Earthdawn – Guans epilogue

Excerpts from the Book of Guan.

It is now that my eyes are failing and the cold seeps through my bones that I am able to put pen to paper and leave these notes on a life I have lived and shared. It was while searching for a young merchant that I happened upon a group of adventurers called the Sentinels of Ardain. They were an interesting group who have happened together through circumstance and fate. Let me see what I remember of each of them as best I can. Jedergail... the 1st to befriend me. Had a warm heart and a pleasant disposition. Always happy to exchange tails on the long journeys. Tasked with freeing her cair from a Horror and much as she did not like to admit it the lynch pin in the team that everything went round. Thorbar... A stout hearted Dwarf. Stand by him in a fight and you will stand but a rock that no enemy blades will pass through to harm you. Leaf... A deeply troubled sole who seemed to be fighting his internal daemons for some form of control. An interesting person to observe but not a person to pass the barbers blade to. Arrowdown... Absolutely fascinating. A man wish such deep devotion to his queen and passion but outcast from them. The constant pain of the thorns must have paled in comparison to his inner agony. It was with these unlikely people that I found myself negotiating with an ancient dragon called Mountain Shadow in an attempt to prevent a named horror from reaching a place called EarthDown and instigating a 2nd scourge. It was Thorbars eloquent negotiations that secured the dragons help, at the cost of his liberty, and Jedergail?s mastery of the nether world that trapped the horror and made it possible for us to delay the circle closing on this loop in history for the moment. For there will be other horrors that will contrive to bring back the scourge. I will not recount this and you must find the details in the Library at Barter Town. Although the writings are from Leaf’s journal and not always as it happened from any observer. The day after when we left the dragons cave it was like a light had been extinguished in the Sentenals. With just the 2 members remaining and the tasked achieved it was like watching a master workman putting his tools back into the box. Jedergale returned to the Care and was happy to be there. Although I understand that she soon grew weary of the politics and moved to Haven to wed a have children. I heard little of Leaf or Arrowdown and have made little effort to seek them out as trouble follow them and my charge was not ready for such adventures. I made a promise to Thorbar on departing the Dragons cave to look after Lynn. As I was traveling alone now I allowed myself the luxury of traveling over the mountains on my flying carpet and made good time to Haven. Stopping short to walk the last 2 days to remind my spirit of the benefits of meditation. Lynn was devastated to here of Thorbars death and her mind slipped back into despair. Fearing that she may regress further into herself, as I was told she did once do, I offered to travel with her to Thorbars resting place if she agreed to walk with me. At first she was impatient and her mind like a young foal but as the 1st moon waxed and waned I was able to ease her trouble with the wonders of the world she was to live in because of Thorbars sacrifice. As there was no resting place for Thorbar we had no destination and we began to travel Barsave meeting new people and experiencing new places. I tutored her in the arts as my master had tutored me and her skills improved but her mind was never truly focused. On her 16th birthday she was ready to be told of Thorbar’s true fait and I had contrived for us to be in the mountains near Mountain Shadow’s cave. We hid in the mountains for 2 weeks until we saw Thorbar returning from one of his errands for the dragon. I had taught Lynn well as even Thorbar did not recognise the old man and his “boy” herding the goats on the path. After that Lynn and I went back to wondering from place to place looking for adventure and companionship. It was while I was recovering from a nasty encounter that Lynn found her love in the form of a librarian’s son who had got “misplaced” by his farther. An ungainly sort but I could see what she liked about him. I was not long before they were married and with child. I stayed with them until now when with failing health and a need to be home in Carthay that I will ride my carpet once more and return to my home land to be laid next to my master for eternity under the constantly blossoming cherry trees of the monastery.

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