Battlestar Galactica

Athena Themistoclea is a priest from Gemenon. Played by Dave Copernicus is a black market merchant from Canceron. Played by Tony. Henry Boyd is a lawyer from Tauron. Played by Paul Don Overwell is a convict from Leonis. Played by Derek Tartarus Nyx is an engineer from Leonis. Played by Derek

Don's journal There was a break to the normal routine today when we had three visitors on the Astral queen. One was Coppy who I first met 10 years ago. If I recall I was being bullied by some other kids at the time. He riled me into fighting back against bullies. It felt good punching them in their stupid faces. The other two were some lawyer and a fit bird with big tits. I think they said she was a priest or something The captain told me to made coffee for them. I gave them lots of the captains milk and sugar. Coppy said something about work duty but I was too busy looking at the birds arse to pay much attention. It was a nice round shape. They started talking with Tom Zarek. They wanted him to organise the prisoners into work parties or something. Zarek just kept going on about illegal governments and peoples rights. I do not think they ended up agreeing to anything and they all left. I hope the priest comes back so I can stare at her tits again.

From the desk of Henry Boyd CONFIDENTIAL! Summoned to meeting with Commander Adama & President Roslyn. Galactica lost 60% of water from tanks. Sabotage suspected. Commander A. asked me to investigate (why?) but 1st to visit prison ship Astral Queen to offer convicts reduced sentences to extract water from nearby moon. V. hazardous conditions on moon. Transpires Thomas Zarek on AQ & held great influence over prisoners. Zarek stuck with outmoded political ideas now invalid since exodus. Demanded various ridiculous conditions to get prisoners working ranging from resignation of President R. to immediate freedom & position on Quorum. Even if he accepted original proposal wouldn’t trust him – his politics blind him to realities of current crisis. Back on Galactica advised Commander and President that using convicts too risky – untrustworthy. Zarek would seek to use the opportunity for own ends not those of fleet. Offered solutions. President R. wanted to execute Zarek which I supported: long been advocate of capital punishment for crimes like treason & terrorism. Commander A. not keen – v. surprised. President R. decided to jump and search elsewhere rather than use convicts. Sensible. I’m v. impressed with President. Thoughts on my colleagues Copernicus – well connected, perhaps shady. Cool head, seems to have sound judgement. Can he put fleet ahead of own concerns? Signs promising. Athena – rash and overly confident. Unsure of her connection to President but she has some influence, supposedly spiritual but suspect own political agenda. She was prepared to agree to Zarek’s condition of President R. resigning and immediate elections – v. stupid and well beyond her remit. Need to keep an eye on her.

Don's journal I got drugged and dragged off to an arena where I was expected to fight in front of an audience. Some bitch kicked me in the nuts so I punched her out of the arena. Her colleague ran off and I got taken back to my cell. The next morning I was woken, handcuffed and taken on a raptor to Galactica. There they let me out of the handcuffs. The bird with big tits and Cappy were also there with the lawyer. They were interested in water tanks. They thought someone had vandalised them and let the water leak out. The lawyer got agitated thinking someone used explosives. He wanted to know how long someone could hold their breath in a tank full of water. I tried and managed 3 1/2 minutes. I followed while they looked round weapons lockers for missing explosives. They then rounded up the people who had access to the weapons lockers for questioning. One of the viper specialists admitted to selling a copy of his key after I threatened him a bit. He described some people Cappy recognised. Searched his locker and found a cylon lovers leaflet. The others seemed innocent. Got into a fight when I returned to the Astral Queen. Now I am confined to my cell again.

From the desk of Henry Boyd CONFIDENTIAL! After Commander A. jumped to search for water began investigations into possible sabotage of water tanks. Quickly ascertained it was an explosive device on the inside that caused the rupture. Only military would have access to such explosives. Srg. Hadrian responsible for weapon storage. With her help found the weapons locker with missing explosives and timed detonators. She’s a good soldier and accepted responsibility – hope she doesn’t have to take the fall for this. Still, security protocols v. poor. Interviewed people with knowledge of access codes and found Specialist Pieter Socinus gave codes to Danner Tevis, a big noise on civilian ship The Odd Easy, to who he owned gambling debts. Copernicus knew of Tevis and advised caution. Socinus also had links to pro-Cylon org. called Demand Peace but unsure if linked to sabotage. Manifesto suggested unlikely to commit terrorist acts like this. Provided info. to Commander A. Explained we’d need a couple of marines as backup if we were to confront Tevis on The Odd Easy. Commander A. said he’d take care of it - probably like best course of action. Seems unlikely Tevis directly responsible, more likely sold info. To who? Recommended to Commander A. that personnel with access like this are more carefully screened – game has changed since exodus so more precautions necessary.

Tartarus's journal Tai called me to Galactica and asked me to help Henry Boyd investigate a case of sabotage. He introduced me to a priest called Athena who was helping Henry and Lieutenant Lara. Henry slept on the floor of my cabin on the Hargreaves for a while when he first came aboard. During the introductions Galactica sounded an alert that cylons were attacking. An explosion rocked Galactica injuring Lara and several nearby crew. I grabbed one of the injured crew and dragged them through the emergency door before it closed. I heard later Athena operated on him after we got him to the infirmary and he died. I was summoned to Adamas quarters with Henry and Athena. Henry explained they had identified who had obtained the explosives. It was someone called Socinus. Adama said he would take care of him. Adama told us that during the cylon raid one of the raiders had transmitted a coded message to the Hargreaves and asked us to investigate. We went to ask the scientist Baltar how we could find any cylon devices that might have received the transmission. He said we should look for a circular device, probably hidden near the reactor of the ship. We went over to the Hargreaves. I went with the captain to search the reactor area. When we were by the reactor the captain turned and shot me. I fled, jamming the door behind me, but the captain effortlessly forced the door open from inside. He started babbling on about wanting to speak to Athena. As it happened Henry and Athena arrived with the chief engineer. She agreed to talk to the captain who told her he believed in one true god and had planted a nuclear device to explode in the fleet in 6 hours. I went back in the reactor room and found a small device the captain had attached to the reactor. It glowed red as I got close to it so I detached it from the reactor with a hammer. It seemed to have been drawing power from the reactor, and the glow faded when it was detached. In the meantime Athena continued to talk to the captain. He told her the nuclear bomb was on colonial one. Marines came to interrogate the captain and Baltar came to collect the cylon device for examination. The captain claimed to be a cylon and had been sent to infiltrate the fleet. He claimed there were many copies of several models of cylon and many had infiltrated the fleet. His deadline came and went, with no bomb exploding in the fleet.

From the desk of Henry Boyd CONFIDENTIAL! Called to Commander A. along with Athena and Petty Officer 2nd Class Nyx (was bunked with him on The Hargreaves – v. good technically but not a v. good human being - incapable of showing empathy or understanding of the others and always making tediously snide comments – not surprised to discover he’d been demoted – generally selfish & not likeable – not sure why Commander A. assigned Nyx). Commander A. explained a Cylon craft had sent a signal to The Hargreaves during the last attack and asked us to investigate. Spoke to Gaius Baltar who explained what kind of device would be required to receive the signal and gave us a good indication what to look for. Clearly under stress as he kept addressing comments to someone who wasn’t there, including looking at “them” – like a child’s invisible friend. V. odd. Dr. Baltar suggested we look 1st in drive core as this would be a good place to shield such a receiving device from detection. On The Hargreaves Nyx and the Captain went to search the drive core. The Captain shot Nyx but he was able to flee and join Athena & myself who were waiting outside the core. Captain wanted to talk to Athena - alone. She agreed and that calmed him down – we disarmed him. They went into conference room. Nyx not badly hurt and returned to core to find device that matched Dr. Baltar’s description. Athena came out after a while and had had a seemingly meaningless conversation with the Captain about religion. Not v. helpful. Captain claimed there was a nuclear device in the fleet. I went to interview Captain and quickly ascertained he had lost his senses. His statements were illogical & contradictory, or just downright ridiculous, including claiming he was a Cylon. Quickly came to conclusion that he was delusional, if not actually insane. Realised there was no nuclear device. Correctly called his bluff. Captain was transferred to Galactica and placed in Brig. Rather worryingly Commander A. took his claim to be a Cylon seriously and President A. wanted to airlock him for the nuclear bomb threat. Explained to both that they were overacting and seeing facts based only the claims of an obviously unhinged individual. Only conclusive evidence against Captain was attempted murder of Nyx. Fortunately my logical arguments prevailed and neither the Commander or President took any actions that had potential to destabilise fleet.

Tartarus's journal The following day I was summoned to the commanders ready room with Athena and Henry. The commander promoted me to petty officer 1st class for my actions in saving the Hargreaves. He also put me in temporary charge of the Hargreaves until a hew captain could be found. Henry objected because I was military and the Hargreaves was a civilian ship. The commander dismissed his objections. After we left Henry was accosted by a raptor pilot who was very upset and accused Henry of making moves on his woman Lara. Henry got punched a few times but the incident was broken up when a couple of marines arrived. As they all left a couple appeared down the corridor and seeing Athena, asked for her blessing. When Athena went to bless the woman she stabbed Athena and shouted 'death to the false prophets'. One of the marines came running back and was shot by the man. I stabbed the woman who was continuing to stab Athena before the marine killed her with a volley of automatic weapons fire. The man then committed suicide. She had an id and boarding docket from the botanical cruiser. She was a Libran Anastasias Callan. The guy had a small briefcase and an id identifying him as Khnum Abbott with a boarding pass from cloud nine. I took the evidence to the commander. Henry joined me as Athena was undergoing surgery. The commander took a call while we were there and then told us he had been notified that Athena had died due to blood loss. I went back to the Hargreaves and shortly after got a call from Henry saying the commander had asked to see us in the morgue. Athena was sitting on one of the gurneys there looking very alive. Doc Cottle said she had no vital signs and had died. The commander ordered her restrained in sick bay pending further investigation then after consideration sent her back to colonial one. The commander then told me he had found someone to take command of the Hargreaves and I was to return to my old position on the Galactica. Henry wanted to go and interview Tevis, who was being held in connection with some missing explosives which had been used to sabotage some water talks a few days ago. After some persuading he said half the explosives were sold to Copernicus and the other half was an anonymous sale to someone on the Hargreaves facilitated by a pilot called Phillip Everett. Henry arranged with Colonel Tai for some marines to search Copernicus's quarters. The explosives were found in a hidden compartment under the bed but opening the compartment started the timer on the explosives. I quickly disabled the timer before it exploded. Copernicus as arrested and thrown in the brig pending an investigation and trial.

Tartarus's journal I was in the recreation room with Henry and Athena. Starbuck was there listening to piano music played by her father. Athena liked the music and got a copy. Henry played cards with Starbuck and lost badly. Commander Adama then summoned us to his quarters. While there Athena started admiring a painting he had on the wall of a scene from the first cylon war. He said a raptor had returned from a mission searching for Tyllium. They had found what looked like a battlestar in a debris field. The reconnaissance imagery showed it to be very old and samples taken suggested it could be 2000 years old. Athena said it had an ancient Libran symbol. We were asked to join a team being sent to investigate. Henry spent the next two days being put through fitness training which just highlighted how unfit he was and he was given stims to compensate. I gathered all the equipment I thought I would need. We were assigned a raptor whose pilot was called Chuckles. We jumped to the coordinates. There was a moon which was slowly being pulled apart by the gravity of the gas giant it was orbiting. The battlestar was in the debris trail. Chucles hit some of the debris while on approach and damaged the raptor, but managed to land in the hanger bay. I suited up and went outside to examine the damage. It did not look severe and my assessment was that it would get us back. I examined one of the control panels of the battlestar. It was unpowered and I concluded our priority should be to make our way to engineering. The doors were shut. On Henrys suggestion I tried to power one from the raptor but there was a power overload and explosion setting the raptor on fire. Clearly the damage the raptor took on approach was worse than I had thought. The door was jammed but I was able to override the controls and open it, rescuing the unconscious Chuckles in the nick of time. The raptor was badly damaged so we went back to looking for a way to engineering. I cut through an inspection hatch. Behind was a corridor in which was lying a body. On it was the name Zeus written in old Libran. I found my way to engineering with Chuckles. There it became apparent to me that the lack of power was because the tillium had become inert oer time. Adding some active tillium to the system would catalyse the existing tillium back into an active state so I started working to drain tillium from the raptor to add it to the battlestar. While draining the tillium I found one of the cylon tracking devices in the tank. I finished draining the tillium then took the device and turned it to slag with a cutting torch. I then took the tillium to the engineering section and drained it into the tank of the battlestar. After a couple of hours the tillium had catalysed enough to start powering the ship. I then started working on life support while chuckles started calculating jump coordinates back to galactica. Athena then reported dradus was showing an unknown object approaching. Suddenly the battlestar jumped. Chuckles had not completed the jump calculations and Henry reported Athena had jumped to some coordinates she believed had been given to her by a god. Wherever we are there was a planet nearby. Chuckles was quite upset about the reckless jump and shot Athena in the arm.

The Libran Battlestar

Chuckles and Henry took the raptor down to the planet. The reported the atmosphere was breathable. The battlestar started losing orbit and I worked feverishly to repair the reaction controls when Chuckles announced she was returning to the battlestar and we should get the hanger deck as it was her intention to detonate a nuke. Even though I thought there was a goosd chance I could get the reaction engines going it was not going to be any help if the idiotic raptor pilot blew up the battlestar. She had indeed got hold of a nuke and left it on the battlestar as we left on the raptor. We saw the battlestar be vaporized as we were landing back on the planet. Henry said she had some theory that a nuclear blast would be a good way of signaling back to the fleet if the detected the explosion. Of course the blast would only be travelling at the speed of light so the fleet would have to be within a few light years and remain there for the years it would require before they detected the blast. After a few days on the surface we hiked to some nearby ruins. Chuckles was becoming more irrational, believing she should be in command and Getting upset when people did not follow her. In the ruins we found a temple. Some strange stuff happened there. Inside was twelve statues of the gods. The one of Athena was missing an eye. Our Athena decided it would be a good idea to put her false eye on the statue. That triggered some star constellations to appear across the ceiling. She decided that told her how to get to Earth. We spent 5 years on the planet, which Athena insisted was Kobol, before we were rescued. I heard a sonic boom which was a raptor entering the atmosphere. We had been found by the fleet but in the 5 years much had changed. The Pegasus had found the fleet and Admiral Kane was now in charge. Chuckles and Henry had started a relationship and now had a 3 year old son.

Temple of Athena

Tartarus's journal Back with the fleet we found that Kane had put Adama, Roslyn and other senior figures were in the brig. Kane had put them there three years ago. We were also told it had been discovered there were cylons that looked like humans and some were thought to have infiltrated the fleet. Kane 'invited' us to a meal in her briefing room. Copernicus was also there. He had spent the last five years on the Astral Queen having been convicted of handling stolen explosives. Kane wanted Athena to resume her position as spiritual advisor, Henry to take a position in the 'colonial martial service' and I was offered chief engineer on the Galactica. Henry did not seem willing to take the position and Kane said she would have him taken back to the planet. A couple of weeks later I was invited to a secret meeting. Tom Zarek had organized it. Apparently he had escaped and was trying to organize the Galactica and other ships to jump away from the pegasus and become independent. Henry had already agreed to join Zarak. Copernicus apparently did not want to split the fleet and hatched an alternate plot with Zarek to eliminate Kane. They blew up her raptor while she was in transit back from Galactica. Zarek then started a rebellion to take control of the fleet. During the rebellion Henry managed to free Adama, Roslin and the others Kane had imprisoned though they were in poor health. Afterwards Zarak called a meeting. During the meeting Zarek drew a weapon and killed Kanes second in command Fisk. Immediately Henry pulled his pistol and killed Zarek saying he would not swap one dictator for another. His bodyguard thought for a moment then declared he would work for whoever was in charge. Doctor Cottall was the highest ranking officer fit to take charge and he ordered the fleet to jump to the emergency coordinates. Presidential elections were announced and Athena, Henry and Gaius Baltar put themselves forward. Gaius finally won and was elected president.

The News - Review issue 318 [pdf]

Tartarus's journal We were called into a meeting with president Baltar. There was a lot of talking and posturing about future plans. Henry was asked to rewrite the articles of colonization and Athena was asked to become vice president. Copernicus was asked to run the colonial marshal service (police) and the black market. Baltar also announced he had created a cylon detector but could only test 4 people every 11 hours. The following day we were called to Cottalls meeting room. A distress call had been received from the Corona, one of 24 civilian ships which had jumped away after Kane took command. We were asked to take a raptor and investigate. I was asked to perform damage assessment and jump the ship back to the fleet if possible. I was put in charge of the mission. We jumped to the coordinates and found the Corona. It had taken damage and there was at least one body visible through a window. We docked and found some people inside. They were unconscious and suffering from the effects of oxygen deprivation. Most ship systems were compromised due to damage to the power systems. The reaction drives and FTL also needed repairs. Athena organized treating the casualties and I got the ship fixed and jumped us back to the fleet.

From the desk of Henry Boyd It’s been v. long time since I’ve done any work that made me inclined to make notes. Stranded for 5 years on Kobol without time or inclination. Looking back now it is beyond my ability to write about those years. Started relationship on Kobol with Lt. Jane Lymon. We had a boy 3 years ago. Called him Clyde Adama. She’s 4 months pregnant now with second child. V. proud & happy to be father. Humanity needs to grow to survive. After we were rescued then found myself exiled and a revolutionary trying to remove the dictator Cain with T. Zarek. Had hopes for Zarek as he seemed genuinely committed to democracy but once Cane assassinated he executed Colonel Fisk when Fisk rightly refused to hand control of military to Zarek. Shame Fisk didn’t stand up to Cain the same way. Realised we’d potentially swapped one dictator for another. Instinctively knew that dealing with Zarek in the minutes after the shock of seeing him shoot Fisk would save many innocent lives - removing him and his cronies once they were established would involve much bloodshed. So killed him. Not proud of that. Proud that killing Zarek restored democracy and re-established the rule of law in the fleet but I’ll never forgive him for forcing me to become a murderer. Doc Cottell is now Admiral and Gaius Baltar is President. Commander Adama and ex-President Rosalyn suffered too horribly at Cain’s hand to resume roles. Heart wrenching to see the state they are in. V. concerned about Baltar who seems unstable. Seems to be following advice though. Took some persuasion to make him understand his proposed use of his Cylon detector was undemocratic but we found a solution. Still unsure by claims that Cylons can appear human – seen no conclusive evidence. President B. asked me to update The Articles of Colonisation to reflect the current plight of humanity. A heavy responsibility I shall perform to the best of my ability. Making sure to seek much advice and counsel from others. Admiral C. requested we investigate one of the ships that had jumped away from Cain a few years back. Galactica detected the ship - science ship called Corona – a small jump away. We found it intact but with life support damaged and survivors suffering from lack of oxygen. At least they were alive. The one survivor we spoke to remembered very little – apparently a possible side-effect of oxygen starvation. His ramblings suggested Cylons were involved. Nyx did a stunning job getting the life support back online and jumping the ship back to the fleet in just a few hours. V. impressive. We found Amelia on the Cain. Overwhelmed. Need find time to work out how to approach this. What can I do? I shall seek advice from Athena.

Tartarus's journal On arriving back with the fleet, the admiral ordered me to take the Corona into the Galacticas hanger bay. Athena then insisted on moving all the unconscious crew to sick bay. While there we heard gunfire coming from the hanger deck. We went to investigate and found power was down around the hanger deck. We saw several pilots gunned down while running from the hanger bay. We crept closer and saw three cylon centurions in the hanger deck. The marines took covering positions while I reported to CIC. I was ordered to hold up the cylons if possible until reinforcements arrived. We destroyed 3 centurions but retreated when faced with another nine, jamming a door shut to give us time. A huge explosion from the hanger bay rocked Galactica. I went to damage control to find out what was happening. Athena and Copernicus went to the armory to get explosive rounds while Philip Everett and the marines covered the door. I found several base stars had attacked and Galactica was taking a beating. The FTL drive was damaged so I went to try to repair it so Galactica could jump to the emergency coordinates with the fleet. I think I managed to repair the FTL just in time before Galactica was compromised completely.

The News - Review issue 319 [pdf]

Tartarus's journal We were called to a meeting and told 5 of the Coronas crew had disappeared during the fighting. It was suspected they could be human like cylons. After the meeting we were asked to watch Baltar run his cylon test on a sample of blood from the ex-captain of the Hargreaves. While Baltar started running his test I started feeling light headed then passed out. I awoke to find Everett had shot the window in the door. Apparently there had been a malfunction in the venting and the room had been deprived of oxygen. There also appeared to be a malfunction in the door lock as it would not open. I investigated and found the software was corrupt so I short circuited the lock to open it. Baltar investigated the software further and concluded the lock and life support was infected with a virus. He reported it would take days to purge the systems and suggested rebooting Galacticas systems. That would take two hours but leave Galactica helpless during the procedure. The admiral ordered a jump to the emergency coordinates then for Galacticas systems to be rebooted. The procedure went quietly. We were called to the admirals quarters. The Captain Donald Perry of the pleasure ship Cloud Nine was present. He reported a body had been found in the drive intake. It would have been destroyed if the drive had fired. We were asked to investigate. As we left the meeting Copernicus shouted he had seen one of the missing crew of the Corona. He then shot her. Marines took them both to the brig. Copernicus was eventually released and we all went to Baltars lab to see the results of his first cylon test. The Hargreaves ex-captain tested positive. Athena myself and Copernicus tested negative but the final test which was of Philip Everett failed and he was taken to the brig. Baltar agreed to rerun a blind test to confirm the result. Athena would take a sample from Everett and four others for Baltar to test. Athena performed an autopsy on the body from cloud nine and a second body Copernicus had got from somewhere. She reported the bodies were androgynous and the organs appeared underdeveloped. She found a microscopic chip imbedded in the brain of one of them. The chip appeared to be transmitting some form of location beacon so I started working on a detector. The others continued investigations. The next round of cylon tests were run on Henry, Adama, Tai, the woman Copernicus shot and Baltar. Baltars test failed and he was arrested. Unfortunately this made Athena by default until new elections could be held. A report came in from a raptor patrol which had mis-jumped into a nebula and found a potentially habitable planet. Athena ordered further missions to investigate further. It was a cold world with a small temperate band round the equator. The nebula masked dradus making it a good place to hide from the cylons.

The News - Review issue 320 [pdf]

From the desk of Henry Boyd Politically the Fleet is a mess as events keep occurring at such a place to make re-establishing stability v. difficult. After restraining Baltar’s exuberant and arbitrary approach to his Cylon detector we were able to ascertain that a) other people (Admiral Cottle and Lt. Gator) had enough knowledge of the device to confirm Baltar’s claims as to its effectiveness and accuracy; and b) his sampling process was fair. The device confirmed that Everett and the captain of The Hargreaves were both Cylons. After talking to Everett in the brig for many hours with Athena it became obvious that until activated these sleeper agents have no knowledge that they are Cylons – makes sense as they can do nothing to compromise themselves. Makes them useless to us. Saw both Commander Adama & Colonel Tigh as the results of the first batch of test results came in. V. happy to see them again. Commander A. v. weak but he still hopes to resume command. The biggest shock came with the second batch when Baltar was revealed as a Cylon. He tried to claim there was a problem with his machine but after his previous claims of being a genius and his device being infallible he was hauled off to the Brig. Commander A. had concerns about Athena being President for the remaining 3 years of Baltar’s term because of her religious zealousness. He wanted to have the military take control of the Government. I found a solution by pointing out that Baltar campaigned without a Vice Presidential candidate and appointed Athena arbitrarily after the election. Therefore Athena had never been democratically voted into the position and Baltar’s decision to appoint her is now void because he has been revealed as a Cylon. Thus new elections are required. Athena will fulfil the Presidential duties and myself those of Vice President until new elections can be held. Commander A. was happy with this arrangement. My hope is that Roslin will be recovered enough to stand. In the meantime a planet had been located with a habitable band around the equator. The planet is in a nebula which will hide the Fleet from detection. The planet doesn’t sound ideal for permanent settlement but as a temporary location to regroup, recover and get people off ships for a short time it seems ideal. We need a pause to try and stabilise – resisting Cylons while fragmented and off balance is not good. My only concern is that some people might want to stay. Can we afford to split the Fleet again after Cain drove off 20 odd civilian ships?

The News - Review issue 321 [pdf]

From the desk of Henry Boyd It was with much happiness that I found out Laura Roslin was well enough to stand for President again and I gave her my full backing. However, the people voted in Marko Julian – didn’t know of him. Bizarrely his Vice Presidential candidate was Sarabeth Naxos, who was also running as President. Turns it this is legally allowable but still seems like an odd arrangement to me and makes me suspicious. Julian won the election on the back of promising to permanently settle the planet we found. It’s being called New Caprica, which is a name guaranteed to give a false sense of hope to some people. People tired of running, which makes no sense to me as keeping moving is still our best defence against the Cylons. First meeting with President Julian didn’t go well. Just like Baltar he assumes that after being elected he can assume almost dictatorial powers and do whatever he wants. Why do these power crazy morons keep getting elected? He plans to make everyone stay on the planet, including the military. Tried to point out this wasn’t democratic but he didn’t care. Sadly suspect more division and bloodshed on the way. I’m beginning to think that democracy isn’t a viable system of government for the current plight humanity finds itself in: people are scared & tired and voting for demagogues who turn out either to be idiots or despots, or both. V. surprised that Admiral Cottle said nothing during the meeting, even when President Julian revealed he was expecting to keep the Pegasus & Galactica for the defence of the settlers on the planet. Not like Admiral Cottle at all. I shall have a private word with him. Vice President Naxos did not utter a single word thorough the meeting and this only deepened my suspicions about their arrangement. Finally felt that Amelia was recovered enough to tell her about Jane and my children. Athena was a huge help and I’m v. grateful for her support. Amelia didn’t take it well and went through all the stages I was expecting: disbelieve, desperate hope, anger, & so on. Tried pointing out that legally our marriage had been annulled because of the amount of time that had past and the assumption of death, but that didn’t help. Jane suggested later that this probably wasn’t very wise. Jane is v. keen to settle on the planet. I need to try and disabuse her of this idea as gently as possible. Earth is the only salvation for humanity, our time on Kobol made this clear to me – thought she had been clear on this was well. Anywhere else can only be a temporary shelter and trying to make it permanent will only further jeopardise humanity’s chances of survival.

Tartarus's journal Eventually I finished making the cylon transmitter detector. It detected three signals from the civilian ship Gideon. Marines were sent and they found 3 dead humans with the transmitters. The pilot was also dead. The assassin was a Rictor Baracus who was arrested. New elections were held and Marko Julian, a foreman from the manufacturing ship Mekata was voted president with Sarabeth Naxos as vice president. A meeting was called. The president intended to establish a permanent settlement that had been found recently. He also ordered the three cylons in the brig to be spaced. After a discussion it was decided to keep the captain of the Hargreaves to validate the detector operation in the future and the other two would be spaced. We were sent on one of the first raptors to the planet to start setting up the colony. On the way down the raptor was hit by lightning and I had to carry out emergency repairs before it crashed. One of Copernicus's friends Felon was on the shuttle and he asked me to see him on the Promethius later. There were problems with the electrical activity affecting radio communications so I started trying to find a solution while the others went out collecting the algae which would be the only food on this place. It took several hours to sort the radios. I contacted the others who were still out gathering algae. Henry responded with something about not being able to stop Copernicus who was insisting they go somewhere and appeared to be unaffected by fatigue. He asked for marines to be sent. I went with the survey team leader Marcus and four marines. We found them at a hole in the ground which Copernicus insisted we explore. Marcus climbed down a rope, followed by everyone else. Marcus ordered the civilians to wait while we went with the marines to explore the tunnel which had an appearance of being worked. At the end of the tunnel was a huge cavern with four statues inside. The civilians followed and when Copernicus saw the statues he rushed past to them. There was a pillar with a symbol Athena thought was the eye of Jupiter which was in the temple of five. Odd there were only four statues if it was. While we were examining everything Marcus received orders from Galactica. Four base stars had found us and an immediate evacuation had been ordered. We were picked up by the raptor. There were four basestars surrounding the fleet. They had not opened fire but were asking to send a delegation to meet with admiral Cottall to discuss terms. The admiral agreed to meet, mostly as delaying tactics while the jump drives sere spooled up. Four figures stepped off the heavy raider that came over. Two of them looked like twins of the president and vice president. The other two were an old woman and a child. They said they wanted the eye of Jupiter, that they knew it was on the fleet and they would let it go if we gave it to them. However they could not tell us what it looked like so we had no idea what to hand over. They said something about the seer might have seen the future then said we were free to go if we left the planet immediately. They said there were several factions among the cylons and theirs believed humans should get a second chance. The fleet jumped to the emergency coordinates. I was ordered to wrap a raptor in an experimental stealth material that looked like metallic silver foil. I was given 10 hours to get the job done. As it only took 6 hours I got a bit of rest in the back of the raptor. The following morning someone called Lucas showed up at my quarters and Said Felon wanted to talk to me when I was off duty. Something about scratching backs. I promised I would call later then went to a meeting in CAC. Adama was there and said he was taking back command. A raider on a scouting patrol had found raiders adrift in space, and on investigating further had found a basestar adrift in space. The admiral wanted volunteers to investigate further and told me I was one of the volunteers. Henry, Copernicus and Athena also volunteered. Lieutenant Markus flew us on the stealth raptor to the basestar. We docked in its hanger bay. There was no movement and we could see many cylons, both the human form and centurions, lying on the floor. We found bodies looking like Marko, Sarabeth, Everett, the Hargreaves captain, several we did not recognize, one Copernicus thought worked with Felon, and Henrys ex wife! We split into two teams, I went with Copernicus to find the control office while Henry went with Athena. Several marines went with each group. Copernicus split off to investigate on his own while I went with the marines to find CAC. I found a tank with a humanoid figure floating in goo. It grabbed my arm and started rambling. Saying things including: save me, earth, destiny, Cobol, probe, infected. When asked about the probe it pointed to another chamber then slid back into the goo. In the chamber was the probe. Copernicus had found his way there. We took the probe. I also got a cylon interface device that the figure in the tank was connected to. We got back to the raptor and jumped out as two large contacts had appeared at long range on dradus. Henry said he had spoken to a cylon that talked about a resurrection ship and being immortal. Back at the Galactica we clamped to the hull and began a weeks quarantine. Henry had took pictures of all the dead cylons which were transmitted to CAC. I developed a bit of a cold and had to wait in quarantine for longer than the others.

From the desk of Henry Boyd The mess only get worse! We were part of a survey team on New Caprica when we received an emergency call recalling us to Galatica as 4 basestars had jumped in. They could have overwhelmed us but they did not open fire and instead wanted to send a delegation over to negotiate. Commander A. wanted us present. What an embarrassing meeting it was for both sides. From the Cylon perspective they promised to leave us alone if we handed over the Eye of Jupiter to them, which they were sure we had. Of course we had no idea what they were talking about, but it took much convincing before they finally believed us. Cylon intel is clearly as flawed as our own. From our perspective it was embarrassing because the delegation was led by two Cylon infiltrators who we immediately recognised as President Julian & Vice President Naxos. Humanity had managed to vote Cylons into the two most powerful Government positions! For me it was the final nail in the coffin for any hope of democracy as a viable system of government in our present situation. The only good news was that neither of them had been activated yet so were unaware they were Cylon. Tried to persuade Commander A. to impose martial law but he was reluctant. More elections pointless and would only further undermine any Government elected. In the end it was decided that we would form a small Quorum to oversee the civilian aspect of the Fleet. Could be seen as a form of dictatorship but I like to think of it as a meritocracy. Best news was that Roslin's cancer has receded enough for her to reassume political office. She was made Chair of the Quorum - calling her President would send the wrong message. She was adamant that Copernicus should be excluded from the Quorum because of his criminal connections. While I trust him not to betray humanity I do not trust him to place the needs of the Fleet before his own needs, and his past and present activities could undermine the legitimacy of the Quorum. Athena must have felt the same as neither of us opposed Roslin's demands. I have too much respect for her political ability to oppose her on this. Billy was added to the Quorum instead. Not sure what the repercussions of forming this type of Government will be with the Fleet. I hope that with my legal persuasion, Athena's spiritual guidance, & the sheer force of Roslin's personality we can convince the whole Fleet that our only goal can be to find Earth. This is the only place where humanity will ever be safe. Everything else is just a distraction.

From the desk of Henry Boyd This will be my final entry as my new duties give me very little time to myself, and what time I do have I wish to spend with Jane and the children. After shooting Zarek I tried very hard to avoid assuming any official position – didn’t want people thinking I killed him for my own ends. Now had to stop trying. Clear to me that democracy is not viable in the current crisis faced by humanity. The people elected Baltar, who, while he might have been a scientific genius, was a political clown, and then two Cylons. (Aside: while it is unfortunate that Baltar was executed and turned out not to be a Cylon, in many ways it was his own arrogance that killed him: if he hadn’t been so passionately adamant of his detection machine’s infallibility then the authorities wouldn’t have been so certain that he was a Cylon sleeper agent when his machine identified him as such.) Would have been fine with military control of the Fleet under Commander A., but he wasn’t comfortable with that – I respect him for that. So now Athena, Billy and myself, under the guidance of Roslin, will shape the destiny of the Fleet. We are all determined that finding Earth is the only salvation for the Fleet. I lack that religious fervour of Athena, or to a lesser extent Roslin, but I have seen enough evidence to suggest that Earth really does exist. Might not share Athena’s certainty that we will find it, but I do remain v. hopeful. I would like to think that my children will grow old in safety and one day be able to bury their father in the ground, as is – or rather was – our tradition on Tauron, rather than shoot his coffin out of an airlock. So I remain hopeful. I believe the threat to humanity posed by the Cylons has lessened. Our recent discoveries have shown them to be as divisive in their own objectives as we are, vulnerable, and it some ways as weary as humanity. We’ve been able to identify most, if not all, of their sleeper models so I think the Fleet is a safer place these days. With Commander A. back in charge of the military and a stable civilian Government I believe the future looks promising for humanity. And of my colleagues? Well, I work with Athena on a daily basis. She both infuriates me and commands my respect. Despite her zealousness she is a valuable and important member of the Quorum. I shall always be in her debt for helping me manage the situation with Amelia. Copernicus is the right man to have at the top of the black market. So long as humanity is forced to search the stars for Earth there is always going to be a thriving black market - would be naive to think otherwise. While Copernicus may sometimes put his needs above those of the Fleet he is still a man of principal, unlike Felon who I wouldn’t trust not to sell us out to the Cylons if the price is right. I think it will important for the Quorum to support Copernicus, unofficially obviously, in his efforts against Felon. I’m sure Nyx will continue to aggravate Commander A. and Col. Tigh with his sloppy discipline and lack of responsibility, but no one can doubt his technical abilities after some of the incredible technical feats he’s performed recently. The Fleet couldn’t have a more capable Chief Engineer.

From the desk of Copernicus This will be my final and only entry as my new duties give me very little time to myself, and what time I do have I wish to spend furthering my own endeavors. My insight into the world of the politicians and bureaucrats has shown most to be as self centered, devious and crooked as the people I deal with in my own line of work. At least we are honest enough to state our personal motives than some bollocks about the greater good of mankind. Still, made a few useful contacts. As for Fellon. Have a little explosive package with his name on when the time is right. But for now, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Now for my future plans These are on a strictly need to know basis you understand and as you don't need to know, good day and I will see you around.

Last updated: October 31, 2014