Broken Rooms

Brian Atkins [played by Dave]
Gideon Hall [played by Warren]
Jack McNally [played by Paul]
Ex-US infantry. Did one tour of Afghanistan during the insurgency before leaving the Army to join Safecorps Inc, a private security firm, because the pay was much better. Since then has worked on Safecorps contracts all over the world, but primarily in South America and the Middle East.
Jaroslaw Karnowski [played by Derek]
Petty criminal from Texas. Son of polish immigrants. Had a twin brother Valentyn. Were partners in crime until August 13th 1012 when a break in went wrong. Valentyn was shot and killed by a security guard at the warehouse they broke into. The event caused Jaroslaw's first fall, without which he would probably also have been shot and killed.

Regency Personnel File N0085/P455kv7 Brian Atkins and Jack McNally were successfully recruited by Professor Ellington a few months after their first fall. They were trained by Agent James Klein and both got through the intensive 3 month training with excellent results. Despite both being men being socially reserved they worked well together and Agent Klein suggested that they be assigned to the same mission once their training was completed. Klein noted a warning about both men. McNally is at the moment only interested in the money Regency is paying him. His loyalty is questionable should he receive a better offer. Klein hopes his coming experiences working for Regency will bind him more loyally to the organisation. Atkins is happy to accept our salary but maintains a moral code that could have the potential to put him at odds with future mission objectives. Klein hopes that his coming experiences will help him see the bigger picture when performing his duties. For the first mission Atkins and McNally were tasked with getting to a broken room in Wichita , Kansas. This is one of our stronger rooms so the Friction should be manageable for their first jump. The room links to Earth8: Dread. Here they were to make contact with Agent Jessica Heyn who would brief them on a mission she needed executing on Earth4: Invasion. McNally requested an M-16 assault rifle based on his previous experiences on Earth8, and recommend Atkins take a powerful pistol. Agent Klein approved the equipment request. After travelling to Earth8 the men were accosted by a gang of drunken thugs, one of whom claimed to be the mayor. McNally was able to disperse the thugs without resorting to violence. The pair then made contact with Agent Heyn who briefed them on the mission to Earth4: they were break into an office in Chicago on Earth4 belonging to Global Lab Corp, find the office of employee Frank Ogden and copy a specific file from his computer to a USB stick. From there they were to proceed to a basement laboratory where a broken room was located that would return them to Earth1. The room was due to cycle 2 hours after their arrival on Earth4 and had a long cycle period so it was essential that they did not take longer than 2 hours to complete the assignment. They were provided a code access to a side entrance to the Global Lab offices. Agent Heyn also requested that the men bring back any K-Tech they came across. Agent Heyn took them to a broken room in her HQ where they travelled to Earth4. Once there mission proceeded seamlessly up until the point that the pair needed to access the basement laboratory. Having retrieved the file from Ogden’s computer they discovered a large metal door with a keycode entry blocking their entrance to the laboratory. The keycode provided to open the side entrance to the offices was not recognised by this security check point. McNally used his Breaking Meridian to form himself into a powerful battering ram and was able to smash through the metal door. A hallway with a deserted guard station was on the other side of the door, along with another large metal door leading into the laboratory. This door was not security enabled. The sounds of gunfire and screaming were heard coming from the laboratory, which rapidly ended to be replaced by the sounds of scuttling creatures. It was clear that the K’thari had somehow penetrated the laboratory. Atkins and McNally identified two aliens in the laboratory and it seemed clear that they were unable to open the large entrance door to the lab. They decided to wait to see if the aliens would leave but after 15 minutes without any indication this was happening, and the time before the room cycled decreasing, they decided they had no choice other than to open the door the laboratory and tackle the aliens. Atkins opened the door with McNally covering him with his assault rifle. The pair had underestimated how quick the K’thari are and before they could act the 2 aliens who were in the lab had rushed into melee range. Fortunately both men were able to avoid the K’thari attacks. Atkins now used his Blocking Meridian to slow the aliens so that they could barely move. Rather than risk fighting them, the two men ran into the lab and closed the door behind them knowing that the K’thari were unable to manipulate the door. Inside the lab it was clear that the K’thari were test subjects and had broken free to kill their captors. With a few moments before the broken room cycled the pair searched the lab and located some K-Tech weaponry. When McNally picked up one of the three K-Tech rifles he discovered that it meshed with his hand and he was unable to put the weapon down. With the mission thus completed, they used the broken room to return to Earth1. The USB stick was handed over to Agent Klein. Fortunately for McNally Regency have experience of removing K-Tech weaponry and the weapon was extracted with any injury to McNally. An important lesson for him. Mission successful.

Regency Personnel File N0085/P455lx2 Mission objective: Locate a missing team, Trent Bullock, Dr Andrew Gibson, Rebecca Ellen Kelsey who are investigating biology in Afghanistan on Earth 2. Local Earth 1 contact is lance corporal Riggs. Team were given coordinates to the broken room in a cave near Kokcha river in Badakshan province, Afghanistan. While travelling to the room in an armoured transport the team experienced a bright flash and passed out. They regained conscious lying on a salt plain with no sign of the armoured transport. They report having a bad feeling from a forest in the distance and chose to walk away from forest. After several hours of walking they saw a beach and sea in the distance. As they approached large piles of debris could be seen on the shoreline. Everything from trains to iPads. Some looked random, some looked deliberately arranged. Gunfire was heard in the distance and something large and dark seen. The team laid low until it moved away. The team met an Afgan child called Sensi who knew Jack who said they were on the reef. [This with the description would confirm somehow they had appeared on Earth 13] Sensi said the reef was the beginning and the end where peoples dreams become reality and he was an exile from a previous convergence. [Interesting. Does this imply previous divergence events with a subsequent convergence? A mission to find and question this Sensi further would be prudent. Note also the implication that this variant of Sensi knew Jack so has been to Earth 1] He also said a malevolent would detect them soon and the team must have experienced a life threatening event on Earth 1 to get here. He said everyone would need to give up a memory as a price to use a nearby broken room to leave. The room was on a train carriage on the top of the reef. [Description has been added to database for further investigation] Jaroslaw used his opener meridian ability to ease the friction slightly for the group. The room cycled and the group appeared in a dark cave but were badly affected by the friction travelling up to Earth 2. They climbed to the surface. The area was suffering regular earth tremors. Jack found tracks leading away from the cave which they followed. The tracks were actually left by 2 tigers who attacked when the group came across them. Both were killed but Brian was injured. They returned to cave where Brian found another trail which eventually lead to a camp in a clearing. Three dogs that were scavenging had to be killed to secure the area. Some spent rifle cases, blood and a scorched tear gas canister were found. There was also signs of several bodies having been dragged from the camp. The trail was followed to some vehicle tracks which in turn lead to a raging river. A rickety wooden bridge crossed the river which looked unsafe to pedestrians let alone a vehicle. Brian tried crossing the bridge but was chased back by bats. The group went upriver for half an hour and found rapids where it was possible to cross using the rocks. They were attacked by salmon which tried to knock them into the river but managed to cross without a major incident. They then returned back downstream to the bridge and found the vehicle tracks continuing which lead eventually to a road. Following the road led to a gas station. One figure was sitting outside in a van and lights were on inside. Jack detected a monarch wireless network signal nearby. Jack covered as the other two crept up. Brian opened the back door. There was two men and a woman. He aimed his crossbow at them and shouted nobody move. That just caused them to reach for weapons. After a brief gunfight the woman was dead and the two men surrendered. Jack had also killed the individual in the van. The van was searched and there was evidence three people had been tied up in the van. The survivors refused to talk until Jack killed one. The other then confessed they had captured the missing team and shipped them to Earth 11 for indoctrination. He also admitted to being a member of monarch and said a convergence was due in 2015. His name was Felix Crawford from Earth 2. There was a broken room somewhere round the petrol station which was due to cycle in 6 days. The group narrowly escaped a pack of wolves attracted by the gunfire and fled in the van. While heading back to the cave they rescued a pregnant woman who had been abandoned by a caravan. She was given the van once they reached the cave. A bear had moved in and had to be killed before the room was used. Felix was brought back to Earth 1. After many hours hiking they returned to the point where the original incident with the armoured transport had occurred. It had been hit with an IED and there were half a dozen bodies scattered around. Anything useful had been removed from the scene. While attempting to hike back to civilisation they were captured by insurgents. Felix had collapsed and was left for dead. They were taken and left tied up and blindfolded in a cave, though they all managed to free themselves quickly from their bindings. Jaroslaw crept up and killed the guard outside the cave as they had failed to find his pistol when the group had been searched. Two more insurgents were killed in the escape from the caves. They also rescued an American aid worker called Gideon who the insurgents had captured and were torturing. Outside two more of the insurgents were killed in the process of stealing a truck. Two trucks gave chase but Jack shot both drivers causing them to crash. On arriving back at the base they reported in. Several menders had to be flown in to patch them up. Gideon was found to be a nearsider with the mending ability and was recruited to help on the mission. A broken room direct to Earth 11 was traced locally. The room was in mid air and a parachute jump was required to use it. A cave was found to sleep overnight. During the night several ghosts appeared in the cave which Gideon found particularly disturbing. In the morning a car was flagged down and a lift to the nearby town was offered. On approaching the town the car was stopped at a checkpoint. Jack and Brian ended up fighting the guards. Jack killed one and the other was left tied up in their hut. The old lady providing the lift was tied up in the boot. The gas station at the location of the one on Earth 2 was found. Conversations with the attendant revealed several individuals matching the description of the missing team had been taken to the peacekeepers at the local church. He kept praising 'the lord' instead of 'the one. [This would suggest he was not a native of Earth 11 and therefore a monarch operative] There was a service in progress at the church. Brian caused a diversion by accusing one of the worshippers of blasphemy and Jaroslaw broke into one of the special confessionals near the altar. A quick search revealed the chair in the centre of the room could lower into the floor at the push of a button. Below was another room and there was a voice saying 'prepare for another'. Two individuals in lab coats were quickly overpowered and knocked unconscious. Wearing some of the lab coats the team advanced down a corridor to a door at the end beyond which was a laboratory. Gibson was strapped to a chair and drugged. There were four more technicians in the lab who mostly ignored the team. Jaroslaw and Gideon crossed the lab to a door marked checkpoint. Beyond was a corridor with two guards by a door at the far end. They shot the guards but not before one opened fire wounding Gideon. Bullock and Kelsey were drugged in the room beyond. A siren started sounding and a radio on one of the guards started beeping. Gideon spoke to someone over the radio and convinced them it was a false alarm. Everyone was taken to a loading bay where there was an ambulance. A guard was in a kiosk by the exit. When Brian tried to creep up on him he sounded an alarm and a barrier started to descend. Brian tried to stop it descending but just got his foot caught underneath. Jaroslaw killed the guard then released the barrier. The team then made their escape in the ambulance. They searched and found a room to Earth 1. Unfortunately it was a locker in a burned out school big enough for one traveller and cycled every 17 days. Jaroslaw was unsuccessful in enlarging the room and the attempts caused it to collapse completely. Another room to Earth 1 was found about 100km away across the desert. It was an APC which had been destroyed by a drone strike. There were ghosts around it. Brian started acting strangely and dug some graves. Each grave caused a ghost to disappear when a body was put into it. The room was due to cycle in ten hours but Jaroslaw reduced it to 5. Back on Earth 1 Jack called in and a chopper was sent to recover the team.

Regency Personnel File N0085/P455me2 Mission objective: Travel to Earth 4 and meet with Captain Jessica Haines for briefing. A warehouse in New York was a broken room to Earth 4. Jack suffered from the friction when the room cycled. Jessica was located in the local command centre. Regency required information on nanotube technology from Earth 6 to help with the fight against the aliens on Earth 4. The mission was to travel to Earth 6, board an ark and acquire samples and data on the technology. A broken room on the asteroid tethering the orbital elevator on Earth 6 connected with Earth 4. The plan was to capture a Karathi ship to get to the asteroid. A Karathi forward base in Brazil was identified as a good location from which a ship could be acquired. The team flew south to an airfield in Brazil and then a helicopter to the rendezvous near the hive. The main assault team staged an attack on the hive as a diversion while the ship was attacked. On the way to the ship Brian approached two naked and pregnant native women who were Karathi incubators and was lucky not to be stung by one of the larva when they burst out. [Schedule Brian for additional Earth 4 training]. Several Karathi were shill guarding the ship. When attacked a flying Hai-kio appeared and attacked as well. They were destroyed after a fierce fight. Jaroslaw used his opening ability to gain access to the ship. Jessica eventually worked out how to pilot the ship up into orbit and landed in a cavern on the asteroid after several attempts. The team put on spacesuits but Brian panicked when they left the ship and only regained his senses when the room cycled. The episode caused him to use half his oxygen reserve however. In the Cavern was girders and support struts for the ark construction. Jack and Gideon struggled to control themselves in zero g but were eventually helped to the side of the cavern and the team made it to an airlock. Jaroslaw opened the airlock with his meridian ability. Jack intimidated two security guards in the corridor beyond and they were overpowered and tied up in the airlock. Wearing their uniforms Jack and Brian went and found another two computer science technician uniforms. The group went to the materials lab where the nanotube technology was to be found. Brian and Jack relieved the guard outside the lab while Jaroslaw and Gideon went inside. The nanotube sample was found but it was in a large shielded container. While waiting outside the child Sensi appeared. He stated 'the dark exile has returned on Earth 1 and is gathering his forces. The group should return immediately.' He advised a broken room was in the alpha elevator. It was decided to complete the mission first. The technicians in the lab were fast talked into releasing the sample by convincing them it needed to be taken for a safety inspection. One of the commanders from the bridge came down and was talked into approving the transfer. The sample was left in a storage room near the airlock then the group went up to the command deck. Jaroslaw and Gideon talked their way into the server room and Gideon intimidated one of the young technicians into copying the data onto a memory stick. While waiting Jaroslaw took an opportunity to take a small computer pad that was lying on a cabinet. They then returned to the airlock and waited there until the broken room was due to cycle. Gideon suffered from nausea when the room cycled and vomited into his suit. They were picked up by the ship and returned to the command centre in New York from where they returned to Earth 1.

Regency Personnel File N0085/P455nx5 On returning to their safe house after mission P455me2 the group found the door open and some regency equipment was missing. James Klein could not be contacted either. Everyone except Brian went to regency HQ. Brian chose to take the subway but ended up being chased and shot by the police after exposing a firearm. HQ could not contact James either and reported his last known location was at the groups safe house. The group met there. James was not there but his wife was. She acted strangely and then fled the house. Jaroslaw gave chase and found her exceptionally fast and strong for a sixty year old woman. She was strong enough to be able to prevent him from stopping her driving away. He gave chase and finally stopped her by forcing her to have an accident. After a short foot chase she turned and attacked Jaroslaw forcing him to shoot her. He then fled across the freeway to an RV park where he stole an RV to make his escape. The others searched the house and found a laptop before fleeing when someone tried to break into the front of the house. Jack reported feeling ill and had a brief vision of being a snowbound landscape. [This could be the effect of a variant self nearby, possibly Earth 7] Everyone then met up in regency HQ. The laptop was password protected but Jaroslaw opened it. It contained an invoice for 2 weeks hire of a truck from a company in Juno valley park. Brian called and managed to get the registration number. Brian found a password protected file which Jaroslaw opened. It contained the address East Chester, 5 Union st, 4258. Brian experienced a vision of being somewhere very dark and developed a headache. As the group left Brian was shot by a crossbow. The shooter was not seen but the evidence suggested one of Brians variant selves was nearby and a likely suspect. A regency car was borrowed to go to the address. The address was a self storage company. There were 24 lockers with combination padlocks. One opened with the number 4258. Inside was stacked junk and crates. A puddle of organic goo was by the door. Behind the crate appeared to be something with a tentacle. Jaroslaw went to buy some gasoline. He also bought a paper with an article about a spate of murders in East Chester. Jack emptied the gas into the locker and set fire to it. He also set fire to himself, scorching his coat. He then went to buy a new tee-shirt. He then went a teashop and chatted up the waitress. The group met up and Gideon requested regency provide some FBI coroner ID so he could get information from the morgue on the murders. They then booked into a hotel. Jaroslaw read a clock and determined there was a broken room somewhere in East Chester with a short cycle time to Earth 2, 7 and 9. The searched for the room and traced it to a school under demolition. Suddenly the whole group experienced headaches and Jaroslaw was drained of some momentum. [A strong indication of a nearby variant self] After arming themselves with assault weapons the group advanced into the school. They encountered the variant selves of Brian and Jack. Jaroslaw triggered some feature of his Ktech rifle which attached to his eye causing some pain but giving night sight. After a brief fire fight the variants retreated. The group gave chase. Jack caught and killed his variant self. Jaroslaw chased the variant Brian. When the others caught up they found him barely alive with his eye ripped out and his throat cut. Jack called for an ambulance. Brian went looking for his variant self and found someone paddling in the centre of the swimming pool. However that was the broken room and it cycled at that moment. It took 9 weeks for the group to recover from their injuries. Neil Ellington promoted Brian and the group was introduced to father Juan Daigo as their new patron. Jack laughed at his name then got into an argument over religion resulting in Juan walking out. The following day Ellington introduced the group to Katharine Ryder as their new new patron. She was a closer from Earth 2.

Regency Personnel File N0085/P455ox6 Katharine Ryder provided an article from a newspaper from Columbus, Ohio describing what she thought was evidence of a first fall event. Miranda Stevens aged 13, a student from the local high school was admitted with acute hyperthermia. The school suffered from a power outage for an hour and all the clocks stopped. She thought it was evidence of a meridian power. The mission was to go undercover to find out what was going on and possibly recruit any new nearsider found. It was believed that Miranda was not the nearsider. Cover jobs had been arranged in the high school, Brian was a craft teacher, Jack was an athletics assistant and Jaroslaw a school bus driver. Gideon would be the counsellor / nurse but would arrive a day later as he needed to finish another task he was assigned to. The group flew to Ohio and started their jobs. At the staff meeting Jack took the opportunity to ask about Miranda. He was told she was a bully and not well liked. There were four other new starters. The new media studies teacher, Jan Carter, looked nervous. Later while looking round the school, Jack was approached by her. She said she had a thing about military men and invited him out on a date. She said she was currently staying in a hotel. Jaroslaw was asked to look at Stephane Jacksons car as it would not start. She was the new exceptional students teacher. Whatever was wrong with it, it seemed to be an intermittent problem. Jack and the athletics teacher had an argument and agreed to have a fight after school like a couple of school children. [Note: need to arrange that psychological evaluation]. Jaroslaw checked the area with nearsight and determined something had happened recently though there was no open room near. Brian spoke to the new English teacher Lindsey Hinkley. She said she was from London but claimed a load of facts that even Brian knew were false. She claimed to be staying with Jan. After school Jack beat up Chad in on the soccer pitch. The group met up with Gideon in the evening then went to the hospital to see Miranda. Jaroslaw determined she was not a nearsider while Gideon healed her a little. He then persuaded the doctor to stop her sedation so she could be questioned. After some persuasion she said she was taking money from Janey Foster and suddenly found herself in the arctic. They then returned to the school and got Janeys address from the school records. Jaroslaw broke into the unoccupied flat above hers. Inside was a figure in a balaclava. The figure was grappled and then tied up. It was Joe McDaniel the new French teacher. He admitted to being a monarch agent with the other three new teachers and Catherine was their leader. Brian spoke with Katharine and was told Janey should be approached before monarch kidnap her. Jack then killed Joe as his phone rang. Jaroslaw used his opening ability to unlock the phone and listen to the voice mail which was from Stephane. He replied with a text message saying reception was bad. The phone was an iPhone 6 but looked unusual. The group went downstairs and knocked on the door. When Janeys mum answered Jack forced his way in and pulled his pistol, then tied her parents up. Janey came out of her bedroom, screamed and shouted 'get me out of here' at which point there was a bright flash and the group found themselves on another variant which Brian determined was Earth 9. The room was no longer a broken room but there was one back to Earth 1 within a couple of miles. Outside the room were a crowd of zombies. Brian picked up Janey and they pushed past making their way downstairs. The broken room appeared to be in a shopping mall. Inside Brian wandered off to find a weapon. Jack shot him in the leg making him drop Janey. [Jacks justification was that he was wandering off and endangering the mission and Gideon agreed with him, Brians view was that Jack was unstable and a liability, Jaroslaw suggested the transition between variations had been harsh and Jack was probably suffering the effects] While Brian and Jack argued Jaroslaw picked her up and went upstairs with Gideon to find the broken room. Jack and Gideon were then attacked by a creature that appeared from a store. Jack ran away but Brian could only limp. Jack shot it several times before it fell. Two more attacked Brian on the second floor. They were killed but another three came from the shadows followed by two more, then another three, then four more, one carrying a shotgun. During the fight Brian and Gideon were badly hurt. Jaeny regained conscious and screamed 'get me out of here' again. A bright light and the group was in another variation. Gideon did not appear with the others. The group were in a busy shopping mall. There was a screen showing 'the show' about some children. Jaroslaw checked that it was Earth 5 they found themselves on. Jack bought some clean clothes for the group and found the cash was different, though his credit card worked. There were adverts everywhere about getting 'Derts'. Jaroslaw checked on the internet and found there was a requirement to have a certification of sperm count. Janey had a fit so they hailed a taxi to the nearest hospital. The nearest broken room was to Earth 2 and was far away in Washington state. Janey was taken to intensive care. The staff also wanted Jaroslaw and Brian to stay overnight as well. The following day Brian and Jaroslaw were told the girl had died. Brian lost his temper and knocked him unconscious. Jaroslaw then took his uniform and found another for Brian. They went up to the intensive care ward, knocked out the guard and went inside with the doctors access card. Jaroslaw gained access to a computer there and found files labelled Husbandry, Monarch and Harrison Chase with lists of names and phone numbers. He also got the address of the doctor who signed the death certificate. They went to the house and found the doctor asleep in bed. He was threatened and said the girl had been taken to Chase's mansion. Jack then got into an argument with him and snapped his neck. Jaroslaw looked up Chase on the internet. He was the director of 'the show', the richest man in America and lived in Southampton, New York. He was married to Jennifer Lawrence. He was holding a party the following day. They found one of the restaurants providing catering. Jaroslaw broke in overnight and stole some uniforms. The following day they gained access to the mansion with the caterers. A nearsider was sensed in the East parlor but when Jaroslaw snuck to the window there was just three men inside. When Chase was seen heading to the room Jaroslaw snuck back to listen. The conversation said the girl had been taken to the lighthouse and Monarch was interested in her. Chase was told to increase security on the island. The internet revealed the last functioning lighthouse in New York was on Little Gull island. They snuck away from the party, went to the marina and hired a motorboat. There were two figures with rifles visible on the island, one on the beach and one on the top of the lighthouse. Brian put on some scuba gear and swam ashore while the others took the boat to the other side of the island then turned the engine off and peered at it. Brian found an underwater hatch and entered it. Inside was a guard who shot Brian. Gideon after vanishing found himself in a tunnel of light. After some time he found himself approaching Sensi. He took his hand and in a flash of light found himself standing over Brians body. The guard was stunned so he gave him a sedative before healing Brian. Sensi waved and vanished. Jack and Jaroslaw saw the two guards disappear into the lighthouse so beached the boat and went to the lighthouse. They overpowered a guard and interrogated him. The majority of the base was underground and there was a keycode '7361' to gain access. Brian and Gideon was attacked by another guard and Brian was shot again but the guard as killed. Jaroslaw and Jack went downstairs and found Brian and Gideon. There was some guards in a room watching tv. Beyond were cells containing women who were being raped. Jaroslaw killed one. Jack found Janey and killed someone else who had just raped her. The guards heard Jacks gunfire and attacked. Brian hid in the room [Brian says he was protecting one of the girls, Jaroslaw thought he was just scared] during the fight. Two guards were killed and the third ducked back into the guardroom. Two more came from the opposite direction but Jack killed them with a well placed grenade. Jack and Jaroslaw left with Janey while Brian and Gideon stayed to try to rescue the rest of the girls. When a helicopter approached the island Brian abandoned the remaining girls to flee in one of the remaining boats while Gideon stayed to save the last of the girls. The helicopter followed Brian but he managed to force it down with his assault rifle. Back on land Jack hired a car. Eventually Brian and Gideon also made it to shore. Brian met with Jack and Jaroslaw while Gideon stayed to try to help the girls. When Janey recovered she used her ability to take the group back to her school on Earth 1. From there they travelled back to New York for the debriefing. Footnote: Team JB007 was sent to rescue Gideon.

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