Dark Heresy

The journal of Judas Nero

Sangius – Warren Severus – Paul Drakar – Dave Judas – Derek Orday – Steve Quintilla - Stuart

Mission 0.5

I was finally on route to Scintilla to start my new life as an acolyte in the inquisition when I was informed that the spaceship was being diverted to Sepheris Secundus. It seems that I would be starting by new job sooner than expected. There had been an uprising on the planet. It had been quickly quelled by the local imperial guard, but there was a problem with the mines, the output of which was the planets main export. The imperial guards who had entered the mines had reported the presence of something that was not human. At least those that returned from the mine reported this, for many who entered the mine just never returned. It was to be my task, along with two other acolytes (Sangius and Drakar) who happened to be on board, to investigate the mine and solve its riddle. We travelled to the surface and questioned some of the guardsmen. However they were unable to provide us with much information, just tales of creatures seen in the mine. We decided the only option was to descend into the mine ourselves to find the cause. We requisitioned some equipment from the imperial guard then descended into the mine. It soon became clear to us that something was indeed down there, as we found evidence of the fate of the missing guardsmen in the form of blood trails and body parts. Finally I was able detect something with my affinity to the warp. A well placed grenade eliminated the first of the warp corrupted individuals we had found. From then on it was a simple matter to sweep through, eliminating the corruption as I sensed it.

Mission 1

I was summoned by inquisitor Tyburn Graves, as were Sangius and Drakar. We were joined by another new acolyte Severus. We were told that an unskilled hiveworker called Saul Arbest had been found dead on the mid hive transit zone. He had died after his body had rejected a transplant organ. He worked for Tantalus indenture and lived in chamber 6/23 7/17. His death was susspicious and we were asked to investigate. Our cover would be employees of Coscala division, Southern zone, Hive Sibilis, and were issued passes. Saul had a sister – Lile Arbest in Pontikus Gericus apartment 10/283 We travelled to Sauls neighbourhood and started investigating. People we questioned reported that 'spectres' – creatures with glowing red eyes, were kidnapping people every night. Sykes the reclaimer was supposed to have seen one and Evard Zedd – Sauls friend, was reported missing to local head of enforcers. He had last been seen at the temple. We questined Sykes. He claimed to have seen two spectres in the South East. Severus then killed him for being a security risk. Apparently Sykes had been shown a datapad and noticed the inquisition logo on it. Searching his shop revealed no more clues. We investigated the local authorities. The law enforcers seem too professional, more like they were mercenaries. The local bar seemed to be full of criminals. Both the barman and local narco boss seemed scared. We investigated the apartment block where Saul and his sister lived but found nothing. We then decided to wait there overnight to see what happened. While we waited, three creatures with glowing red eyes arrived. We killed them. Shortly afterwards 2 enforcers arrived to investigate the gunfire. We found the enforcers reported to Sybus Moran who runs the alms house for Tantalus combine. The Alms house was the only building of importance in the south east of the sector so we went to investigate it. The receptionist was acting suspiciously and we quickly found ourselves in another gunfight. We were even assaulted by forces from the warp though I was able to close the rift by force of will before a demon could slip through. We fought our way to the upper floors of the building where we found a cult which was infecting people with a xenos parasite and performing strange transplant operations on them. We eliminated the cult and all the infected individuals.

Mission 2

Inquisitor Tyburn Graves summoned us and instructed us to travel to Olrakan city on planet Acreage to investigate a number of unnatural deaths. We were instructed to treat the mission as an undercover operation. After a spaceflight of several days we arrived at Acreage and flew down to the planets only spaceport which was a floating platform 100 miles off the coast. Having arrived we were faced with the problem of how to get to Olrakan. There were boats available but the captains were charging exorbitant fees. Severus decided that rather than paying the fees he would instruct one captain that we were inquisiters and that he was expected to take us to Olrakan immediately or he would be obstructing the inquisition. That got us to Olrakan but blew any chance of an undercover operation. We talked with the local militia and some other residents. We discovered that the inhabitants had all belonged to cults 100 years ago and the imperium destroyed them when they arrived, though it is possible there are survivors. Someone called 'Ignaris' claimed to see inhuman creatures drag someone away at night at the eastern wall near fabricators district. The creature was seen heading into the fabricators district. When we investigated we found a warehouse with 2 xenos creatures, a slug like creature and a furry thing. We killed them then searched the warehouse. We found a secret cellar in which we discovered the creatures were pets of other creatures called Sleuth which were made of maggots. They were hiding out at the old sky mill. The mill stood in a large open area. I cloaked myself in illusions to approach, though there was a moment when gravity was strangely reversed on my first attempt. We got to the mill and looked inside. The floor was covered with bodies which caused Drakar to freak out. Inside was an insect and a maggot creature which we killed without the aid of Drakar who was too busy running away. We then climbed to the top of the mill where we found the last of the xenos. After a brief fight we killed them all.

Mission 3

After arriving back on Scintilla inquisitor Tyburn Graves summoned us to brief us on our next mission. We were ordered to board a military warship and investigate a reported abandoned starship. We travelled to its location and boarded it. Initially the ship did appear abandoned, until we were suddenly attacked by 3 psykers. We killed them after a brief fight, though we had to wait for the last who had managed to create a time warp and disappeared for about a minute. We finished searching the ship and found no one else alive, though the crew had obviously been killed. In the cargo hold was a series of cells. There was also a strange machine which was identified as a psi damper, though it appeared to be broken. All the life boats were missing so we surmised that the ship had been illegally transporting unregistered psykers. The damper had broken and the psykers had escaped. The three left on board had not been able to fit in the life boats. The starship had been coming from Sepheris Seccundus. We ordered the captain of our warship to destroy the star ship then take us to Sepheris Seccundus. When we arrived we found a xenos carrier ship was attacking a holding facility for black ships. (Black ships are the official transporter of psykers for processing). We flew down to the planets surface. It was an eventful flight with Drakar at the controls as he was not always in complete control of the craft. When we got to the surface I called down orbital bombardment from our warship onto the xenos transporter and after several hits drove it off. Sangius also did some damage to it, taking out one of its weapons with our crafts canon. Drakar remained at the controls, sometimes actually being in control. Severus just cowered in the back. We then landed and went inside compound. Their generator was down and were at risk of loosing complete power, which would result in all the psykers currently held being able to escape. Severus examined the generator and found it could only have been sabotaged by the head tech priest Tonis because of the nature of the sabotage. He then shot the head priest with his bolt pistol, killing him instantly. In his quarters we found a data slate showing he belonged to the ???? society. We went to visit the tech priests parents. On questioning them we got them to admit their son was a psyker and they had hidden him while he grew up. We went to their 'lodge' and interrogated the administrator there. From him we got the address of Vicount Adrin who was their social secretary. We went to his house and when we arrived he had other members of his society visiting. I sensed the presence of another psyker in the room. We isolated and examined everyone thoroughly. I deduced the Lady Contessa was an unregistered psyker. Hiving isolated her I was still aware of the presence of at least one other psyker. Knowing we could not deal with a number of psykers we took everyone's names and addresses so the matter could be dealt with later. We left Sangius watching the mansion while we took Contessa back to the black ship holding facility. While we were away a couple of people attacked Sangius. He killed them. When we returned another couple attacked us and we killed those as well. We went into the mansion and interrogated Vicount Adrin who confessed he was the leader of a group of rogue psykers. We attacked and killed them all. We searched the mansion and found a data slate with details about a meeting arranged between Adrin and Emyl Kantris in some bar. Emyl worked for the shadow franchise. We went to the bar and captured Emyl. He asked if we are with Flax Nagai. He was an offworlder who was shipping out the unregistered psykers. We went back to the parents of Tonis and interrogated them further. They admitted that Majos Avery, who worked at the home world Mars, operated on him. Tonis was a psyker and Avery tried to remove parts of his brain to remove his psychic abilities. In return Avery was allowed to reopen a mine shaft in a tunnel in Fathom sound mine. The father said he loved his family more than the emperor so Severus killed him. We went into the mine and killed a couple of servitors. We found a modified psi damper which I blew up.

Mission 4

Inquisitor Tyburn Graves summoned us to investigate more deaths due to possible xenos activity in hive Sibilis. We were given details of some suspicious deaths. Marius Lavitisus 4th worked for the central processing authority. He was killed with his bodyguard outside his apartment (342-1658, 11-11:30) 2 days ago. He was a member of the presidium. Dorean Pedulus who worked for the offices of administration. He was killed while out walking. His apartment is 345-6654, 10-10:30. He was killed 3 nights ago. Cerci Beradictus worked for hive Savilus governing council. He was killed outside his hab block (347-9816) at sometime arround 1-2am 2 nights ago. There were witnesses, a group of men hanging about the hab block. The reception video did not record anything useful. Cerci managed to kill his attacker who was from the Orlocks hive gang. He had a xenos worm thing inside him similar to the one encountered in mission 1, plus he had been modified to have a poison injector. He had radioactive dust and luminous algae on his robes. Ceris had a girlfriend Regia. We were told to: investigate crime scenes enter underhive to find where attacker came from terminate heretics We went to Marius's place. I got a security video showing the attack. The attacker had an orange mohecan and dark eyes, which identified him as a member of the goliath hive gang. We searched Dorean's apartment and found a dataslate detailing a meeting with Dorean and a Remus Dimtrades at the Redback club. Investigations revealed the Redback club is a brothel. We went to the Redback club for the meeting and caught Dimtrades. Remus Dimtrades had been blackmailing Dorean and the lead was a Red herring. Marius lead the presidium which was considering plans for a new power generator. They voted in favour of building the generator almost immediately after Marius died. Votes went X Honourable Barak X Rt honourable Kaine Y Lord Dariel X Lady Elvie Y Baron Grioch Y Count Frastus Y Rt honourable Vindicus (took over from Marius) Some investigations revealed Marius had been against the plans. Vindicus's appointment had given him the deciding vote. We found a link between Vindicus and Frastus, they both belonged to the Sibilus hunters club. We went to the central processing authority head offices to interrogate them. They were uncooperative and the encounter ended in a firefight. We killed Vindicus and captured Frastus. On examination both were infected. we found a dataslate with the incriminating message “The brood await your negotiations with the humans. Hybrids are available if you need them. The magus will be born soon.” We also found directions to a power plant hidden deep in the underhive. We tracked down and killed a heretic xenos scum Mallear Strang who was interfering with sector security. We then went to the Sabilus hunters club. The receptionist actively hindered our investigations and we had to execute him. As we progressed into the club we were attacked by a group. We killed most of them but one fled into the underhive. We tracked them to a goliath compound and killed him when the goliath refused him entry. We negotiated with the goliath and got a goliath guide called Deadend in exchange for some weapons. Deadend lead us towards the power station. We had to pass through a flooded section of tunnels. Most of us got through easily, though Drakar seemed unable to cope with the simple task of swimming and almost drowned. We got to a deserted subway station and headed down the tunnel to an abandoned train. Severus went to the front of the train to get it moving. While he was doing so a crowd of mutants came swarming down the tunnel. I killed many of them in a wave of firestorms, but several made it to the train. Severus got the train moving but Sangius fell off and we had to maintain a running battle with the mutants for about half a minute before he managed to climb back on board and Severus could put the train into top speed. We took the train to the end of track where we found the power plant. The place was swarming with mutants and xenos, with a number of tanks where xenos creatures seemed to be growing. Through force of will I burned the area clean until we were left with only the main control room to clear. Drakar decided to set up outside one door with his heavy stubber while the rest of us stormed in through the other door. While we entered the room and destroyed the rest of the heretic xenos scum while he fired ineffectively through the door. Drakar then refused to use his demolition charge to destroy what was left of the area, so I had to summon more power from the warp to finish the job.

Mission 5

We were again summoned by inquisitor Tyburn Graves. A request had arrived from the planet Locanthus for help in investigating strange occurrences around a new cathedral at Stearn hope settlement. we were tasked to travel to there, meet Arasticus the seer and ensure the cathedral was completed. Locanthus is an archaic fudal world. Its only export is ghost pollen which is used in psycho active drugs. The governor is Veral skull We travelled to Locanthus. The locals were called pilgrims of Ashleen and had blue and white tattoos. When questioned all they said was “Crowfather has come again” We met Arasticus and got some equipment. We then drove to Sterne hope When we arrived Arasticus pleaded exhaustion and retired to his room. We questioned some of the locals and learned of Esher Rain, also called death singer. She was some special local woman. We headed into the desert to find her. On the way we were hit by a sandstorm which I sensed was in some way being directed directly at us. Immediately after the storm we were attacked by a flock of birds which we killed. We found Esher high up in the mountains. She believed a dark evil called dancer at the threshold or crowfather had returned. Its one weakness was a fear of the agony he liked to inflict. We thought this could be blinding due to the way the birds tried to blind us. We travelled back to Sterne hope where we saw lights in the nearby mountains. We climbed into the mountains where we were attacked by some corrupted dusthounds. We killed them all though myself and Severus were badly injured in the fight. It was strange really as Severus's mechanical arms seemed inactive during the fight, almost as though he had forgotten to turn them on. I am sure they could have deflected some of the blows against him if they had been working. After the fight we searched for the lights but they had vanished. The next day was the ceremony to complete the cathedral. I spent some time questioning the locals but they were all uncooperative. I am not really sure why the inquisition was wasting resources helping them. During the ceremony the compound was attacked by 'voysers of warlord Seth'. Their main attack seemed to rely on a vehicle with a battering ram to break through the gates. I called a firestorm down on top of it and killed everyone on board. The rest of the attackers could not then get inside the Sterne hope and were easily defeated. The attackers were corrupt and mad. We returned to the cathedral. Inside the High priest and Arasticus were summoning the crowfather. Arasticus seemed under the influence of something. We killed the high priest. As the summoning was disrupted there was a huge explosion which killed Arasticus. On his body we found a burnt data slate and tarot card made of xenos tech which we took so the inquisition could investigate further what could have corrupted a powerful inquisition psyker. After the mission we went through 6 months of decontamination to ensure we were not affected by what had got Arasticus.

Mission 6

Inquisitor Globus Varak (who had a broken body sustained by an encompassing life support system) tasked us with investigating a group called the Joyous choir. We were sent back to hive Sibilis on a rogue trader. when we arrived we met Laurent Strophies and his daughter Julia. His niece was missing (Saus Strophies). She had some connection with the Joyous choir. We were told the Choir were using 'harmony meters' which seem to have the same xenos tech as as the tarot card we had recovered in the previous mission. Vorlin Orday had got hold of a harmony meter. We were told to investigate and report back within 1 month. We were to take cover as nobles and not tell anyone of our true identity as inquisitors. I examined the harmony meter and determined it could detect psykers. We met Julia who was to set us up in the role of a noble and his retinue. It was decided Drakar would to play the part of a noble from Fencs world with the rest of us acting as his retinue. I think his background as a military goon gave him the right 'dumb bully' mentality for the job. We went to the lower hive to meet Vorlin in the barking saint tavern. On the way we found someone called Silon recruiting for the joyous choir. He said the highest members go to the alabaster court. Caros Shoal was the founder of the choir. We went to the choir meeting. It was lead by councillor klitus who preached a load of rubbish. We then continued to the tavern. We found Orday who said he had more information but it would cost 1000 thrones. He said the joyous choir had people in the magistratum so we could not rely on them. He told us about Farcosia, a powerful addictive narcotic. Saus was hooked on it and may have overdosed. Many choir members were hooked on it. He also said the choir was a front for another organisation. He had an encrypted data slate which will cost 1000 thrones. Severus arranged with Laurent Strophies to get the money. Drakar got himself a prostitute. When the cash arrived we escorted Orday to his apartment. On the way we were ambushed. There were at least seven of them armed with autopistols and shotguns, one was half way up the wall of a building. We shot him and he quickly withdrew. We ran for Orday's hab block but Orday tripped. Drakar dropped his heavy stubber and dragged Orday into the hab block. I then used pure willpower to drag the heavy stubber back into the hab block. We did all this under heavy fire. Killed one of them and forced another to flee. Sangius challenged them to surrender. They voxed back to somone and Severus listened in. Called Theodosia, also talked about the query. Theodosia said no survivors so Drakar killed their leader and I called down a rain of fire on the others killing all but one of them. The sole survivor fled. We then went to Ordays apartment and got the data slate. We left the apartment by the back door. Severus made a new ID for Orday to get him past the magisterum and into the upper spire. He probably should have spent more time on the job as the magisterums scanner spotted it immediately. Severus had to barge into the magisterum and break his scanner before fast talking him into letting Orday through. The data slate listed people with psychic powers. The majority of them were from the highest orders of society. In the evening we went to a soiree organised by Lady Borelia as a fund-raiser for the joyous choir. Drakar was to play the part of the noble Pilikus from the planet Fenx. I had to play the part of his jester. Severus was his tech priest and the others his bodyguards. Orday spoke with a girl who looked out of place. She had gathered the most donations that month for the joyous choir. They took drugs together and got stoned. I spent the evening causing havoc in the name of entertainment. Drakar ate a cake which was laced with drugs. The drug made him open to others emotions. Severus scanned Siprit Dannene with the harmony meter, he had a funny mind which seemed to have two presences, almost like he was possessed. Lord Verance scanned as completely human. At one point I upset one of the lords who ordered two of his bodyguards to take me outside and 'hurt me' Once outside I changed my demeanour to a terrifying visage and caused the guards to cower completely incapacitated with fear. Unfortunately Sangius had followed me out and was also inflicted with terror. I took the knuckle dusters from the guards and returned them to their lord when I wend back inside. At he end of the evening Orday and Sangius tried to follow Siprit home. Orday managed to crash into something and was about a subtle as a fluorescent skyscraper. Sangius continued to follow him but lost him in a dark allyway. He voxed the rest of us and we went to meet him, having got back into our normal kit. Orday easily picked up the tracks of 5 people and we followed them. The trail lead back to the upper spire. I sensed the magistratum at the checkpoint had had their minds affected by powers from the warp in the last hour. We continued to follow the trail to a hab block but were unable to determine the exact apartment. Severus interrogated a servitor which was stubborn and would not tell him which apartment we were looking for. Severus overrode its programming and found the rooms Siprit was renting were floor 97 rooms 1603-1607. We went back to rest before investigating further. In the morning we went to search the apartments. Severus used auspex to determine which room people were in. We then broke into another and searched it. Orday found a box under the bed, inside which was a book about someone called Slannesh, prince of pleasure, and a silver symbol. Severus started reading the book. We interrupted him after a minute and he did not remember what he was doing. We then opened the other rooms to kill the occupants. Orday crept in and killed the first two while they slept, but made a noise waking the third. He drew his bolt gun and killed him. The fourth killed himself. We searched the rooms and found another data slate and 3 more bronze symbols. Severus fiddled with it and managed to break it badly and I was unable to fix the damage he had caused. I asked Strophies if he had heard of Slannesh. He told me it was one of the dark gods. Based on that information we burned the book we had found along with the symbols. In the evening we went to a party arranged by lady Borella. They were scanning people at the door with a harmony meter but Drakar bossed his way in without getting the party scanned. I watched a play with Drakar. The other three went exploring while everyone was watching the play. The finale of the play was one of the actors getting murdered on the stage. Apparently he had been paid to be the victim, though it was unclear exactly how much he had agreed to. We ignored this as it was peripheral to our investigations. Drakar spoke with lady Borella, but some leading questions did not get satisfactory answers. I saw a large monk appear from the back and go to Caros Shoal. Caros looked scared of him. They went to a quiet corner to talk. I saw a glimpse of a metal foot which made me think of the guy we saw up the wall when we were ambushed. Drakar headed to Caros and the monk headed off out the exit. Drakar gave Caros some lies about making a payment and went upstairs with him. Upstairs he changed his lie into one about being part of the criminal underworld and talked him into starting another con. The monk was called Theodosa and was a mid ranking member of serrated query. They took psykers back to Amberlon the walking city for processing and brought back drugs. Caros was getting scared and wanted to get out of the choir scam. Drakar promised him a ship and 5 million thrones. We left the party about midnight. We went to bed but were woken by the sound of an explosion below. Sangius and Orday started putting on their armour. Myself, Severus and Drakar took positions covering the stairs. Drakar opened fire with his heavy stubber killing 2 people coming up his stairs. I called forth a firestorm and incinereated all three coming up my stairs. Severus blew a huge hole in another's chest with his bolt pistol. Drakar killed another, and I incinerated the rest. A second wave came up the stairs. They were cut down in a hail of gunfire. The last two surrendered. Drakar and Orday interrogated them. They worked for an outfit called pressure point. They were hired to hit the house Strophies, no survivors. From the description it sounded like Theodosa hired them. Lord Strophies executed them. In the morning we arranged to go to Amberlon using the cover of gem traders for Lord Strophies. It took us 5 hours to fly there in an ornithopter. When we arrived we got directions from a magestratum to Kronis Estruns jewellery shop in the Red quarter. We questioned Kronis. He did not know anything useful but suggested we go and talk to the oracle. His son Zuriel took us there. The oracle seemed to know we were inquisitors. He said to go to the church of the joyous choir to find the source of the drug manufacturers. The joyous choir are just a front for the serrated query. The psykers are being processed to make the drug farosia. We went to the church and snuck in. We descended some stairs, killing a heretic we met coming up the stairs. At the bottom of thee stairs was a door. Sangius looked inside then went running up the stairs screaming. Drakar looked inside and started shaking with fear. In the room was half a dozen heretics. Drakar opened fire on them, killing one. Another ran out of the door shouting “Theodosia we have trouble”. They opened fire, seriously wounding Drakar. Theodosa came into the room and opened fire. Orday shot Theodosa, injuring him. I tried to call down a flamestrike but there was something blocking psychic powers. They opened fire on us, wounding myself and Severus, and blowing Ordays left arm clear off. We withdrew before Orday died of blood loss. On our way out we met Sangius who had stopped running away and was creeping back. We went back to Lord Strophies to regroup and heal. Orday had a bionic arm fitted and borrowed a grenade launcher. We flew back to Amberlon the next day. There was 3 guards out front. We went round the back where was another guard. Sangius got spotted scoping out the temple. We left for an hour and when we came back there was 2 guards at the back. We decided to leave it a day and when we returned it was back to one guard at the rear. Drakar approached the guard and identified himself as an inquisitor. He told the guard to give him his com bead and to clear off. The guard was just a hired mercenary and backed down instantly. I focused my will on the wall and melted a hole in the rockcrete. We entered the church. Drakar set up an explosive trap on the nearby doors and Severus detected 2 guards at the4 bottom of the stairs with his auspex unit. A couple of grenades and fire bombs killed them. We descended the stairs and opened the door. I threw in a fire bomb hitting Theodosa. Drakar shot him with his heavy stubber and Orday fired a flash grenade into the room. Theodora charged Drakar and hit him with a power blade. I then shot Theodora, killing him. Drakar shouted for the others to throw down their weapons but they just laughed. I shot one of them, nearly taking his leg off. Drakar turned another into swiss cheese. Orday blew the one I had shot to pieces with a grenade. They returned fire, seriously wounding Sangius who was blown back and lost consciousness. Drakar killed another, and I wounded one. Severus killed another. Drakar finished off the one I had been shooting then Orday called for them to surrender. They did so, but then bit down on something and started frothing at the mouth, before dieing. We investigated the room. The tables had bodies of psykers which had been operated on, and all their brains removed. There were bodies of some of the psykers which had been turned into servitors. We called in the local magestratum to clean up.

Mission 7

We spent 2 months in R&R before squads from the inquisition appeared and asked us to follow them. We were taken to a military transfer lander. The lander took off and climbed into orbit. Severus did his usual trick of strapping in tightly and whimpering for the whole journey. The lander docked at a Dominator class cruiser. We were greeted by captain Cypher of the Magnus Ecthelion. He showed us an image of what appeared to be a joined mass of ships. He stated it was a space hulk which had exited the immiterium and was on a direct course for Scintilla. That was particularly strange as I knew hulks only ever appeared outside solar systems. The captain then introduced us to a space marine, brother sergeant Agamorr of of the ordos xenos deathwatch. 3 days ago a cadre of psykers detected a disturbance in the ether in the golgenna reaches. Naval sensors later detected a hulk which was named twilight. Its trajectory will put it in Scintillas atmosphere in half a sidril day (15 hours). Battlefleet calixus was readying to destroy the hulk when it received a signal from the heart of the hulk identified as originating from the legendary inquisitor Adorjin who disappeared over 600 years ago. We are to find her fate and rescue her legendary weapon called the luminous approach. The marine was to accompany us. The rest of the party were given instruction on using a void suit. I spent the time playing in the zero gravity room. We crossed to the hulk in an assault boat helios. Drakar piloted it, or at least sat in the pilots seat and got it pointing towards the hulk. As we approached the hulk we were fired at by some sort of energy weapon. Drakar managed to avoid the shots. I spotted some xenos ship flying arround the hulk. The cruiser fired at it as we docked with the hulk. Drakar blew the melta charges to give us an access hole into the hulk. We entered the hulk. We had not gone far when Drakar and Severus's weapons lost power. I sensed the warp flowing unhindered nearby. We hurried on, after passing through a bulkhead door the weapons reactivated. We continued for an hour when I heard a voice from behind say “Its watching us”. Sangius and Orday denied saying or hearing anything. Suddenly Drakar cried out from the front. The floor ahead had disappeared and the blackness of space could be seen. A lo-stick thrown at it bounced off something, so the floor was still there somewhere. Drakar walked over the ceiling using his magnetic boots. Myself and Severus just walked over the invisible floor which proved to be quite solid. As we passed over the floor became opaque again. As we crossed a room I saw seven demonic dog like creatures come at us with incredible speed. Sangius collapsed, I was afflicted with some sort of supernatural fear and forced to flee. We both recovered quickly. They were not strong and we dispatched them easily. As we continued our way was blocked by debris. The only way forward was through a crack in the hull which was not large enough for the marine to get through. Serverus detected a life form beyond. I focused my will and melted the bulkhead round the crack, enlarging it considerably. We passed through. The auspex registered a life form approaching though we could see nothing. Drakar opened fire with his new multi laser but hit nothing. It registered something right on top of us and suddenly a young girl appeared, though she was partially transparent. She said “you are in trouble now, they are nearly here”. I sensed a strong warp presence from her and the words “shadow raider”. She moved towards Sangius and he opened fire with 2 auto pistols. The bullets went straight through her. She said “That was not very nice, are you jailers” then vanished. I healed the marine, but as I did so there was a huge explosion from the warp which blew me from my feet and melted my equipment. Nothing further happened so Severus gave me his void suit as he had some backup survival gear. Sangius lent me some of his spare weapons. We then continued our exploration. I heard a dripping noise from ahead of us. The dripping came from an area where the ice had started melting. We continued through the area until our route was blocked by a bulkhead door. Sangius opened it and looked through. The corridor continued beyond but the door was too narrow for the marine to pass. I concentrated my mind and started to melt the bulkhead around the door. As I started the marine said he saw something. A few seconds later we were attacked by a dark eldar and a couple more of the demon hounds. I ignored them and continued to focus on the door leaving the others to kill the xenos scum. We continued on. Eventually a lit entrance way into another ship came into view. Sangius went to walk through it and pulled up short as his foot lifted upwards as he put it through the doorway and he realised gravity was reversed in the ship. The others used their magnetic boots to walk through. I just jumped up to walk on the ceiling. A bit further on at the entrance to a room the gravity flipped back to normal. As we entered the room Severus received a signal on his vox which was identical to the signal from Adorjin which came from a side corridor. He scanned down the corridor with his auspex and caught a glimpse of something red. Meanwhile Sangius had started exploring down another corridor and realised there were some demon hounds. Drakar threw a grenade and missed badly. I hit them with a firestorm. Severus then finished one off and Sangius finished off the other. As the sound of gunfire died we could hear more barking approaching, and more hounds than we could count came round the corner. The space marine shouted that he would hold them off. Drakar turned and ran immediately with Severus and Sangius following quickly behind him. I held back and called a firestorm onto the hounds to slow them up before following the rest off the party. The marine held them back for over a minute before succumbing. Drakar stopped to lay demolition charges and messed around with them for about half a minute before getting it right. We finally got through a bulkhead door and closed it behind us. Beyond the door was a black ship. As we approached the black ship I heard the sound of a weapon being cocked and saw movement ahead. I warned the party and dived for cover. Severus challenged them and they replied they were inquisition. It turned out they were another team to the hulk on the same mission as us. Suddenly one of them was attacked by a hound which appeared from nowhere. The rest of us ran into the black ship. I saw the inside of the ship was still covered with pentagraphic wards to ward off demons, though the hexagraphic wards to ward against psychic powers had been removed. The ghostly figure of the young girl from earlier appeared suddenly and said 'Have you come to kill them' then she whispered into Sangius's ear 'Are you an inquisitor?' He answered yes and she whispered back 'Oh dear you should not have said that'. Sangius drew his gun and everyone opened fire, but all the shots passed straight through her. Sangius tried to push her and passed straight through her. He dropped like a stone unconscious. She then just started walking away. I followed her and she asked whether I was an inquisitor, to which I answered no. She then said I could meet the others. Once we were 6 metres away from everyone else I drew on the powers of the warp and summoned a holocaust around myself, destroying the creature utterly. We crept further into the ship until dark figures suddenly appeared both in front and behind us. All the other inquisitor group plus Drakar used their magnetic boots and walked up the wall onto the ceiling. The figures were more of the ghostly forms. One approached and said his name was Corvus. He asked about inquisitors to which Sangius answered no. They said he had been on the black ship for 600 years. They had been guiding the ship back to the home world Scintilla where they would be free. Another figure appeared and said 'the dead should not bother the living'. He was Vogul and he started arguing with Corvus. Vogel said he sent the signal. In life he served Adorjin. At the rest of the parties request, I stayed to keep watch on the rest of the ghosts while the Warp Ghost Ishtan Vogel took the rest of the party into the 7th Hold of the Black Ship where the Inquisitor Adorjin was locked in death with a Daemon, both of them now covered in thick ice. Severus started to cut away her book, the Liber Daemonica, with his Lascutter. Whilst this was happening a holographic projector appeared through a portal displaying the image of the Dark Eldar leader. He offered to let the group leave unmolested if they agreed to let the Dark Eldar inspect their gear and take what they wanted, obviously the party refused. Severus handed the book over to Orday and started on cutting free the Luminous Reproach while the rest of the party prepared for the Dark Eldar attack. Numerous portals appeared into the hold from which 20 Dark Eldar came out, guns blazing. Sergeant Forden of the rival Inquisitor's retinue turned traitor and shot Orday, blowing off his arm and taking the Liber Daemonica. Drakar and Sangius continued to fight, but fared badly, and Drakar had an arm blown off and Forden took the book to the Dark Eldar who swiftly departed via their Web Portals, leaving the party in a bad way. Ishtan mentioned some centuries-neglected escape pods which they might use to escape the imminent bombardment of the Space Hulk. He took Severus to the bridge to send out a distress call to the Imperial fleet to watch out for the pods while the others collected me, then everyone made their way to the pods and escaped just as the bombardment began in earnest. The Space Hulk was obliterated and our pods were eventually picked up by the fleet. During the debriefing Drakar and Orday were taken to have their injuries treated and Bionic arms fitted. The Inquisitor Globus Vaarak was generally pleased with our performance, but expressed concern that the Dark Eldar took possession of the Liber Daemonica. Afterwards the party attended the funeral service of Brother-Sergeant Agamorr.

Mission 8

We were given 6 months R&R on Scintilla before being given our next assignment. We were taken to the Bastion Serpentis, the Tyrantine cabal's ancient fortress upon Scintilla's second moon, where we met the Inquisitor Globus Vaarak. Our new mission was to investigate the re-emergence of the terrorist mutant group the Broken Chains on the mining planet Sepheris Secundus. Vaarak explained that the original Broken Chains was formed by Baron Havalir Saerton Ulbrexis some 14 years ago, but was successfully put down by the planet's forces, the Royal Scourges. The baron was a heretic and known Serf and Mutant sympathizer,. The Baron was apparently executed for heresy shortly afterwards. Varaak informed the party that the Baron wasn't executed but has, in fact, been kept prisoner at the fortress for the last 14 years. The group had to secure the help of Baron by offering him a false deal whereby he takes over the rule of the current Monarch of Sepheris Secundus upon completion of the mission. In reality we were ordered to execute him once he had outlived his usefulness. Varaak warned the party that there is still death warrant out on the Baron on Sepheris Secundus so some form of disguise might be prudent. Drakar took the prudent step of placing an explosive collar around the Baron's neck which could be detonated should he try and escape. The newly reformed Chains were known to by led by a mutant with the exact same appearance as a trusted member of the Baron's original group, called Assod Morirr. Assod turned against the Baron and was killed by him in brutal fight which cost the Baron his right leg. Assod's body was never recovered. The parties main objectives were to travel to Sepheris Secundus aboard the merchant vessel Pax Behemoth and meet up with the head of the local Adeptus Arbites, one Proctor Noles Rotlan who would provide any and all assistance. The party was to ascertain the location and identification of the mutant terrorist Assod Morirr and find their HQ. The party was also expected to present an overview of the local situation and a working plan on how to deal with it by the time Varaak arrived, which would be in one month. It was a 3 month trip to Sepheris Secundus The Baron turned out to be extremely well educated and even managed to appear sympathetic to Drakar after several long talks with him. However, the rest of us had to warn Drakar of the Baron's corrupting influence. On arrival at Sepheris Secundus we were to meet a member of the adeptus arbeties, a proctor Knowles Rotlan. We took a shuttle down to the surface. We landed on the planet near some mineworks and waited. Shortly afterwards we saw a figure approaching. It was Proctor Knowles Rotlan. He lead us to the mineworks. He pointed out a castle which he identified as belonging to the ruling baron Alswere. Ulbrexis spat at the mention of his name. We went to the arbites op centre. Newly reformed broken chains started 3 years ago destroying a mine and have destroyed a mine on average once every 2 ½ months. More recently they have been using xenos tech which can distort space. They had fragments of one of the bombs. I sensed a faint tint of the warp on the parts. Some of the metal appeared similar to what was in the drug lab at the end of mission 6. I looked at a map of the attacks. The locations appeared to join up in a spiral slowly descending. The pattern had some connection to the occult or demonology. From the pattern I surmised the next attack would be in a cluster of deep mineshafts to the south of the op centre. Known as Hazaels cross. Ulbrexis observed they could be using some of the old chain bases. The proctor said there were mutants deep in the mines and they were tolerated as they could survive in places others could not. He sounded like a mutant sympathiser. We had a meal with the proctor then went to our hovel to sleep. During the night Orday had a dream about a snake. In the morning we went to the site of the last attack. We interrogated some of the serfs. One was in the shaft. He said a huge mutant appeared and put some device on the ground. There was glowing symbols on the walls. Then some form of pressure wave occurred which destroyed the mine and killed some serfs. We then went down to one of the chain bases the baron knew about. The entrance was behind a metal panel where a shaft ascended 40 metres. Orday climbed up and into the room at the top where he found the room was distorted and the ceiling seemed to show skies. There were 9 mutants listening to music coming from a vox unit. Sangius and myself climbed up as well. Drakar stayed below with the baron. Sangius and Orday opened fire, killing one each. I then summoned a huge firestorm which incinerated 5 of them. Orday and Sangius then killed the last two. I then searched the room and discovered there was evidence of mining. There was also struts with little symbols on. The metal appeared to be causing the distortion affect and may have also been used to make the bombs. I drew the symbols for later study. Drakar then rigged the room with explosives and set it off. He used far too much explosives and collapsed the whole tunnel He got caught in the blast and was trapped in the rubble. Orday pulled him out and I healed him. We then went back to the arbites op centre to meet Captain Mervin of the royal guard. He arrived with a number of well armed guards. We told them to help us set up an ambush for the mutants next attack. Severus inferred one of them's mother was a mutant and Drakar had to step in to stop a fight. The Baron started mouthing off about serf rights, and Sangius took him outside and pointed out what would happen to him if the others found out who he was. Drakar came up with a plan of where to position everyone throughout the mine. After a long discussion he got the captain to agree to it. We went to the mine and set up to wait for the mutants. We waited overnight. I woke in the morning with a great sense of growing psychic power. It continued building for a couple of hours then suddenly there was a series of explosions on the second and fourth tiers of the mine as holes opened in the rock aces and mutants started streaming out. Among the mutants I saw Assod and another huge mutant carrying a large backpack. I bought down a firestorm upon them. Several mutants were killed but Assod and the other huge mutant seemed unaffected, though the huge mutant seemed to be glowing with heat. Everyone else opened fire. The huge mutants skin appeared to reflect laser fire, but he was taken down eventually by sustained bolter fire and crack grenades as he ran into the room. A human female on the second tier brought down a firestorm on several of the Arbites, so I returned the favour, burning her to a crisp. A huge firefight ensued. Many mutants, Arbetes and royal scourges were killed. Assod shouted to the mutants to flee and ran. I chased him down and summoned a holocaust, burning him from existence. We then swept through the mines, rounding up and executing the remaining mutants. Drakar set off the barons explosive collar, killing him.

Mission 9

We returned to the Pax Behemoth. We were informed our next mission was to travel to the planet Vaxinide and take a shuttle to Ubertain and go to the excelsior hotel where there would be rooms booked. Eskin Hansard the Urbertain's minister of security would meet us there and explain our mission. Vaxinide is a frontier world with a declining agro chemical economy. The journey took about a week. During the journey Drakar got the ships engineering team to repair his chainsword. The engineer was incompetent and broke it further. After an argument Severus went to fix it himself. We landed safely on the planet, though Drakar almost flew into a refinery on the way down. The atmosphere was badly polluted and it was raining heavily with an acidic rain. We ran to the port authority admin building. The admin officer was obstructive until Severus identified ourselves as being inquisition, at which point he became very helpful. We got a car and Orday drove us to the hotel. Our rooms had been pre booked for a week. We stayed overnight. In the morning Eskin arrived. He had with him several other people including Hurlie Wrex, head of the local Adaptus Arbities. The minister told us he suspected warp activity and there had been 4 deaths in the last month involving ritual mutilation. One of the victims, an evangalist called Mombril was still alive, but died shortly after being found. The other victims had had their brain and heart removed. All had had their eyes, hands and tongues removed. We went to the tannery where Mombril had been found. We looked round. There was nothing on the roof, but there was a warehouse next door which overlooked it. The warehouse was owned by the Hundal Mass agricultural stowage, but was now disused. We entered the warehouse and found evidence of someone being dragged through the dirt. On the 3rd floor we found a room with a plastic sheet covered in blood and gore, and a cross drawn on the floor in yellow chalk. Footprints showed where someone appeared to have run across the floor and out a window. On the wall was a couple of hooks. I knew the cross had no occult significance. Drakar thought it was a way of worshiping the emperor. Some movement alerted us to 2 people on the roof. Orday and Drakar tried climbing up a broken ladder. Severus shot one through the roof. As Orday climbed through the hatch he had to throw himself to the ground as a trap went off. A grenade then came through the hatch and Sangius was caught in the blast. After a brief fight Sangius and Drakar grappled the remaining person to the ground. Severus interrogated him. He believed the people killed were tyrannids. When they came back from the war there was over 500 of them but now they were less than 70. Cauter Travis the master gunnery sergeant and Omin Lund, sniper first class were in chagre. Omin works as a bartender at the flir de lies and Cauter works as a superintendant at the hab block where one of the victims had been found glued to the ceiling. Severus slit his throat. We went to the flir de lies bar. Orday questioned Omin. She admitted to killing them, saying they (the 9th infantry) were doing the emperors will. We arrested her and took her back to the Arbeties for further questioning. They were happy to continue rounding up the rest of them.

Mission 10

We returned to the Pax Behemoth and received a message from the inquisition. They had a rumour that Sergeant Forden was on an imperial station in orbit of the gas giant Pry called 41 Pry. The mission was to take the package in cargo hold 1 to 41 Pry, capture and interrogate Forden (not killed). We were to determine the whereabouts of the book and retrieve it. The package turned out to be a small starship. We took the ship to 41 Pry. The journey took 4 weeks. We docked and spoke to the portmaster Varnius. He looked dodgy. He warned us not to go to the aft commons which was run by the black coat brigade. Orday made contact with a member of the underworld. I looked round the marketplace. There were a number of stalls selling illegal drugs. Somee of the weapon stalls had xenos weapons which looked to be dark eldar, Tau and ork. Orday was taken to some underworld headquarters. He met Sylvanas Deatrix. Forden was affiliated with the black coats. They have been dealing with the dark eldar. She would tell the location of Forden and pay a 5000 throne reward if Orday agreed to kill Loctas Cane, the leader of the black coats. We went to the aft commons. Orday and Sangius scouted out the black coat cantina. In the bar were 6 dark eldar. They kept watch for an hour until the eldar left. Orday and Sangius followed them. They went to the market place called smugglers paradise, and met a trader who seemed to be selling them slaves. Sangius booked a room in the low cost accommodation. Orday went back to the cantina to get better rooms. He flushed Foren out from the back then turned the room down. We went back to the ship to form a plan. Drakar would create a distraction bomb to set off in the room Sangius rented. Myself and Severus located the power feed to the bar, and when the bomb exploded I melted through the cable. We all then rushed the bar. There were 2 dark eldar in the bar. I fried one in a firestorm. Drakar killed the other with a burst of plasma, but a 3rd appeared from behind some curtains. Several of the humans also returned fire. Drakar charged into the room. Severus killed the last eldar with a burst of bolt rounds. A couple of warp hounds materialised and attacked myself and Drakar. Drakar killed his with his power sword. Severus hit the one by me with his chain axe, causing a flesh wound. I summoned a psi sword and sliced it in half. We killed the remaining humans. Behind the curtain was a heavy door. I focused my will on it and began to melt through it. As I did so, half a dozen dark eldar entered the bar behind us. Their leader fired at Sangius, who dodged, then charged Drakar. Draker struck him with his power weapons, killing him instantly. I killed to others with a firestorm. The rest opened fire on me with their automatic needle weapons, but failed to hit me with even a single round. Drakar killed another then I incinerated the rest with another firestorm. I then returned to focusing my will on the door, melting it away after a few seconds. Beyond the door was a 5 metre corridor leading to another door. I concentrated my will on it and started melting through. When the door melted, Drakar ran down the corridor, triggering a trap which sprayed acid. He managed to dodge the spray, as did Severus who was following him. I melted the devices allowing the rest of us to pass safely. Severus detected some lifeforms moving away below us on his auspex. Drakar and Sangius found a tunnel and tried crawling through it. The rest of us tried following with Severus tracking them with his auspex. They were obviously running to an airlock. I ran ahead and arrived as they were cycling the airlock. I melted a hole in the airlock window so the safety interlock would not open the outer door. Drakar and Orday got stuck in the tunnel and had to back out. Sangius arrived at the airlock as the window melted. I drew the warp around myself creating a frightful aura. Sangius and Forden cowered in terror. Cane's mind dribbled out of his ears as his brain shut down. The dark eldar was unaffected and fired at me, though I dodged. I then melted his head with a shot from my Ultimo meltagun. The others finally arrived and we took Forden into custody. Orday took Cane to his contact and got the 5000 reward. Severus interrogated Forden. The book was on the 13th planet of the Threnos zone. We recruited an astropath to send a message to the inquisitor to report on our progress. We set off to the Threnos zone. We travelled through the warp for a few days. Drakar was piloting when he saw something incoming. He took evasive action and avoided it. Severus jumped into the sensor console and scanned the area, detecting a spacial distortion the size of our ship nearby. Drakar accelerated away as Orday and Sangius opened fire on it. Sangius hit. It returned fire but Dragar took avoiding action. Orday and Sangius fired again but missed. Drakar failed to avoid one of the missiles in their next salvo, which destroyed one of our missile launchers. We were then hit by another salvo which destroyed one of the missile armouries and set fire to the rear of the ship. Drakar finally managed to fly out of its range and I got the fire extinguished with Severus's help. We dropped out of warp and I went outside to inspect and film the dammage. It looked pretty bad to me and Severus confirmed it would take 5 days to repair all the damage. We decided we could not afford to delay and would carry on to Threnos. When we came out of warp there was some satallites transmitting imperium songs. Severus detected and decoded a carrier signal which said 'Mandrigore'. Severus was unable to work out how to transmit back so I had to do it for him. Drakar then flew us to the 13th planet. We told them we were here for repairs and were directed to land 2 clicks from the base. They sent 4 people to talkwith us. Orday degotiated with them. They quoted 15000 thrones for the repairs and Orday said we would think about it. During the day Draakar dismantled half a dozen missiles to make a huge bomb. In the evening we crept up to the base. Orday carried the bomb and planted it next to the generator. I then melted a hole through the plasticrete wall into the base and Sangius took out the one sentry we could see. We entered the base and crept towards the nearby admin room. Orday threw in a flash grenade, stunning the occupants and we rushed in. Severus interrogated one of the occupants. He said the book was with Mandrigore at the other base. Mandrigore is a chaos space marine. We killed all the heretics in the room. I went to the control room with Severus and Sangius, and created a firestorm inside, killing everyone. We then destroyed all the control consoles. Orday went to collect the bomb. I summoned a firestorm onto 2 guards outside then we all ran to the shuttle which was outside on a launchpad. Severus could not unlock the shuttle so I had to pick the lock with my melta gun. We then took off in the shuttle. A group had come out of the barracks and were setting up some heavy weapons. Sangius shot and killed one asw we made our escape. We flew back to our spaceship, then took it towards the other base. We landed 5 clicks from the base and all transferred back to the shuttle to fly to within a click before making the final approach on foot. Outside the base was a strange mesmeric ship. Drakar started walking towards it, then he dropped his multi laser and started running. I could see the ship was corrupted by the warp and outside were a couple of creatures that were probably demons. While I kept watch, the others started chasing after Drakar. They failed to catch him up, but sangius started singing (badly) the emperors song, which seemed to snap Drakar out of whatever was effecting him. The base was well guarded. We chose a point to gain entry which gave us maximum cover. I started melting through the wall when two guards approached. They spotted Sangius who instantly shot one in the head but missed the other. The other started running and shouting into his comm bead. Sangius killed him with another shot before he could run far. Two gun servitors approached. Severus managed to take control of one and commanded it to shoot the other. I continued focusing on the wall while the others fired on the servitor. The servitor was surrounded by a diffraction field which absorbed their fire. I melted through the wall. Inside the room was some demons, guards and a chaos space marine. Everyone opened fire on the marine, scoring several hits. I tried to call up a firestorm inside the room but the room was shielded against psychic powers. The chaos marine fired back with his bolt gun, hitting Drakar, and the demons attacked us with their claws. The fight continued, with one of the demons being killed by Drakar. Orday was seriously wounded by a shot from the chaos marine and I had to heal him. The fight continued and Orday ran into the room after a human that had grabbed the book we wanted. Four humans in the room wielding power swords surrounded Orday. Orday grabbed the guy with the book and threatened to kill him if the others did not back off. Drakar attacked the chaos marine in hand to hand. Severus killed some of the demons and I put my psychic sword through the chaos marines back, critically wounding it. Drakar finally landed the killing blow on the chaos marine as it was reeling from my blow. I then turned my attention on the servitor that was firing on us and called down a firestorm, blasting it from the sky. The final humans surrendered, and we executed all but the unarmed guy with the book, who we took prisoner. We rigged the bomb to destroy the room and then returned to our ship and headed back to Scintilla. As we left we saw a chaos battleship breaking orbit and heading out into deep space.

Mission 11

We were assigned a new member to our squad, an adeptor sororitas called Quintilla Lupa. We were ordered to the planet Zillmans Domain, locate and terminate the arch heretic Ferran Ghast. A secondary objective was to determine the fate of the last group to attempt to terminate him. We spent a week in the warp flying to the planet. We easily located the lander belonging to the previous group. It was deserted. We found tracks leading away from the lander towards the nearby town. We started following them, but a tremendous storm came in, forcing us back to our starship. Drakar tried to fly us nearer the town but managed to spin the ship almost crashing before putting the ship back on the ground about 2 kilometres from the village. We walked the rest of the way to the village. The villagers did not seem overly concerned at our presence. We found the local tavern and questioned the barmaid. There was a fair due to start shortly. There were a number of people in the tavern who had arrived for the fair. The barmaid denied recognising an image of Ghast but I could tell she was lying. She moved off and Orday followed. He oberheard her telling the barkeep we were looking for the high one. He replied to her that it did not matter as the calling would get us after dark. Drakar and Severus took the barman into the kitchen and interrogated him with prejudice. He said the high one was in the temple and was the high priest of Dagon, Dagon liked sacrifices and they were called the calling. Dagon called the sacrifices and they would not be able to resist him. They would be taken into the sea. Quintilla then executed the barman and barmaid before we left. As we walked through the town we were ambushed by cloaked figures throwing bolts of energy. Drakar killed one. The others opened fire, killing another couple before I fried the rest in a firestorm. The figures were wearing rings with a chaos symbol. We returned to our ship and took off. We waited in orbit until the next day when the next low tide was due. We flew over the coast around the town until we spotted a cave which had been uncovered by the tide. We landed a kilometre away and walked towards it. As we got to the cave I sensed something behind us in the sea. We all ran into the cave except Orday who hid in the rocks as an abomination burst from the sea. Orday fired a crak grenade at it and it charged him. Drakar charged it and immediately fell unconscious after breathing in its spores. After a brief burst of fire from everyone it was dead. We crept into the cave. Drakar set off a trap and narrowly avoided getting covered in acidic slime. Immediately after five grotesque humanoid figures came at us out of the darkness. Orday and Sangius fired on the nearest one knocking it back. Quintilla set fire to three of them with his flamer and I called down a fire storm on them, but they all survived an onslaught. I then saw a strange mass of flesh crawling along the ceiling from a side corridor. It let out a psychic cry which stunned Quintilla and Sangius. The humanoids advanced and attacked Sangius and Quintilla. Drakar fired on the mass of flesh with his multi laser, killing it. Orday ineffectively tapped one of the humanoids with his chainsword. I called down another firestorm but they still survived, though they were looking badly hurt. The others continued to fight them. I summoned the power of the warp to heal Drakar, Quintilla and Sangius, but then got hit badly by one of the creatures. Drakar finally killed one. Orday continued tapping lightly on one of the creatures and Drakar killed another. I healed myself and Drakar. Drakar killed a third. Orday got hit by one, and I hit one back with a psychic blade, almost killing it. Drakar rhen killed the last two. We advanced down the corridor and found a statue of an aquatic abomination. I sensed a strong warp presence to the north, down the side corridor. I focused my will on the statue, melting it to slag, as Quintilla explored further down the tunnel. She found a lake at the end with large shadows swimming under the water. We went down the side tunnel towards the warp presence, and found a large cave with another 5 statues, two of the humanoid creatures and three of large serpents. Next to an altar was the arch traitor. Orday and Sangius fired on him. Both shots hit but did no damage. Quintilla charged him, striking him with a power sword, but he seemed unaffected. I sensed several warp presences, none the figure the others attacked. I called down a firestorm on the only one I sensed which was not in the water. The presence moved to Drakar, who screamed and burst into black flames. I shot at the presence as a huge creature erupted out of the water. Quintilla attacked it with her power sword. Drakar jumped into the water to put out the fire. The presence shot me with some energy weapon and I was forced to heal myself. Quintilla continued attacking the huge creature while the others shot at the invisible presence. I healed Drakar and Sangius while the others continued fighting. Sangius managed to hit the invisible presence. I ran into the room and called up a holocaust around myself. It destroyed a statue but the arch heretic, who appeared briefly in the fire, appeared miraculously unharmed. I sensed a connection between him and the statue. Quintilla killed the huge creature, but not before it had disgorged two of the humanoid creatures which continued attacking herself and Drakar. He hit me in the face with a bolt of energy, seriously wounding and blinding me. Drakar killed one of the humanoids. I healed the damage but could not cure the blindness. Fortunately my sight came back quickly and I was able to see to heal Drakar, Sangius and Quintilla who were all looking badly injured. Drakar burst into flames as the arch heretic hit him with an inferno shell. He dived into the water after Quintilla who had been dragged under the water by the last humanoid creature. I healed Orday who had been seriously wounded by a bolt round, but he did not regain consciousness. Quintilla managed to kill the creature which was dragging her under. The arch heretic blasted me with energy again, forcing me to heal myself again. I also healed Drakar who had just resurfaced in the water. I then brought Orday back to consciousness as the heretic shouted 'catch me if you can'. Everyone fired down the corridor. He was hit but not killed. He fired back, hitting Drakar in the head and leaving him confused and dazed. After another brief fire fight we finally killed him. We then returned to Scintilla to report to the templar moray in the administratum quarters of hive Sibilis. We were all awarded the star cluster medal in recognition of our achievements and promoted to the rank of interrogator.

Mission 12

On the way back to our apartments we heard a huge explosion and I could also hear heavy weapons fire then another smaller explosion. On investigation we found a group of military servitors rampaging about. Sangius and Drakar shot and destroyed one. I incinerated another in a firestorm. They open fired back. I stopped the incoming fire with nothing but a thought. Sangius then shot and destroyed another. Three of them charged at Drakar. He chopped one to bits. I then incinerated another with another fire storm and Sangius shot another. Drakar chopped up the two fighting him and Orday finally destroyed the last one after getting a lucky hit with a krak grenade. Severus examined one of the servitors and found it had embedded in it a strange dart type device. He gathered similar devices out of the other servitors. I tried incinerating them but they reacted strangely to the heat so we decided to take them back to the inquisition for further study. Upon checking the remains of the servitors we found they were recently manufactured in the administratum quarters in the servitor factorum by the skaelen-har hedgemony. The hedgemony are a large corporation with concerns across the sector. It is a major manufacturer of starship parts. Members of the concortium are expected to give up their personality in favour of the consortium. Severus examined the devices further and determined they were exerting control through the nervous system of the servitor and it would take an expert tech priest to install one. We went to the faqctorium. It had been rigged with explosive charges strapped to promethean tanks. Severus sent in a servitor to inspect them but the images it sent back were unclear so Drakar went in to try to disarm them. He pulled wires off all the detonators. None of them exploded. There were bodies in the factorium, obviously killed by the servitors. Severus examined the security video and found footage of 6 tech priests planting the devices in servitors before ordering them to kill everyone. The tech priests were then seen rigging the explosives before leaving in a vehicle. The vehicle was tracked to a vehicle hire company in the coscarla sector. Inquiries to the Skaelen-har hedgemony head office produced the identities of 6 recently hired temporary tech priests - Regis Novas, Castus Raltus, Calta Xantia, Tauron Litalus, Meta Flavia and Praetus Cylon. We travelled to the coscarla district and went to the hire shop. Examination of their records revealed it was hired by Tauron, warehouse 3a coscarla district. We went to the warehouse. Severus and Sangius went through the side door while Drakar and myself went through the front. Sangius and Severus surprised a couple of tech priests. They killed one and captured the other. At the sound of gunfire, four people attacked myself and Drakar. Drakar opened fire with his multi laser, missing them utterly. Two of them attacked me with power blades, inflicting serious wounds. Drakar was also attacked and took damage. He fought back, beheading one and severing the leg of another, but they both continued to fight back. Drakar took a load more damage from them and dropped to the floor, minus his right arm The second tech priest started talking heresy to Sangius who executed him. I woke up in hospital, healed myself and went to find the others. Drakar had to beg an inquisitor to authorise the fitting of a cyber arm. A search of the warehouse produced about a hundred security crates among the crates and an encrypted data slate. Severus was unable to decrypt the data slate. Cross examination of the warehouse workers revealed the crates were being shipped to and from the wilderness outside the hive. The tech priests had sent the workers away when they opened the crates, but they had got glimpses of generatorium and explosives inside. The crates were opened in a quarantine area. One of the incoming crates had alien pistols. A crate going out had an industrial mining drill. Other crates had a similar pattern, mining equipment going out, weapons coming in. We asked interrogator Sans to decrypt the data slate, which he did. It talked of a search of forbidden technology, described how funds were transferred and specified a planned meeting tomorrow. We investigated the fund transfers. They were through the Skaelen-Har Hegemony. We went to their offices and traced the transactions to a member of the board called Trantia Jestilla and went to the top floor of the office. There were 3 secretaries who looked suspiciously distant. Suspecting they were more of the creatures from the warehouse I called down a firestorm and incinerated them. The energy released was greater than even I expected, and all the technology in the room was overloaded and shut down, including Drakars cybernetic arms. Sangius opened a door to the next room where Jestilla was. The technology slowly started coming back to life. Jestilla tried to erase the suspicious financial transfer but I stopped her then brought up the information. The transaction was a money laundering exercise for the purchase of all the equipment we found in the warehouse. Drakar put her to the question. She gave us the coordinates of the meeting point in the wilderness and that they were to meet techtriach Seccundus. We made arrangements to travel with the land train to the meeting coordinates. Drakar filled one of the crates with explosives and rigged it to detonate if opened. Severus put some tracking device an another. We travelled with the land train as mercenaries. It met up with another land train and the cargos were exchanged. I watched the direction the other land train went and surmised it was heading towards the abandoned Hive Tenebra. We called down our spaceship so we could follow. We landed a couple of kilometres from the entrance and crept towards it. Sangius scouted out ahead of us. The entrance was guarded by a couple of walkers and a couple of snipers. Sangius climbed to get a good shot on the snipers while I crept forward while wrapping myself in shadows. One of the snipers must have seen someone and fired a shot. Sangius shot one of the snipers as I brought down a fire storm on one of the walkers. The walkers opened fire wildly, surrounding the air around me with multi laser fire. I held my ground and emerged unscathed. The surviving sniper fired at me but I turned the bullet aside with a thought. Sangius missed the second sniper, but Drakar sprayed the damaged walker with multi laser fire, causing it to explode. I summoned a vision of myself nearby to draw fire away from me and called down another firestorm, melting the second walker. Sangius and the last sniper exchanged fire for a while before Drakar finally killed him with a burst of multi laser fire. Severus unlocked the door into the hive. As the door opened Sangius took up over watch position and killed two of the defenders inside as they came into view as Dakar blinded them with a flash grenade. Severus and Drakar killed another two. I hit the last with my melta gun but his xenos armour absorbed much of the energy. Sangius then finished the job. The crates were all stacked around inside. Severus opened the next door further into the hive and I vaporised the two figures waiting on the other side in a firestorm. Further down the corridor was two gun turrets. Sangius fired at one but it had a refractor field which absorbed the shot. I hit them with a firestorm. They took damage but survived the blast. Severus talked to them in binary chatter, taking control of one and commanding it to shoot on the other. Drakar threw a blind grenade down the corridor. The turrets survived a second fire storm but Quintilla ran in and sliced one in half. Severus still had control of the other and shut it down. Another six figures were hiding behind the next door. They all died a hideous death in a firestorm. As we continued we flushed out a tech priest. Sangius missed him but Quintilla shot him in the back, killing him. Two others were blinded with a flash grenade, and Quintilla executed one then Severus interrogated the other. Their ship detected unusual energy readings. When they investigated they found xenos tech scattered about. They also found a partially buried object surrounded by four obelisks. They are trying to power the obelisks in the belief there is more tech inside the buried object. The techtriach Prime is protected by four archo fladgelants and a dozen tech priests. We decided the best course of action would be to overload their power station and destroy everything. We found it without too much fuss and planted explosives in the containment unit before creaping back out to our ship. The fireball was very impressive.


The road had been long, but the day finally arrived. I had returned to earth. Before I had been packed like cattle on one of the black ships. This time I arrived in honour. I stood before the head inquisitor who congratulated me on the excellent job I had done. Now I look forward to continuing to root out heresy in my new rank of inquisitor.

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