Haven. Inside we found the place was a complete mess with stuff strewn everywhere. There was female T’Skrang dressed in an outlandish feathered cape who was entirely focused on counting something using the counting stones that we’ve seen merchants use.  She did not respond at all to our presence until Arowdom removed her stones. We found out she was Sekra and she made frequent references to “The Clown”, which we assumed referred to the Horror we were seeking. The obvious conclusion was that being controlled by a Horror had driven her mad, but as we gently questioned her it became obvious that she was a ferociously strong willed and remarkable individual. The “paint” was indeed blood, the blood of the Horror, which it wanted her to paint on Namegivers to give it control over them. Instead she had resisted this order and painted a desperate map of the Horror’s location on the wall and then buried the blood outside of Haven. Her counting was a method she had devised to maintain a sliver of her sanity and hide part of her mind from the Horror. It thought she had been driven mad, and she was clearly, and understandably, very unhinged, but she gave meaning to the counting in order to keep things from the Horror. She was a truly remarkable Namegiver. We eventually established that she could lead us to exactly where the Horror was located in the Twists because she had counted and memorised the steps to get there. We promised her that we would free her from “The Clown” and this finally persuaded her to lead us to its lair. We knew we’d reached the right location when three Cadavermen emerged from a building and attacked us, but they posed little threat. The Horror, which followed behind them, did pose a substantial threat. It appeared to be a giant floating ball of pus filled with mouths and eyes with several arms protruding here and there. It was attacking us very quickly as well as casting both Nethermancy and Wizardy spells. To my shock it cast a Warden level Nethermancer spell I’d heard about called Void Wave which severely injured myself and Arowdom, although Thorbar was able to resist its effects. I decided to take a chance and fire a stack of three Astral Spears at it, but the heavy strain took me to the brink of unconsciousness. The Sentinels rallied around me, as I’ve come to depend on! Arowdom poured a healing potion down me and Thorbar heroically goaded the Horror into focusing all its attacks on him. As soon as he mentioned avenging Laura’s death and Strikeback the creature became enraged and did indeed focus everything on the brave Thorbar. I really wasn’t much use at this stage as I was still very woozy even after the healing potion from my spell stacking. Fortunately Thorbar and Arowdom were both able to damage the Horror, and Thorbar was resisting the worst of its attacks. I was still very concerned for us – another Void Wave would have easily felled Arowdom or myself – when Arowdom made a phenomenal shot with his bow that fired an arrow right through the creature’s torso and it fell dead to the ground. The Sentinels had slain another Horror! As the creature turned to dust the ghostly form of Laura appeared to thank Thorbar for freeing her. Thorbar needed her to release the last Thread in Strikeback so that he could weave his final Thread into the wondrous shield. This required a bit of fine tuning on his part as Laura wanted him to swear allegiance to the Theran Empire unaware, as she had been trapped by the Horror for several hundred years, that the Empire had descended into the slave torturing cut throats that we know them to be. Thorbar, noble has ever, was reluctant to see Laura return to her netherworld with her illusions shattered as she highly valued her Empire, so he was careful not to reveal the true extent of the Empire’s slide in depravity. Eventually Laura realised that Thorbar was an honourable Namegiver despite him not being able to swear allegiance to the Theran Empire, and she released the last Thread before fading to find her place in her netherworld. Strikeback was, at last, fully Thorbar’s!  Obviously all that was not important enough for them to come and find me.

26th Doddul 1510

Arowdom wanted to find out more about a legendary bow he had read about. He went to visit Vardeghul to try to find out more. She sold him a journal from 1453 which told of Nioku a famous elven archer who had a long running rivalry with another archer Talondel. They had large egos and needed to determine who was best. A test of speed, stamina and precision in Parlainth was organised by an elementalist, Omag Bastabus. We tracked him down, he was still living in the old quarter. He told us the competition was to follow a course through Parlainth. There were four points on the course. An archer had to use their direction arrow ability with each of four objects to locate the next point on the course, and when they got there use their targeting eye ability to make a difficult shot from a marked point to the target that was revealed by their ability. He had spares of the objects which he gave Arowdom. They were bars of steel, blue wood, marble and brass. The start of the course was at screaming fountain in the centre of Parlainth. We went to the fountain. Arowdom examined the bars for a while then tried using direction arrow. He did not know which bar to start with and tried three of them without success. At that point the fountain started making an awful noise. Jeddergail shouted run, and started away from the fountain. I followed her but the others did not. The sound changed then stopped. It seemed to affect Arowdom, who started to wander off aimlessly. Thorbar chased after him and used his abate curse ability which seemed to bring Arowdom back to his senses. Thorbar explained the cure would only be temporary so I cast dispel magic on Arowdom which hopefully removed the effect permanently. Arowdom used direction arrow on the last bar, which was made of marble. It turned warm and his arrow pointed into the vaults. He started climbing the wall to get into the vaults quarter of Parlainth. Jeddergail turned into a Krill worm so she could fly over. I flew over and created a levitation platform for the others to get over. We headed towards a vast Ziggarat. Targeting eye revealed the target to be the very top of the ziggurat. Arowdom made the shot. Direction arrow was then used on the blue wood bar which pointed us towards the smalls. We followed the arrow into the smalls to a two story structure. The doorway was blocked by two exquisite statues. Targeting eye revealed Arowdom had to make the shot from the roof of the building to another building in the distance. I created a levitation platform to get him to the roof. He barely made the shot. Direction arrow on the brass bar then pointed us to the twist quarter. Thorbar touched one of the statues in the entrance, which animated and grabbed him by the throat, before pummelling him in the face until he collapsed to the floor in a bloody pulp. I quickly dispatched one of them. Guan smashed the other with his bare hands. I then cast karmic connection on Thorbar. It took two castings to restore life to his corpse. Arowdom also asked to be healed as he had strained himself so much using all his archery abilities. We then headed to the twist quarter. Arowdoms arrow pointed us to a two story building. His targeting eye revealed he had to take the shot from the second floor and fire the arrow through a brass loop at the top of a minaret tower. I levitated him up. There was a trap in the room, a net covering the ceiling was holding up rocks. Arowdom just walked into the room and triggered it calling the rocks to fall forcing him to dive out the window and fall to the ground. I levitated him back up and he made the shot. Direction arrow on the last rod pointed into the war quarter. We followed it and found it pointed to a smashed building in the centre of the zone. There was a small group of falsemen in the building. One was steel and the other five were stone. Targeting eye shoted the target to be the steelmans forehead. Arowdom shot him, which obviously upset him. As the falsemen charged towards us Thorbar challenged him and said we wanted to talk. Luckily the steelman was willing to listen even after Arowdom had hit him in the forehead. His name was Guile. After explaining what we were doing he said his forces had been depleted and if we fought for him he would tell us what he knew. He needed to capture a point on the battlefield from his enemy Never Surrender and wanted Thorbar to lead the attack. Quite appropriate really as Thorbar got his shield from the Brigadier, Never Surrenders second in command. The falsemen were fighting at a crater which was what we had to capture. Thorbar waved strikeback at the Brigadier and attacked. Arowdom tried and failed to intimidate and impress them with fancy bow work. All he managed to do was to get three of the Brigadiers men to attack him. Guan started disarming some of the stonemen, and they retreated in some confusion. This caused the Brigadier to yield. Guile told us the archer had fled underground through a hole to where the cadavermen live. He showed us the hole which descended into the catacombs. A new looking rope ladder descended into the darkness. We climbed and flew down. Jeddergail said she had an odd feeling and thought she saw something when she cast a light spell. We followed a corridor until we reached a branch to the right. That led to another branch with a dead end. The corridor ended in a vast purple ocean with a green sun and no land in sight. A very strange situation as we were underground and clearly nowhere near any ocean. We went back to the dead end. I cast dispel magic and the wall melted away revealing more corridor leading to a large room. There were murals on the walls. One showed a wizard in battle with a horror which I recognised as being called an abomination. It looked like a large mound with tentacles and infiltrated Parlainth before it disappeared into another dimension. Another mural showed the same wizard bathed in different elements in front of the same horror. The third mural showed the wizard inside the horror battling and was titled Malgrims fate. We returned to the first junction and continued. We came to six doors, three to the left and three to the right with a room beyond each. The first on the right was empty. The first on the left was full of equipment. The second on the right was filled with a sparkling mist with red and gold light. We closed the door again. The second door on the left was locked. I shattered the lock and inside we found three name givers chained up. A female windling, a male obsidiman and a female dwarf. We gave them some food and water. They had been grabbed by cadavermen while in the war zone. The third door on the left was full of moving balls. We shut the door but several got out. Guan caught one and it stuck to his hand. Thorbar also caught one which stuck to his gauntlet. I had to cast dispel magic on them to remove the balls. The last door was also empty. Thorbar and Jeddergail escorted the name givers back to the surface while the rest of us explored further. Beyond these rooms the corridor split. There were six figures down the left corridor who attacked us. They gave off a decomposing smell and were probably the cadavermen who had imprisoned the name givers we had found. While we were fighting them another six attacked from the other corridor. After a brief fight we defeated them all. The left corridor led to an empty room. When we opened the door we heard a voice from inside the room. I found that shutting and reopening the door triggered the voice to play again. It said: My name is Malgim Monalca, and I go now to what may be my doom. Our experiments have not provided us with the breakthroughs we had hoped for, and so we must resort to more extreme methods. Trazeme designed the spell, and Ruital and Erika agree that it may work. The short straw fell to me when we drew lots, and so I am to be the one to face the Horror alone. My colleagues refused to send me into battle undefended, and for this I am grateful. The Elemental Fountains will shield me, though even those great sources of power may not prevent my death or subjugation to the Horror's awful will. I go now, passing through the Fountains of Earth, Fire, Air, and Water before I face the Horror. May the Passions aid us! I only hope my merging with this dreadful creature will give me the strength I need to save Parlainth. If not, I will have become one with a Horror for naught. The right corridor took several turns before we came to four chambers, two each to our left and right. There was a brown, a blue and a reddish orange glow from three of them. Each had a fountain which seemed to be of a true element. The brown glow came from the elemental earth fountain, the blue glow from the water, and the reddish glow from the fire fountain. The air fountain had no glow. I gathered some elemental earth which I could use to make spell matrix items. Arrowdom gathered some elemental water then threw it into the elemental fire. There was a huge blast of steam which he barely avoided. Further down the corridor we came to another junction to our right. We could see the ceiling had collapsed down that corridor so we continued ahead towards a bubbling sound we could now hear. We came to a three way junction. The right corridor lead to the room of murals we had found earlier. The centre corridor led to a locked door. I shattered the lock but beyond was a short corridor leading to a dead end. I cast dispel magic but nothing happened. The left corridor lead to a room with a floor of bubbling mud. I cast some levitate platforms so everyone could walk across. Guan jumped across because he was impatient. As I crossed I was attacked by 10 humaniods who came out of the mud. The others fled down the corridor. I killed all but three of the creatures before following them. The corridor lead to another junction. To our left was a room with a red/silver checker board pattern on the floor and a pile of gold coins in the far corner. It looked like a trap to us so we took the other corridor which took several turns before ending at a stone door covered in symbols which I recognised as wards to protect against horrors. The door was ajar and there was an unpleasant smell from beyond. In the room beyond we saw six robed humans, ten cadavermen and a horror which looked like a blob of jelly. I saw a skeleton in the far corner holding a bow. I cast lightning cloud and flight then we entered the room. Quam took a running jump onto the horror. With a squelching noise he sunk into it. I flew over to retrieve the bow while my lightning cloud and the others started attacking the humans and cadavermen. Quam somehow managed to jump out of the blob. I started healing everyone and directed my cloud to hit the horror which started using some ability to strip spells from my matrices. I was able to heal myself and Arowdom before the horror hit the matrix containing my karmic connection spell. It then focused its attacks on Quam and he was knocked unconscious. Being faced with the decision of leaving Quam to the horrors fate or possibly joining him, Arowdom and myself redoubled our attacks. Fortunately my attacks had already seriously wounded the horror and one of the bolts of my lightning cloud finally killed it. I retuned my matrices and healed Quam. As well as the bow, the skeleton had a quiver and armour which we recovered. There was also a grimoure.

10th Strassa 1511

We spent two weeks in Haven while Arowdom healed from his injuries. I used the time to make two spell matrix items and to learn spells from the grimoure. As we were starting to think where to go next a huge flock of birds appeared in the sky heading towards Haven. They started circling and Arowdom said he recognised them as Blood hawks from Blood wood. One dived towards Arowdom and he shot it with an arrow. A seed fell from its beak. Arowdom picked it up and ran off shouting he was going to plant it in the graveyard. When he did so it started growing rapidly and within a minute had grown, not into a plant, but a female elf who Arowdom claimed was the queen of Blood wood. The figure then spoke. She said she was Astandar (one of the passions). She said Duaga was nearing Earthdawn and must be stopped before it brought about another scourge. The figure then withered away. Duaga is the horror that was outside Kaer Ardanyan. I recognised Earthdawn as being the name of a pre scourge behemoth airship that was destroyed by dragons in the first war against Throal. Guan and Jeddergail went to talk to Vardeghul to try to find out more. She had two references to Earthdawn. The airship was one, the other was a mythical power connecting Barsave to astral space. They also found that Duaga was one of the first horrors through when the scourge started. It was called the burning horror and was able to burn its victims badly. It was also immensely strong and able to tear apart anything. As we prepared to leave we were summoned to see Torgak. He said he had a vision from his passion Vistorius and told to accompany us, as would Selak. We agreed we would leave together in the morning for Bartertown

19th Strassa 1511

We travelled for eight days. When we arrived we went to the Throal library to hand in the latest journals. Jeddergail found someone to teach her a spell which could be used to summon horrors from astral space and trap them in a circle. We decided we needed to get some powerful help to fight the horror and would try to enlist a dragon. Jeddergail cast her spirit guide spell and was told Renar in the Throal court was one of Mountain shadows spies. Mountain shadow is the dragon in the Throal mountains. He was too busy to see us until Thorbar asked for him to be given the message ‘Mountain shadows are beautiful’. Then he suddenly became available. We convinced him to arrange a meeting with Mountain shadow but we would have to be blindfolded for the last part of the journey so as not to know the exact position of its lair.

22nd Strassa 1511

We travelled into the mountains for several days to visit Mountain shadow. It was very arrogant and demanded we bow before it. We offered it Wave as a gift. After lots of discussion and flattery it agreed to aid us in the fight on the condition that Thorbar became one of its servants. Thorbar agreed and had to take a blood oath. Jeddergail summoned Duaga with his new spell. He warned that such a powerful horror would be likely to break free from the circle within seconds but the spell was more powerful than even she expected. Duaga was completely unable to break free and we were able to stand back and destroy it from range with relative safety.


With the destruction of Duaga, Kaer Ardanyan was free and we had achieved the task for which the group originally formed. Arowdom returned to blood wood and Guan continued with his search. As Thorbar became a servant of the dragon and Arowdom and Guan had never formally joined, only myself and Jeddergail remained as Sentinels of Ardanyan. Jeddergail wanted to return to the Kaer to let them know they were free so we decided it was a good time to go our separate ways. I continued studying magic and eventually joined another adventuring group. I saw Jeddergail once after at her wedding as she ended up marrying Torgak, but I never saw any of the others again.

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