Earthdawn – Thorbars epilogue

Exerts from Thorbar’s journal and diary.

If you are reading this then I suspect that my master, the dragon known as Mountain Shadow, has found me of no further use and my service to him has ended. It is also possible that my master is also no more and has finally encountered a threat more powerful than himself. Reading through these pages you will understand the life I have lived and the keeping of this diary is the one thing that has helped keep me sane longer than I might otherwise have lasted. I am keen to avoid the fate of the maker of strikeback who I once met. He too had spent long years shut away from the world and his mind had clearly suffered as a result. With me also dies the Sentinels of Ardanyan as I am the last member, all others having long passed. The adventures of that group I suspect are now long forgotten and only exist on dusty unread pages in the corner of some library. Please browse through my friend and read what appears of interest to you,

Day 1

I have today sworn allegiance and servitude to the mighty dragon Mountain Shadow. It was required to secure his help in defeating the named horror Druaga that was threatening to start a second scourge. Together the Sentinals and Mountain Shadow defeated him. The world is safe for a little longer and I have a sense that the task destiny mapped out for the Sentinals has been fulfilled. Ironic that few will know of our involvement with all credit going to my master. I have decided to keep a diary of events as I feel it may help me remember in the long days. I have asked the others to tell my adopted child Lynn that I have perished and to see her safely set up with a new family. I have given them what money I have to help with this for I suspect it will be of little use to me now. It brings sadness to my heart to think I will see her no more but better she thinks me dead than my real fate. At least she is free now to live her life.

Day 5

I have drunk the blood of a dragon. Physically I am stronger than I could possibly imagine. I can wield my forging hammer with the strength of 10 stout dwarves. I do not feel either heat or cold and I suspect old age will not visit me. Mentally I know that my will is being affected, I feel a love for my master that I know is not natural and a distance to those I once held dear. It is as if my master knows my every thought. Resistance will be futile.

Day 10

I have accepted my fate and willingly serve my master. I do however hold strong my memories and feelings for those I met. My master does not realise how strong my mind is in this regard and I am careful to give him no reason to doubt me in case he exerts his will with a force I cannot withstand.

Day 20

Life is not altogether bad and my duties allow me to have time to spend on my own interests. The treasures accumulated by my master cannot be described in mere words. I have full access and it gives me the time to study them and learn from them some techniques and skills that help me with my own creations.

Day 40

Today I have given my master the gift of my newest creation. A short sword that contains in the hollow crystal hilt the gambling dice of T’quissm. These roll every time it is swung. This has pleased my master greatly and we have together woven some powerful magic into the item so that good and bad things now happen depending on the roll of the dice. A true gamblers weapon. It works out that having a lava stream and a powerful elemental dragon on tap and the resistance to heat and extra strength his blood has given me has made me a weaponsmith beyond equal. This has always been my dream although I never thought I would achieve it in such a manner.

Day 82

My master appears to trust me enough now that I am allowed to return to the town. In fact it is to be one of my tasks to be the eyes and ears of my master in the world of the namegivers. I have asked after the other Sentinals to find that they have dispersed. I have checked and know Lynn has been cared for, this at least is some good news.

Day 127

I do not know fully how my master has managed it but I have been asked to join the kings court as an advisory ambassador. My skill of disguise that I learned when trying to escape the Therans has finally proved useful. I now can walk around freely and it is strange to meet people I knew as Thorbar in my new guise.

Day 157

I would say I am surprised how much the king relies on my council but my master is wise beyond the comprehension of the mind of a namegiver. I simply accept that it is so. My master tells me exactly what to say to the king. He is as a spider in a web of thoughts inside the kings mind.

Day 184

Word has reached me today that Jeddergayle has returned to Haven and is to be married to Torgak. I will attend the wedding in my new guise, if only I could tell her who I really am, but I dare not for her sake as much as my own.

Day 682

I attend the birth celebration of little Shudrabar. That name is good to hear ounce more. Jeddergayle is doing good things in the town and making a difference. I wonder what happened to the others.

Day 8754

Having influence in the court is useful for keeping an eye on things for myself. News reaches me that Lynn is to be married. It is good to know that she has grown up and found someone to love her. Sad that I cannot attend.

Day 21200

After many long years of good and faithful service my master allows me to request a wish in gratitude. I ask that I might be allowed to meet up with Jeddergail and share stories. My wish is granted but only on the basis that Jeddergail says nothing of my existence. As trusted leader of the town my master knows that she will do this if asked.

Day 21205

The day has come when the Sentinals are once again together. We chat for many hours. I swear Jeddergail to secrecy but offer to use my position in the court to help her in her duties. A little light has returned to my existence today.

Day 45867

A sad day. Jeddergail has passed into her netherworld. I feel more alone now than ever. Some crave to live many lifetimes but I grow weary of my existence. I have made such wondrous items that my fathers and their fathers before would be so proud. Alas, they are the play things for my master that will not be seen by other eyes, certainly in my long lifetime.

Day 69654

I am so tired. I feel cold yet I know that I do not feel the cold. I am like the sheet of metal that has been stretched too thin and suffers for it. I sense that my master is growing weary of me now. I move slower than I ounce did and have no new words of praise to use on him. It always amuses me that one so strong has such a need for constant reassurance. Perhaps he should of drank some of Arrowdons blood, that would of fixed it, wonder what happened to the arrogant arse. Still remember him with his hands covered in shit.

Day 71893

At last some company and help. My master has a new helper in the cave. He must be comfortable with dwarves as he has picked another. I am teaching him his duties. He is a good fellow and I will enjoy telling you about him but first my master wishes my council over an urgent matter, strange I don’t think he has ever sought my advice before, let me deal with this and I will say more.

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