Earthdawn Ė Jeddergails epilogue

Hello. My name is Jeddergayle. I used to be a Sentinel of Ardanyan. You might have heard of us, but probably not. Iím still fiercely proud of having been a Sentinel even if these days most Namegivers havenít heard of us and our stories are just a musty collection of words in the Great Library. Very occasionally it bothers me that our final act was to save Barsaive from another Scourge and no one has any idea of what we did. But I tell myself that I am being vain and we did what we did because it was the right thing to do, and not to be seen as heroes. After we defeated Druaga I returned to Kaer Ardanyan to tell them that they were finally free. There was the expected feasting and celebrations. I did try to make a home for myself there but I quickly discovered that the Namegivers in the Kaer didnít know how to interact with a bigger world. They soon returned to their petty squabbling and selfish concerns, and I found it stifling. Looking back I appreciate that I was being naive to expect them to adapt to such a monumental change so quickly. They will get there, but it will take time. But at that time I became so frustrated with the Kaer that I left after a few months. Iíd done a lot thinking about Flit and TíQssim and Shudrabar, and started to think that while they had performed many heroic deeds and done much to right some of the wrongs in Barsaive, the legacy that had left future generations were just stories, mere words. I wanted to try and provide Barsaive with something that would continue my deeds once I had returned to my netherworld. To pass on my experience and knowledge. So I returned to Haven and settled down with Torgak. My little girl, Torgenna, is learning my craft and has shown incredible aptitude for Nethermancy magic. She will easily outstrip my abilities one day. Torgak agreed to let me name our little boy, and Shudrabar is a real tearaway and a thorough scamp who is always getting himself into trouble. I think the Hero he is named after would be proud of him. My original plan had been to leave Haven once my children were a bit older and resume my adventures as an Adept. But Torgak returned to his netherworld while they were still young and after he moved on I found myself assuming more and more responsibility for the people of Haven. Namegivers looked to me for leadership because I was Torgakís wife and also because of my standing as a Warden. Now I canít leave Haven because Iím responsible for it almost in the same way that I am responsible for my children. Over the years weíve been making some good progress making The Lanes safer for travel into Parlainth and I plan to start trying to reclaim a few small areas of the ruined city to make it safer and to grow Haven. Itís an optimistic plan but a good one. The one thing Barsaive needs above all else is hope, and Iím trying to provide that to Haven. I donít really know what became of the other Sentinels. I assume Arowdom returned to Blood Wood and Guan Yu resumed his search. I feel saddest for Thorbar: while we were all prepared to sacrifice our lives to defeat Druaga I think we did so on the assumption that the sacrifice would return us to our netherworlds. Thorbar sacrificed the rest of his natural life, and all of his unnaturally prolonged life, to the service of a vainglorious and fickle, if powerful, master. His sacrifice was truly the greatest any of us made. Leif did turn up in Haven a few years after we defeated Druaga just after Torgak had returned to his netherworld. Leif was looking for an item in Parlainth. He had continued his studies in magic and was an extremely powerful Wizard by this point. We spent an enjoyable evening reminiscing about our time as Sentinels but I lost track of him after that. So this closes my story. I hope that the stories of my old friends are still being told, perhaps still being written. For me, my time as a Sentinel will never be forgotten and there are few Namegivers who are fortunate enough to have had their lives shaped by such a remarkable collection of individuals. Buzz, Flit, TíQssim, Shudrabar, Thorbar, Arowdom, Leif and Guan Yu: wherever you are this ageing Troll is embracing you all with her biggest hug.

Last updated: February 27, 2014